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My success advertising or clicking doesn't matter » Post #4

Mon Apr 11, 2016 00:34 in Success Stories

I think I got something like 406 clicks in yesterday Thank you upgraded account XD

My success advertising or clicking doesn't matter » Post #3

Sun Apr 03, 2016 20:26 in Success Stories

Well: here are my payments update here: My 12th payment | ClixSense Forum and today just requested my 13th payout $19.48, $19.09 after the clixsense processing fee. Once I get I will post my proof.

So I've been using Yurls script on my server to track some of my ads lately as you can get a breakdown of some of your ad visits.

One ad running in the clixgrid. If you look at my first post i this thread and youu can see pending ads it's the second one. And this ad is done in May.

Traffic source: 51626 thank you guys Clixsense your awesome

Here is the country breakdowns from today:
BR (Brazil) : 3721 hits
IN (India) : 3295 hits
US (United States) : 3252 hits
RU (Russian Federation) : 2939 hits
VE (Venezuela) : 2355 hits
BG (Bulgaria) : 2088 hits
ES (Spain) : 2086 hits
IT (Italy) : 1825 hits
MX (Mexico) : 1693 hits
UA (Ukraine) : 1683 hits
TR (Turkey) : 1554 hits
ID (Indonesia) : 1468 hits
DE (Germany) : 1408 hits
RO (Romania) : 1371 hits
PL (Poland) : 1254 hits
FR (France) : 1245 hits
PH (Philippines) : 1074 hits
HU (Hungary) : 922 hits
GB (United Kingdom) : 882 hits
PT (Portugal) : 746 hits
TH (Thailand) : 677 hits
RS (Serbia) : 666 hits
MY (Malaysia) : 647 hits
CA (Canada) : 619 hits
CO (Colombia) : 605 hits
AR (Argentina) : 559 hits
CZ (Czech Republic) : 521 hits
PK (Pakistan) : 506 hits
GR (Greece) : 443 hits
TW (Taiwan) : 378 hits
NL (Netherlands) : 333 hits
EG (Egypt) : 324 hits
JP (Japan) : 316 hits
BA (Bosnia and Herzegovina) : 309 hits
PE (Peru) : 305 hits
BD (Bangladesh) : 298 hits
DZ (Algeria) : 293 hits
HR (Croatia) : 274 hits
SK (Slovakia) : 229 hits
BE (Belgium) : 228 hits
LT (Lithuania) : 208 hits
SE (Sweden) : 201 hits
CN (China) : 199 hits
AE (United Arab Emirates) : 195 hits
AU (Australia) : 195 hits
HK (Hong Kong) : 195 hits
CL (Chile) : 187 hits
LK (Sri Lanka) : 163 hits
LV (Latvia) : 151 hits
MK (Macedonia) : 148 hits
TN (Tunisia) : 145 hits
SA (Saudi Arabia) : 126 hits
SI (Slovenia) : 103 hits
DK (Denmark) : 102 hits
AT (Austria) : 101 hits
EC (Ecuador) : 91 hits
MA (Morocco) : 90 hits
SG (Singapore) : 89 hits
MD (Moldova, Republic of) : 86 hits
DO (Dominican Republic) : 81 hits
IL (Israel) : 79 hits
BY (Belarus) : 77 hits
CH (Switzerland) : 77 hits
FI (Finland) : 69 hits
EE (Estonia) : 66 hits
ZA (South Africa) : 62 hits
NO (Norway) : 54 hits
NZ (New Zealand) : 53 hits
IE (Ireland) : 52 hits
SV (El Salvador) : 51 hits
QA (Qatar) : 41 hits
PS (Palestinian Territory) : 38 hits
CR (Costa Rica) : 37 hits
GT (Guatemala) : 36 hits
NG (Nigeria) : 30 hits
KE (Kenya) : 30 hits
CY (Cyprus) : 29 hits
KZ (Kazakhstan) : 28 hits
KR (Korea, Republic of) : 27 hits
JM (Jamaica) : 26 hits
PR (Puerto Rico) : 26 hits
HN (Honduras) : 25 hits
MN (Mongolia) : 25 hits
NP (Nepal) : 25 hits
PA (Panama) : 24 hits
AM (Armenia) : 23 hits
PY (Paraguay) : 23 hits
UY (Uruguay) : 22 hits
OM (Oman) : 19 hits
JO (Jordan) : 19 hits
KW (Kuwait) : 18 hits
BO (Bolivia) : 17 hits
ME (Montenegro) : 17 hits
GE (Georgia) : 17 hits
CI (Cote D'Ivoire) : 13 hits
CM (Cameroon) : 12 hits
AL (Albania) : 11 hits
RE (Reunion) : 11 hits
GH (Ghana) : 11 hits
EU (Europe) : 10 hits
BH (Bahrain) : 10 hits
AZ (Azerbaijan) : 10 hits
NI (Nicaragua) : 10 hits
SR (Suriname) : 9 hits
KG (Kyrgyzstan) : 8 hits
MQ (Martinique) : 7 hits
MG (Madagascar) : 7 hits
UZ (Uzbekistan) : 7 hits
TT (Trinidad and Tobago) : 6 hits
KH (Cambodia) : 6 hits
MT (Malta) : 6 hits
LA (Lao People's Democratic Republic) : 6 hits
JE (Jersey) : 5 hits
CV (Cape Verde) : 5 hits
AW (Aruba) : 5 hits
IS (Iceland) : 5 hits
GP (Guadeloupe) : 5 hits
MU (Mauritius) : 5 hits
BJ (Benin) : 4 hits
BW (Botswana) : 4 hits
HT (Haiti) : 4 hits
AD (Andorra) : 4 hits
BB (Barbados) : 4 hits
MO (Macau) : 4 hits
LB (Lebanon) : 4 hits
LU (Luxembourg) : 4 hits
TJ (Tajikistan) : 3 hits
BN (Brunei Darussalam) : 3 hits
UG (Uganda) : 3 hits
TG (Togo) : 3 hits
MZ (Mozambique) : 3 hits
A2 (Satellite Provider) : 3 hits
AG (Antigua and Barbuda) : 2 hits
BS (Bahamas) : 2 hits
NA (Namibia) : 2 hits
ZM (Zambia) : 2 hits
NE (Niger) : 2 hits
AO (Angola) : 1 hit
AP (Asia/Pacific Region) : 1 hit
YT (Mayotte) : 1 hit
PF (French Polynesia) : 1 hit
MM (Myanmar) : 1 hit
TZ (Tanzania, United Republic of) : 1 hit
GU (Guam) : 1 hit
BZ (Belize) : 1 hit
GF (French Guiana) : 1 hit
SL (Sierra Leone) : 1 hit
KN (Saint Kitts and Nevis) : 1 hit
PG (Papua New Guinea) : 1 hit
LC (Saint Lucia) : 1 hit

