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any indians plz in to calculate $ into INR » Post #2

Sun Feb 05, 2012 23:07 in Hindi

There are so many sites where you can convert different currencies.
Just Google search "Currency Converter" and you will get hundreds of sites.

>> XE - Universal Currency Converter

You can also Google "10000 USD in INR" and get a direct conversion.

The "Private" users » Post #3

Sat Feb 04, 2012 10:05 in General Talk

Its just that they have chosen not to show their usernames.

Just go to you Profile Settings and you can choose your preferred option.

Clixsense Games » Post #4

Sat Feb 04, 2012 09:09 in General Talk

Could work provided that user does not clean his/her cache before registering on ClixSense because then your affiliate link cookie will stay in his cache.
I've never tried to target a referral through the Games Section so I can't say.

Clixsense Games » Post #2

Sat Feb 04, 2012 08:54 in General Talk

You can use the Special Affiliate Link and target your referral to that page.

how many referrals we need? » Post #6

Sat Feb 04, 2012 07:44 in General Talk

saintbg wrote: this is not possible with the investment of course

You will just have to invest $17 for a yearly Premium membership on ClixSense.
Obviously, what you spend outside to recruit direct referrals is your concern. ;)

how many referrals we need? » Post #3

Sat Feb 04, 2012 06:50 in General Talk

If your referral is upgraded and clicks only the Guaranteed ads daily, you will earn 1.6 cents from that referral.
So in one month that referral will earn your 1.6 x 30 = 48 cents.

Now $5000 = 500,000 cents

So 500,000/48 = 10417 referrals.

So you'd need approx. 10,500 "super active" Premium members to earn $5000 monthly. ;)

I finally qualified for a survey...woohooo!!! » Post #10

Fri Feb 03, 2012 09:08 in General Talk

daxserver wrote: Hey ptcscrutiny, did u get any survey?
I am asking because u are from India
Nope. None till now.
I don't like Surveys so its unlikely I will complete them if one does pop-up in future.

I finally qualified for a survey...woohooo!!! » Post #8

Fri Feb 03, 2012 07:15 in General Talk

rabinsubedi wrote: How can I participate in survey ?

Check the top right hand corner and click on "Surverys".

Dogs like cats... » Post #2

Thu Feb 02, 2012 21:43 in General Talk

Ever saw 2 cats in the CAPTCHA ? :lol:

>> 2 cats?? | ClixSense Forum

Advertising on ClixSense? » Post #15

Thu Feb 02, 2012 09:08 in General Talk

mutchy126 wrote:
You only have to pay for People who Click on your Ad on AdHitz, And If someone clicks on your ad. I would say there is a 65% Chance they will Sign Up!

I wouldn't say 65% because this varies from site to site and even depends on the banner/text.
But, I can definitely say this from my personal experience that the conversion is much much better than what you get through incentivized traffic.
Thats the reason why I prefer to advertise Banner ads rather than PTC clicks.

how much money a standard member makes in a day ? » Post #12

Thu Feb 02, 2012 06:21 in Hindi

@sanjaythapa - Please go through this thread and you will have your answer.
The "Report" button for reporting messages which are spam or which have objectionable content. Not to ask queries.

Is there any chance to include China in 2012 » Post #5

Wed Feb 01, 2012 08:07 in General Talk

You can use the comparison graph on Google.

°•.♥.•° Happy Birthday! °•.♥.•° » Post #8

Wed Feb 01, 2012 05:21 in General Talk

Here is the evolution of ClixSense over the years.

2007 : Feb 24, 2007
2008 : Mar 6, 2008
2009 : Feb 2, 2009
2010 : Feb 3, 2010
2011 : Feb 23, 2011
2012 : Feb 1, 2012

how much money a standard member makes in a day ? » Post #4

Wed Feb 01, 2012 04:12 in Hindi

livinggod29 wrote: Can you please tell , how much money a premium member makes in a day without referrals ?

Premium members get 4 guaranteed standard ads ($0.01 each) daily.
Plus if you check the site across the day or have the toolbar installed, you can catch many more ads.

Here are my stats :
December 2011 :
January 2012 :

°•.♥.•° Happy Birthday! °•.♥.•° » Post #2

Wed Feb 01, 2012 02:57 in General Talk

Wow !!! :clap:
Very nicely done ayh123

Happy Birthday :clixsense:

Why do people hide their stats » Post #8

Tue Jan 31, 2012 06:16 in General Talk

TPhoenix wrote: Because when you're part of a community and earning, most curious people want to know how they stack up compared to others.
Many successful members are bombarded with queries about how they managed to earn so much or how they managed to refer tons of people.
Moreover, if someone does not wish to show his/her stats, we should respect their privacy. Some don't want to boast about their huge earnings while some are too shy to show that they haven't earned a decent amount of money.

Why do people hide their stats » Post #6

Tue Jan 31, 2012 04:53 in General Talk

valerie wrote: Some people feel it's not anybody's business but their own.

Why should anyone else be interested in what the other person is earning?

I have reqested for cashout on 29 jan sataurday? » Post #2

Mon Jan 30, 2012 19:44 in Hindi

All payouts are processed each Monday afternoon on or before 5PM Eastern Time which corresponds to 3:30 am IST on Tuesday. You should have already received you payment by now.

>> ClixSense Help Center

Tumeric - Asian's may know something we don't » Post #8

Sat Jan 28, 2012 20:34 in General Talk

oberder wrote:
ptcscrutiny wrote: Here is a tip which is very effective.
If you are ever wounded, take a spoon of powdered turmeric and mix it in a glass of hot milk and drink it before going to bed. It really helps a lot in healing the wound.

:?: Teaspoon or tablespoon? One heaping or leveled? Wondering if this could help a friend of mine who got into a cycling accident ( so much asphalt burns on his arms after being thrown off his bike )

1 tablespoon and leveled.

Advertising on ClixSense? » Post #11

Sat Jan 28, 2012 11:07 in General Talk

mutchy126 wrote:
Never seen that on the AdHitz Website! :shock:
Check the "About Us" link on the footer of the Adhitz homepage.

And you can also check the CPC Rates beside it.
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