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The first refugee team make in the olympics » Post #2

Sat Jun 04, 2016 01:01 in General Talk

When a person enters a country seeking refuge, they are an asylum-seeker. It is not illegal to seek asylum. Most of the world agreed to this after Jews, Romany (gypsies) & other people fleeing Nazi Germany were turned away by many countries, including those as far afield as Cuba & the USA. Many had to return to Germany & what was almost certain death.

Once a person seeks asylum, they are then assessed to see if they are genuinely fleeing persecution & would be at risk if returned to their original country. If their claims are found to be valid, then they are granted refuge, and become refugees.

Instead of criticising those seeking refuge from persecution, perhaps you should check your family history to see if any of your ancestors were fleeing persecution. Unless you are native American or Inuit, then you are from immigrant stock (just as I am). There have been many waves of settlers in the USA who people fleeing (mainly religious) persecution (such as Quakers).

Sure, there are illegal immigrants. Most countries are advanced enough to have procedures to deal with them. But please don't put refugees in that basket. It just demeans the USA's very proud history of taking in those who no-one else would take in times past, such as the Irish & the Jews.

Regarding the article, it is good to see. I've teams of stateless or independent (their country not a member of IOC) compete under the Olympic flag several times over the past 20 or so years.

Teacher have sex with 13 years old boy » Post #11

Fri Jun 03, 2016 10:10 in General Talk

A young man here in Australia recently testified that a sexual relationship with his female teacher during his early teenage years had caused him a lot of psychological harm. She had made him perform sexual acts that he was not comfortable with, and he felt completely powerless to say anything about it due to the professional influence she held over him (she could affect his grades if he didn't do what she wanted him to do). When he wanted to break off the relationship, she threatened to tell his family that he had raped her. He was terrified (as a 14 year old boy would be if his teacher told him that he would go to jail for many years).

The young man also said that, now as an adult, he had no idea of what was appropriate sexual behaviour if he took a woman his own age on a date, so he avoids forming relationships. He has become a lonely young man.

Some may say that it is every boy's dream, and that might be true for many - at the start. I still remember dreams of Mrs Kelly who used to wear those dropped-waist light summer dresses that would ride up whenever she sat on the desk to read to my high school English class. But that dream isn't what happens when it becomes reality.

It very quickly becomes an exercise of power, with the teacher holding all of the cards. That is why it is classed as rape - it doesn't matter what sex the perpetrator or the victim is, because rape is all about holding & enforcing power over someone.

My female P.E. teacher at high school was jailed 13 years after I graduated for having a relationship with a female student who was in one of the sports teams that often traveled & required overnight stays away. The girl was team captain, and that gave the teacher an excuse to have the girl stay in her room while traveling (to talk match tactics etc).

Again, the student said she felt unable to end the relationship & was forced to do things she found repulsive as she did not consider herself to be a lesbian. But years later she still had doubts about her sexuality, and again had problems forming close relationships with either men or women. I found the record of my P.E. teacher after a quick Google search of her name:

Name: LEE JOYCE **Surname removed by seaeagle** (NSW- Sydney)
Age: 50yrs old (Around 40 when offenses occurred as girl was 3 years behind me)
Sentence: Sentenced in the NSW District Court in 1996 to 15months non parole.
Offence/ Other: P.E. Teacher. Pleaded guilty to having sexual intercourse without consent and 2 acts of indecency. Victim was a 14yr old girl who was Removed's student.


EU gone mad. Plans to block free speech » Post #43

Thu Jun 02, 2016 05:22 in General Talk

cookin2 wrote:
ProAdCo wrote: Charez, it's you and your clan that roams around posting negative comments on the reputation, matter of fact, I'm going to start a new thread and start posting the members that make negative reviews.

In threads, it's open game.

For those who make twisted negative comments on people's reputation is like you trying to get the last word in.

Not like, that anyone has posted their IQ level.

When you start that new thread, please be sure to include yourself.

I saw you give davidbugs a -1, then change it to neutral, and now there is nothing.

I saw you give seaeagle a -1 and I see that you've removed that as well.

There may be other examples of this kind of behavior, but I can only post about what I've seen myself.
Well spotted. So Rod ProAdCo deletes all of his negative reviews of other members, and then immediately adopts a policy of threatening to "OUT" anyone who dares to post a negative review of him.

Hey Rod ProAdCo! Could I please have my -1 back? I don't want other members to form any misguided belief that I am the epitome of perfection :lol:

EU gone mad. Plans to block free speech » Post #42

Thu Jun 02, 2016 05:14 in General Talk


Very well said, but your comments won't make one iota of difference. Rod's ProAdCo's long-time modus operandi has been to cause as many arguments as possible because it gets him more attention.

Posting controversial stuff IS his marketing strategy. He has boasted about it here & in other forums (several of which he has since been banned from). He believes that any publicity is good publicity. The more disharmony he can cause, the happier he is. It raises his brand awareness.