My 12th payment » Post #5

Sun Apr 03, 2016 20:12 in Payment Proofs

I just requested my 13th payment today of 19.48 before processing fees. I will post once I get the proof XD

My 12th payment » Post #2

Thu Mar 10, 2016 10:28 in Payment Proofs

LOL, 12 payment proof is also my 12th post in the forums LOL

My 12th payment » Post #1

Thu Mar 10, 2016 10:27 in Payment Proofs

Well here is my 12th payment just received not that long ago.

Click the link to view: clixsesene12thpayment

Here are my older payment proof threads
All my payment proofs | ClixSense Forum
Mr.Ruste's payment proof thread re-visited | ClixSense Forum's_payment_proof_thread_re_visited
Sorry for too many payment proof threads but I can't post in a locked thread LOL

My success advertising or clicking doesn't matter » Post #1

Fri Feb 12, 2016 21:48 in Success Stories

Well I might as well make a thread from my success whether it advertising or clicking I will post it hear in this thread. I'm not usually the type to do a lot of posting outside my blog/sites as my physical health issues where i have problems with tingling in my arm and hands from a bad car accident in 2012 but what the heck why not.
So this first post is a more of an advertising post as I never have purchase grid advertising on any site. Clixsense is my first and I did get some grid ads on a could other site bit traffic here is much more for how long the ads have been running.
So below is a screen shot of my clixsense account with link hits for my first ad.

