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Posts by ptcscrutiny

Completed 6 Surveys today! » Post #2

Tue Aug 21, 2012 09:03 in Success Stories

Great job :clap:
If you keep going at this rate, I'd highly recommend you upgrade because you will easily be able to recover those $17 through the daily checklist bonus ;)
Add to that more guaranteed ads, premium member targeted ads and double checklist bonus.

Weird add » Post #2

Tue Aug 21, 2012 08:09 in General Talk

Don't fall for such offers because most of them are scammers.

payza verification.... » Post #2

Mon Aug 20, 2012 02:04 in Hindi

Here is the FAQ list for Indian members who want to verify their Payza account.


Understanding How the CheckList Bonus Works » Post #15

Mon Aug 20, 2012 00:30 in Success Stories

rhernanadez wrote: I completed the checklist recently but I didn't find it added to my Account Summary.
One line should be added on My Account Details to make it clear that it was really
added. :)
Check your Transaction History and you'll find the Checklist bonus listed there.

Offers not available. Why? » Post #6

Sat Aug 18, 2012 11:38 in Hindi

Johnett003 wrote: @ptcscrutiny bro where are you from(which state). Please Reply. :?:
How is that going to help you? :roll:
Ads and offers are targeted by the country and not individual states.

I chose to ignore it the last time you asked but now I see you insist. Let me tell you that I move around a lot and frequently travel around the country.
As far as state goes, I stay in Gujarat.

How to make Payment Proof in the Clixsense Forum? » Post #2

Sat Aug 18, 2012 00:14 in Hindi

Questions on Refferals » Post #3

Fri Aug 17, 2012 21:06 in General Talk

Admin wrote: ClixSense doesn't make you wait to do certain things like refer others.

Offers not available. Why? » Post #4

Fri Aug 17, 2012 08:26 in Hindi

If you have registered on SSI directly then I cannot really help you because I have no idea about it. You can try contacting the Support Team on their site.

As for the confirmation which ClixSense asks :
Quote:Were you able to complete this offer?
YES. Click here to refresh this page if you completed this offer. You should see it on the 'My Offers History' page momentarily.
NO. If you could not complete this offer please try another or try again later.

That is just a check for you. Even if you select NO and you complete the survey successfully, you will be paid. So that selection makes no difference to your earnings.

games » Post #2

Fri Aug 17, 2012 07:08 in General Talk

No. ClixSense does not compensate you for playing the games. ClixSense games are for your enjoyment only.

>> ClixSense Help Center

Offers not available. Why? » Post #2

Fri Aug 17, 2012 05:48 in Hindi

Yes, Opinion Surveys and GUY2C have very few surveys for Indians. I have actually confirmed this through the Helpdesk. There are really very few surveys being completed from India at the moment.

I check them multiple times daily and yet I have so far got just 4 from GUY2C and 1 from OpinionSurveys.

SSI is the best one for us.
And I have been really lucky today as I got 2 very short surveys from SSI today. Both took just 5 minutes to complete.
So tomorrow I will get my Checklist bonus :P

Never Got ClixGrid Prize » Post #7

Fri Aug 17, 2012 02:31 in General Talk

casting12 wrote: I was wondering the same thing, is there some secret to clicking the ClixGrid until today. I finally won $0.25! I was so happy!
So finally you have unraveled the secret ;)

Never Got ClixGrid Prize » Post #4

Fri Aug 17, 2012 00:18 in General Talk

Here's what jasm78 mentioned about the chances of winning a prize on ClixGrid.

Quote:There is really no system. It's just random like rolling a dice. The odds of winning are about 1 in 400. You may win twice in the same day or none in several days, it's totally random.

It doesn't matter where you click in the grid, for how long you have been a member, how big is your downline, how long you have been playing, nothing really, it's just sheer luck.

Source : ClixGrid Optimizations and Bonus Clicks | ClixSense Forum

topic » Post #4

Thu Aug 16, 2012 21:30 in Member Introduction

Welcome to the :clixsense: Forum my super active referral :)

Happy Independence Day » Post #3

Tue Aug 14, 2012 23:23 in Hindi

Happy Independence Day to all my fellow countrymen

Clixgrid » Post #4

Mon Aug 13, 2012 22:42 in Success Stories

oovarilingam wrote: hi friends,
I am new,
what is the basic concept behind clixgrid earning?
please tell me the details
Thats it.

my 1st Payment » Post #2

Mon Aug 13, 2012 09:22 in Payment Proofs

Congratulations :clap:

Its better if you blur out the transaction ID and your email from the above pic. It is for your security and privacy. You wouldn't want to your email to be spammed.

indians plz pay attention » Post #2

Mon Aug 13, 2012 06:31 in General Talk

Try Payza or LibertyReserve.
Or if you have $17 in your account balance.

upgrading to premium » Post #2

Mon Aug 13, 2012 06:29 in General Talk

There will be no increase in Tasks if you upgrade.

Ads will definitely increase.
As a Standard member, you get 1 guaranteed Standard ($0.01) ad daily. Premium members get 4 such guaranteed ads daily. Also advertisers have the option of choosing the Premium filter to target ads to Premium members only. So Premium members definitely have a lot more ads to click than Standard members.

For more info, please check these 2 pages.

>> My Account: Premium Account - ClixSense
>> ClixSense Affiliate Program - Refer Others And Multiply Your Earnings!

How can i make money? » Post #4

Mon Aug 13, 2012 05:12 in General Talk

santhire wrote: Then what is the use of buying credits and adding ads
You can advertise through ad credits.

From the FAQ,

What are ad credits, can I get more ads with them?
Ad credits are ad packs that you purchase to advertise your website, product or service to our members. They are NOT used for you to see more ads and you do not make money off purchasing ad credits.

>> ClixSense Help Center

>> ClixSense Help Center

Why Hindi font/script is Neglated at Foroum » Post #2

Sat Aug 11, 2012 07:35 in Hindi

Its not that it isn't allowed. If you feel comfortable in typing in the Devnagiri script, you are free to do it.
But the problem is we have English keyboards and users translate it English to Hindi through translators which causes spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Which is why most of them type in English.

However, everyone is free to use to both English and Hindi (Devnagiri script) here. But keep in mind that no other languages are allowed here apart from these two.
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