He is not a good person to disagree with, as you would have seen from his abusive posts in these forums.

The more often you argue with him, the more often he will post an abusive or nonsensical reply, because it means that there is another post on the Internet with the name "ProAdCo" attached to it.

That is also why Rod ProAdCo always has to have to have the last word. To make sure he gets another post on the board for the search engines, and to keep the topic alive. The more people he pisses off here, the happier he is. because it means his marketing strategy is working.

What will Briton do. Leave or Stay? » Post #46

Wed Jun 01, 2016 14:41 in General Talk

You really don't like intelligent, or rational, or light-hearted conversation do you? :roll: Oh well, at least people can't accuse me of not trying.

What will Briton do. Leave or Stay? » Post #44

Wed Jun 01, 2016 14:14 in General Talk

Just a funny thought ProAdCo.

I'm a republican who believes Australia should disengage from Britain & have its own head of state. But then I look at your country, which fought a war to rid itself of the British head of state nearly 250 years ago (and another war 40 years later), and yet all of my 50 years it has seemed that the country most in love (or at least obsessed) with the British royal family is yours.

I think maybe that is why those like me who support true independence haven't yet got majority support in my country. People say "But the Yanks got rid of rid of the monarchy, and they've had some good, more bad presidents since then, and they all seem to want the monarchy back again!" :lol:

What will Briton do. Leave or Stay? » Post #42

Wed Jun 01, 2016 13:55 in General Talk

Anyway, getting back to the topic, as an observer from the opposite side of the world, but who is still a subject of Her Majesty (that means I can speak ProAdCo - Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain is my monarch), I think Britain should stay in the EU.

Firstly, they don't want to be seen as "fair weather friends" who are happy to be part of Europe when things are good, but pull out the moment the going gets tough. The loss of trust could create genuine barriers between the UK & the mainland.

Secondly, it may destabilise & even break-up Britain. A new independence push for pro-EU Scotland will likely take hold, so England may still finish up having the EU (and the immigrants it is concerned about) massed against its northern land border with Scotland anyway. Otherwise a lot of concessions will need to be made to keep Scotland in the UK.

Thirdly, even though I haven't read up on it, I think the Brits may suffer a blow to trade. Exporting goods to the EU will be a lot more difficult (we in Australia know how hard it is for a small business to get access to the protected European market). The reduced freedom of movement between the EU & Britain may also impact tourism in the UK more-so than in Europe.

Finally, I just really dread the thought of Europe breaking up (again!). Once Britain departs, other countries may start agitating for their demands to be met or they will also pull out. The EEC & EU have kept western Europe really stable for a long time. Once countries start breaking away, and with the rise of nationalism taking place in countries such as Austria, and with immigrants & asylum seekers being a polarising issue (whether real or perceived), I have a genuine fear of another Balkans-type war or Srebrenica-type massacre eventually happening. And no-one wants to go back to the squabbling & war-torn Europe of the first half of last century.

Britain may do okay if it breaks away, even if there a temporary economic downturn; but I'm more worried about the long-term impact a Brexit would have on the stability of mainland Europe.

All of you please notice this, very important » Post #11

Wed Jun 01, 2016 11:10 in General Talk

Perhaps a solution that would cost next-to-nothing & keep most people happy would be to send a warning email a week or two before deactivation that also makes it clear that any earnings will be forfeited?

Sometimes it can be hard to keep track of membership T&C when you are a member of lots of sites. For example, I'm a member of over 400 traffic exchanges, mailers, PTCs & other marketing sites. Obviously I do not log into all of those sites every day (or even every month in many cases), but I have set up a filter on my email program that sends any emails advising of potential account deactivation or inactive status into a special folder so I can address them straight away.

What music/song are you listening now? » Post #1225

Wed Jun 01, 2016 06:53 in General Talk

EU gone mad. Plans to block free speech » Post #12

Wed Jun 01, 2016 03:09 in General Talk

@ ProAdCo

Who is bubba?

And what is it with your weird OCD attitude towards people who have not made as much money here as you, or posted in the forums as many times? Do you judge everyone you meet on their bank balance? You must be a real fun guy to hang around! A person of substance! More like a total bore (and also a total boor).

You may not have much of a life & have thus been able to devote all of your days since 2007 to clicking ads here for a cent each time. What's that equal to? $1.20 an hour? You must be a gazillionaire by now after 9 years of constant clicking! I've had other things to do over the past decade.

Many of the rest of us do have actual, real lives to lead. ClixSense is just a place to drop by in our spare time to make a little bit of extra cash. My ClixSense earnings are just beer money for me. I appreciate it, and I enjoy it, but I don't devote my life to it.

Stop judging others on how much money they make (or how many posts they make in the forums). It is pathetic. Try getting an actual life instead of hanging around here posting judgements, inanities & insults every day.

