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Which Indian Debit card supports 2 add fund PayPal » Post #14

Wed Dec 05, 2012 09:02 in Hindi

I have an account with HDFC Bank and have used their VCC. HDFC VCC works on ALL international sites and I have personally tested it on a few stores online.
You can purchase in any currency using it and you will be charged according to the prevailing Visa rates which can be found here - Exchange Rates - Visa Corporate

And just for those interested, here is the link for MasterCard exchange rates -

Remember : All banks charge the exact rate shown on Visa and MasterCard (links above). So if you are charged more by your bank, you can always dispute and enquire about the extra charges.

Note : The exchange rate will be charged as per the rates the day the transaction is realised. Meaning, say you may make a transaction on December 5th. But if the merchant receives your payment on December 6th, you will be charged according to the Visa/MasterCard exchange rates for December 6th.

Banks do charge cross-currency charges though and other service charges like educations cess.
For example, HDFC Bank charges cross-currency mark-up of 3.5% on foreign currency transactions.

what is level 1 level 2 ....level 8 ?? » Post #2

Mon Dec 03, 2012 22:42 in General Talk

Level 1 referrals are those that you have personally referred to the site.

Level 2 referrals are those referrals that have been referred by your referrals on Level 1.

Level 3 referrals are those referrals that have been referred by your referrals on Level 2.
And so on and so forth.

Any one can explain? » Post #11

Mon Dec 03, 2012 06:11 in General Talk

Your account must have been deactivated due to inactivity and thus all previous earnings were forfeited.

My 2012 Photo Gallery » Post #5

Sun Dec 02, 2012 10:10 in Success Stories

Well done rlutia66!
This is a very nice success story and should serve as an inspiration to all others :thumbup:

apna opinion do.............. » Post #2

Sat Dec 01, 2012 06:36 in Hindi

Sachin should retire from ODIs but continue in Tests. And, he certainly deserves a farewell ODI match.
He should play Tests till the South Africa tour next December and then hang up his boots. We need him in South Africa badly because the batting lineup will struggle against Steyn, Morkel and Philander.
I don't understand why is everyone in the media after his head when it was a collective failure in Mumbai.

We don't have Dravid and neither VVS. If SRT goes, the complete middle order will be without any experience. Just rewind 5 years and see what happened to Australia when Warne, McGrath and Langer retired in the same game.
India need to go through this transition by thinking long term and not give a knee-jerk reaction.
I hope Ponting's retirement does not push Tendulkar. I hope he scores good in Kolkata which will keep the media quiet instead of creating all the hoopla.
Read Cricinfo for unbiased and sensible articles. Don't tune into Aaj Tak, ABP News or India TV because their presentation is complete crap.

And here's what Times Magazine once wrote about Sachin Tendulkar.
Quote:When Sachin Tendulkar travelled to Pakistan to face one of the finest bowling attacks ever assembled in cricket, Michael Schumacher was yet to race a F1 car, Lance Armstrong had never been to the Tour de France, Diego Maradona was still the captain of a world champion Argentina team, Pete Sampras had never won a Grand Slam. When Tendulkar embarked on a glorious career taming Imran and company, Roger Federer was a name unheard of; Lionel Messi was in his nappies, Usain Bolt was an unknown kid in the Jamaican backwaters. The Berlin Wall was still intact, USSR was one big, big country, Dr Manmohan Singh was yet to "open" the Nehruvian economy. It seems while Time was having his toll on every individual on the face of this planet, he excused one man. Time stands frozen in front of Sachin Tendulkar. We have had champions, we have had legends, but we have never had another Sachin Tendulkar and we never will.

Splash Pages » Post #3

Thu Nov 29, 2012 07:53 in General Talk

Ammadd, please edit the picture and blur out the email IDs.

Really lucky to get 17 cents tasks » Post #15

Thu Nov 29, 2012 07:52 in Hindi

I never do Tasks unless its really good ones like these.
And after reading kanthsai143's post, I immediately checked it out. When I started there were about 4300 Tasks left and when my quota was over, there were about 1000 Tasks still left.
I managed to do just 8 Tasks which earned me $1.36 :)

And I didn't want to miss out on the Checklist bonus for just 2 Tasks so pushed myself to complete 2 more ;)
I hope Tasks like these appear everyday. These ones are really really awesome.

:idea: Only bug in these Tasks are that you have to write GB (Great Britian) instead of UK (United Kingdom) wherever England or United Kingdom is mentioned. I believe you'll have to write GB for Scotland also.

Really lucky to get 17 cents tasks » Post #2

Thu Nov 29, 2012 07:13 in Hindi

Yup its so easy to do these 17 cents tasks. Takes me 2 minutes and its so so simple. So do them while they last :)
Good luck everyone!

~*~Life Before Computers~*~ » Post #3

Wed Nov 28, 2012 09:10 in General Talk

Its nice to read this again ;) :lol:

Friends i have earned $200 dollars in clixsense..! » Post #7

Wed Nov 28, 2012 08:18 in Hindi

Good job Sathish. I wish the next $200 comes faster

[WeeCash] $301.76 payment! » Post #13

Fri Nov 23, 2012 23:12 in Payment Proofs

Thats a nice amount WeeCash!
Congrats! :clap:

Task and Offers » Post #2

Fri Nov 23, 2012 23:04 in General Talk

Largest Payout of ClixSense History? » Post #4

Fri Nov 23, 2012 09:53 in General Talk

I don't know whats the official record but amongst those who post on the forum, its Valerie.

You can see some of her payment proofs here - Payment Proofs | Members Lounge | ClixSense Forum

how to rent referral » Post #2

Thu Nov 22, 2012 08:56 in General Talk


Read this : ClixSense Help Center

sign up commission » Post #3

Thu Nov 22, 2012 02:37 in General Talk

Only Premium members earn Sign-up commissions.

Once your referral earns $1 by clicking PTC ads, you will earn $0.50 sign up bonus. This is a one time bonus and you need to be a Premium member before your referral earns his/her first $1 through PTC ads.

Post Your Daily Checklist Bonus » Post #560

Thu Nov 22, 2012 00:29 in Your Stats

Good job Sathish. Nice to see some good bonuses there.
Personally, I find Tasks really boring which is why I don't do them. I prefer to complete surveys..

Post Your Daily Checklist Bonus » Post #556

Wed Nov 21, 2012 23:14 in Your Stats

After a long long time I finally completed the Checklist. Thanks to 2 SSI surveys :)

please tell me WHY if you know » Post #5

Wed Nov 21, 2012 22:58 in General Talk

Because red its catchy ;)

How much U earned from the offers ! » Post #12

Wed Nov 21, 2012 10:28 in Hindi

Thanks Tas.
I forgot I need to click on the Grid. :o
I never click there unless I complete the Checklist. Doing so right now ;)

Edit : Done :)

How much U earned from the offers ! » Post #10

Wed Nov 21, 2012 10:19 in Hindi

Just completed my 2nd SSI survey today :P
So tomorrow I will get a nice $0.17 bonus for completing the Daily Checklist :mrgreen:

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