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Finally reached 100 referrals » Post #36

Sat Dec 24, 2011 19:19 in Success Stories

You will see their email on the referrals page. Some referrals chose to hide their email.

Every member signup, sponsors get email notifications too. You can use that to compile it in your address book.

Happy Holidays! » Post #5

Sat Dec 24, 2011 10:06 in General Talk

Let's all be merry! Happy holidays!

Finally reached 100 referrals » Post #34

Sat Dec 24, 2011 00:11 in Success Stories

calvin69 wrote: Hello everyone. Just wanted to say hello to you all. I am a member since 12/03/2011 it hasn't been a month yet though. I now have 101 referrals and working hard to keep increasing the number of referrals. Money wise not so good.. made
$6.60. But I am positive that this clciking business can grow. Grow to a point where it can replace a full time income. I am giving it a time frame of about 12 months to 24 months to reach 5 figure per year. Good luck everyone and let us all succeed.

That's a good attitude. I once said that a year ago and now I got my return of investment many times the price of the upgrade cost. I hope my referrals are like you. OPTIMISTIC.

Sending your referrals personal message is a big help to keep them motivated.

How did get your very first Referral? » Post #4

Sat Dec 24, 2011 00:03 in General Talk

I got mine on a classified ads website.

"Clicksense Team" » Post #18

Fri Dec 23, 2011 23:14 in General Talk

Of course it is nice to get to know your downlines. That is why we have personal message box here at clixsense to connect with them.

"Clicksense Team" » Post #16

Fri Dec 23, 2011 21:16 in General Talk

rheydickson wrote:
homebasedjob wrote:
rheydickson wrote: Well joining a team has advantages and disadvantages.. But anyway having one could mean more friends, don't you think... :D could also be a friend to any Clixsense member.

Yes you can if you knew them that is.. If you have registered in clixsense, you can't even contact your upline if he opt to not to show his email or other details.. Many members in clixsense had been 2-3 years now in clixsense and still they dont know who their upline is.. :(
Your upline is not the only member of Clixsense that you may want to connect with. Here is a forum that you can make a lot of friends from different parts of the world.

"Clicksense Team" » Post #12

Thu Dec 22, 2011 09:33 in General Talk

rheydickson wrote: Well joining a team has advantages and disadvantages.. But anyway having one could mean more friends, don't you think... :D could also be a friend to any Clixsense member.

"Clicksense Team" » Post #11

Thu Dec 22, 2011 09:31 in General Talk

valerie wrote: Just for the record, I think the old saying BUYER BEWARE holds very true.

There are people out there that capitalize on those that are trying to gain referrals.
This is not to say they are all bad or they don't all do what they say they will do.
You just need to be very careful and not hand your money to every Tom, Dick, and Harry that comes along.
Do your research, ask questions, etc.
"Caveat emptor" in Latin term.

"Clicksense Team" » Post #10

Thu Dec 22, 2011 09:28 in General Talk

Eddie267 wrote: That is the reason changing your sponsor is no longer allowed, the teams are allowed but I think its just better to spend money to advertise ClixSense then going through that long process to get a few direct referrals, but right now ClixSense is being heavily promoted everywhere.

"Clicksense Team" » Post #8

Thu Dec 22, 2011 09:10 in General Talk

I want to emphasize the User Agreement number 3.

Nothing in this Agreement creates any partnership, joint venture, agency, franchise, sales representative or employment relationship between you and ClixSense. You understand that you do not have authority to make or accept any offers or make any representations on behalf of ClixSense. You may not make any statement, whether on your site or otherwise, that would contradict anything in this section.

It is clear that there should not be representations on behalf of Clixsense:

Clixsense Team USA or
Clixsense Team Mars or
etc etc

Such representations can be in conflict of the cause of Clixsense. There should only be one CLIXSENSE.

Reminders on the definition of terms that can be violated:


An organization established to provide a particular service, typically one that involves organizing transactions between two

other parties


An authorization granted by a company to an individual or group enabling them to carry out specified commercial activities, e.g.,

providing a broadcasting service or acting as an agent for a company's products.


"Clicksense Team" » Post #2

Wed Dec 21, 2011 15:57 in General Talk

No it is not allowed.

Every member should work had to earn their referrals.

Teams are unfair for individual members that is working hard to gain referrals.

Clixsense management should dissolve these teams.

The 3 are my opinions.

POLL:What year did you signed up on Clixsense? » Post #1

Thu Dec 15, 2011 09:07 in General Talk

What year are most active members on Clixsense forum. Cast on what year you signed up on clixsense.

(2012 was added for next year)

Who is this guy? » Post #13

Thu Dec 15, 2011 08:34 in General Talk

Can we guess what nationality is this guy?

My decision » Post #4

Sun Dec 11, 2011 07:38 in General Talk

Good decision you have made. Apply the tips mentioned on this forum and you will never wrong.

Sign UP » Post #2

Wed Dec 07, 2011 08:27 in Filipino

Sign page is perfectly loading here.

strategies and techniques » Post #4

Wed Dec 07, 2011 08:26 in Filipino

There are plenty of tips already posted in the forum. All you need to do is browse and read.

Do you have foreign referrals? » Post #3

Tue Dec 06, 2011 16:49 in General Talk

Eddie267 wrote: but im still trying to get a U.S member to join under me.
Yes because they seem easy to upgrade. $14.95 is cheap in US. I got foreign referrals too but none of them are active.

Kreacher's Stats » Post #3

Tue Dec 06, 2011 16:37 in Your Stats

hi Kreacher,

How did you earned $200 without having referrals? Can you share some tips. :)

Do you have foreign referrals? » Post #1

Tue Dec 06, 2011 09:07 in General Talk

Do you have foreign referrals? Who are active?

Upgrade refferals. » Post #10

Tue Dec 06, 2011 09:04 in Success Stories

himura323 wrote: is it worth it to upgrade your refferals that active clicking each day? :D
if he'll be active for one year. why not.
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