Anyway, you keep commanding people (you the boss or something?) to stay out of topics that don't involve their country. Since when did you relocate to Europe? Hypocrite!

You have removed any doubt that you are nothing but a troll or a flame-baiter. It seems that you nearly gave it up for the past week, but I think you find your life to be completely meaningless if you cannot pass your weirdo judgements upon people whose lifestyles do not fit exactly with your boring, stiff-collar attitude. Most of the people you pick on seem to be good, decent people - much better than you. Who cares if they are gay, lesbian, Muslim, Hindu, European, Antipodean or whatever? I prefer to look at the person rather than the label. You could try doing that - it might help make you into a half-decent human being.

You really are just a weak little bully-boy who finds pleasure in provoking outrage & picking on everyone who does not lead the same boring lifestyle that you lead. Perhaps the people that you like to pick on actually have more interesting & exciting lives, unlike your dreary existence of clicking, posting & trolling 24/7/365.

Americans. Health Alert: Measle Outbreak » Post #3

Tue May 31, 2016 23:18 in General Talk

Hopefully everybody in the surrounding areas has had themselves & their children vaccinated. Measles can cause severe life-long effects including blindness & brain damage.

I hope the US immigration service is vaccinating new arrivals ASAP. Much better to be safe than sorry, and although some detainees would have caught measles (or other communicable diseases) beforehand, vaccinations for all detainees would certainly help reduce the chances of an outbreak from spreading further afield.

EU gone mad. Plans to block free speech » Post #9

Tue May 31, 2016 22:55 in General Talk

Free speech is an implied right. You may have free speech, but if you go to a crowded enclosed space & start yelling "FIRE!" & cause mass-panic, or if you go on a plane flight & start talking about the properties of various explosives, then you will find that free speech definitely has its limitations.

I think ProAdCo needs to move past his naivety & start to understand the concept of the social contract. You are allowed to live in society as long as you obey certain rules. Those rules include the criminal & civil law codes, and they also cover the moral & behavioural rules that make society a livable place.

Hate speech causes harm to others, causes a rise in a crime, and negatively impacts the stability of society. In other words, it does a huge amount of harm, and very little good. I have no problem with a government protecting citizens from mob rule.

If you don't want to live by the rules of society & be a decent person, then perhaps you might be better off moving to a mountain cabin far away from other people & becoming an angry old hermit.

Finding dory have a lesbian couple. Warn your kids » Post #3

Tue May 31, 2016 22:36 in General Talk

I hate to say it, but if your children attend daycare, preschool or school, or if they go to the local park or shops, then they have probably already met same-sex parents.

You can't hide your kids from the real world. All that does is make the world much more difficult for them to understand & live in when they are finally released from their parents' shackles.

Don't protect your children from the world - immerse them in it. It really is an amazing place - one in a billion-billion - totally unique in the entire universe (unless SETI or the Kepler Telescope can prove otherwise).

Let your kids experience life. Let them develop understanding & hopefully tolerance of diversity. They will be a lot happier in the long run if they can accept the world & adapt to it rather than constantly fear & fight against it.

Princess the cat crawls back to her kittens » Post #1

Mon May 30, 2016 19:28 in General Talk

Warning: the following story may cause distress to animal lovers. It involves terrible cruelty by a man to a cat that had just given birth to a litter of kittens, and despite her terrible injuries she made an amazing effort to get back to feed her new babies:
Quote:Man charged with animal cruelty after Princess the cat is left paralysed -

A man has been charged over an alleged attack on a cat that had just given birth to a litter of kittens, leaving it paralysed, in the state's Hunter region earlier this month.

It will be alleged a boy saw a man swinging a cat by her tail and hitting her against a trailer on May 6.

Police said the boy called out to the man before alerting his mother.

The boy and his mother believed the cat, which had just given birth to a litter of kittens, had died. They then found the animal, who suffered a broken spine and legs, had returned to her kittens the next day.

A 58-year-old man has now been charged with torture, beat and seriously injure an animal.

He will face court in Kurri Kurri (a town north of Sydney) on June 30.

The cat, dubbed Princess, is unlikely to ever walk again.

She has lost the use of her hind legs and requires manual help to excrete waste.

Despite being paralysed & having broken legs, Princess the cat still feeds her kittens

Tops 1.3 million, Target stock tanks $10.5 billion » Post #10

Mon May 30, 2016 08:37 in General Talk

Here in Australia the right-wing conservative government has proposed a law that will imprison &/or heavily fine anyone who calls for, or publicly supports, boycotting a business.

The only reason that it hasn't yet become law (and now probably never will due to the upcoming election) was the conservatives could not get the numbers in the Senate. The Labor Party (centre-left), Greens (left-wing) & several independents refused to support the legislation.