You also got to factor in how many ads are in the current rotation.

And well yes I bought 2 more LOL I may post those later. But I will say that's pretty good. And I love traffic from clixesense as I know that is a lot of member here like me that are not bots and human XD LOL

Just Click Premium Upgraded » Post #5

Sun Dec 13, 2015 22:45 in General Talk

Ya I remember back in the day when I first clicked that button. It was a good feeling XD :thumbup:

Long time No see Clixsense Offline hiatus » Post #6

Thu Oct 15, 2015 20:47 in Member Introduction

I know but as fate would have it I got into another car accident on thurday last week and my truck was totaled. BUt at last I wasn't hurt. I knew I need to look for a new vehicle anyways. My truck was old 800000+ miles and anti-lock brake don't work, so then my brake were not working and had caused my accident. Which suck as I was still in the legal proceeding with the last party (Fedex) the hit my parked car. So I now have to stop fighting them as they will say the new car accident is the cause of my injury which doctors had already said is permanent damage before al this and I just don't need any more stress.

ClixSense lovers » Post #6

Sun Sep 06, 2015 23:34 in General Talk

I will say that I'm happy to be a Clixsense member. I've been one since 2007 and always got excellent support and my account is always there even when I haven't been active for a long time about a year I believe. My balance was zeroed but that cause my last cash out was before I started to really having problems with my car accident injury.

On topic of that I love the traffic from Clixsense. I have advertise some of my own sites/blogs/anime site and got a lot of traffic and not as much spammers as with some of the other PTC/GPT sites out there.

Thumbs up Clixsense

Long time No see Clixsense Offline hiatus » Post #4

Sun Sep 06, 2015 21:54 in Member Introduction

Thanks for the reply. I hope for recovery in general but I don't see it any time soon as I have been going though this for almost 3 years now. From what I know about bulging disc at least is there are suppose to get better in a year or less. But one of my disc in my lumbar area already started to degenerate and some of it is becoming arthritic. Sad thing is I'm not that old 35 years old. Was 32 when I was in the car accident. I'm still in the middle of a law suit

Long time No see Clixsense Offline hiatus » Post #1

Tue Sep 01, 2015 23:47 in Member Introduction

Wel it has been a while clixsense and the clickers out there. What have a I missed since I've been offline for who knows how long. Though I'm not surprised that Clixsense still looks like it's running strong.

For those that don't know my name is Mr.Ruste (Russ). I've been a clicker for a long time I think since 2006. Member of clixsense since I think 2007. But I been offline for a year of more, well some internet active but not much. I had got into a pretty serious car accident where I was pull over on the side of a highway with my hazard lights when I then got hit by a FEDex van going 60 mile per hour and have got multiple disc bulges from my cervical to my lumbar spine 2 disc protrusion in my thoracic area are compressing on my anterior cord then nerve damage and bunch of other issues. It sucks. But I'm trying to get back into the groove of things even though it is really hard for me to sit long periods of time.

anyways nice to meet you all.

LOL again whats knew in the PTC/GPT world XD

Mr.Ruste's payment proof thread re-visited » Post #1

Wed Oct 23, 2013 13:05 in Payment Proofs

LOL my last payement proof thread got lock so can't post thread.

View my previous payment: here

All my payment proofs » Post #3

Fri Apr 26, 2013 00:44 in Payment Proofs

opps I forgot to do that I'll fix that and reupload

All my payment proofs » Post #1

Thu Apr 25, 2013 23:38 in Payment Proofs

This is the thread I will use for all my payment proofs. I can't belive I even found the check proof I got from back in 2008.

First payment proof:

Second payment:

Third payment:

Forth Payment:

Fifth payment:

Sixth Payment: (my most recent payment
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