Ask BouldRake » Post #12

Fri May 27, 2016 21:34 in General Talk

I have my 19" 16:10 ratio LCD monitor set to 1440x900 & text remains easy to read while not putting too much white space at the edge of pages.

I'm not sure if ProAdCo has a 16:10 or 16:9 monitor, but for a 16:9 he might want to look at something like 1366x768. The next size would be 1600x900, but he might need a high-quality HD monitor & a good set of reading glasses.

Since the original question was about page width when creating web pages, I concur with BouldRake's first answer. A lot can also depend on what sort of page you are designing & its target audience. A graphics site might use higher resolutions since the people visiting most likely have good quality monitors. But a money making or affiliate program site where you want to reach as wide an audience as possible might be best with a lower resolution so that even people with older screens & using tablets or smartphones can easily read what is on the page.

My simple rule: Lots of text = low resolution. Lots of graphics = high resolution.

My $2.00 Bargain » Post #13

Thu May 26, 2016 04:16 in General Talk

For once you & I are in agreement ProAdCo :)

As they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure.

I don't go to yard sales as I live on a public housing estate in the inner-city where there are no yards & I don't have a car. However, I still like a bargain, so eBay is usually the place for me.

I've never owned a brand new PC. Bought my 1st 2nd-hand PC in 2001 with Windows 95 on it, my 2nd in 2003 with Windows 98, and a couple of years later I dumped Windows for Linux. I think I've bought 3 PCs since then.

Spending less than $100 each time to upgrade my PC every 4 or 5 years has been a good choice. I would much rather have decent 2nd-hand hardware with a quality free operating system than inferior hardware with an expensive OS.

Being disabled & not in employment makes it hard to get finance for new equipment, and I don't like going into debt. But it isn't hard to find decent quality 2nd-hand boxes which are no longer able to cope with the latest versions of Windows going cheap on eBay (or other online classifieds sites). Anything made in the last 10 or so years will easily handle most Linux distros.

However, if I was considering a used replacement monitor, I probably would prefer to do what you did & get an actual look at it before buying. I've had my current (bought new) 19" ViewSonic widescreen monitor for about 7 years now & it is still going strong.


Wed May 25, 2016 04:53 in General Talk

Of course, a radio host I listen to recently said that being a pessimist isn't that bad either. Every day is full of pleasant surprises when things turn out better than you expected :lol:


Wed May 25, 2016 04:49 in General Talk

I'm definitely an optimist.

How could you not be when you see the wonders of the world & universe around us? And the amazing things that humankind has been able to do, from building the pyramids to detecting gravity waves & the faintest echoes of the big bang. How we can still hear the radio signal from a spacecraft that is now more than 20 billion kilometres (12 billion miles) away, even though its transmission power is only 23 watts (less than 10 times the power of a modern cell phone).

Closer to home, even in society goodness always eventually prevails over badness, no matter how much negative people try to convince us otherwise. Sometimes things do become very dark, but light always breaks through in the end. Life goes on - might as well enjoy it. It is a lot more fun if you do it that way :)

Americans. You need to read this. » Post #31

Wed May 25, 2016 04:30 in General Talk

ProAdCo wrote:
I see Charez, so you want to hi-jack my post and push your way on me. You best tred lightly bubba.

I don't medal around in France affairs and anything you have to say on this topic has no bearing with you.

Here is what you do. BuTT OuT!

Perhaps you should stop flame-baiting if you don't want anyone to respond. The ClixSense forum is open to all members - it is not your own private soapbox.

Stop being a whinger, stop complaining, stop starting fights and then crying when someone hits back. It is weak, it is immature, it is selfish & it is egocentric. You are not the most important person in the world. Stop acting like your opinion matters. It doesn't. So stop forcing your views down the throats of everyone else who happens to drop by this forum.

A term we use down here to describe someone like you is "a professional sh*t stirrer". You like to stir things up, fling cr*p everywhere, create a huge mess and big stink, and then you get high & mighty & deeply offended if anyone doesn't like it.

You really should self-impose a ban on yourself from posting anything that has the slightest thing to do with politics (or religion, or society in general). You just haven't got the strength of character or intellectual maturity to truly discuss & debate issues. You just like to lob grenades, see what sort of mess they create, and then you berate anybody who has the temerity to disagree with what you did.

You are conceited. You are immature. You have absolutely nothing worthwhile to contribute to the forums. You just like to spew paranoia & hatred of anything that does not fit with your extremely narrow world view. And then you abuse anyone who disagrees with you, but complain if they say anything negative in return about you.

You're the bully who starts crying when someone hits you back.

In simple words, the person who should "BuTT OuT!" is you. You're the problem here, not everyone else. You only post nastiness and divisiveness. You deliberately insult members who do not share your religious, political or moral views.

You don't contribute anything worthwhile, so why don't you just go & give everyone else here a break?
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