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Posts by ReeseWardley

Last Clixgrid Win 16th May » Post #1

Sat Aug 27, 2016 06:25 in General Talk

Just wondering has anyone given up clicking on the grid?

I am wondering whether it's worth bothering with. The last time I won anything was 16th May and that was 10cents and I play every day. That's 3 months without a single win.

I know you shouldn't expect to win, but surely the odds have gotta be better than 1 win every 3 months?

I don't bother with the checklist anyhow so is it any point continuing with the grid?

Gambling Sites allowed » Post #5

Mon Feb 29, 2016 04:58 in General Talk

Thank you I have now done this, reported the link in question and got thanked for my report.

Gambling Sites allowed » Post #1

Sun Feb 28, 2016 14:02 in General Talk

I thought gambling sites were not allowed to be advertised here on Clixsense?

Yet one of the ads I clicked on was for gambling

Which is superfreeslotgames, now slots are classed as gambling surely?

Can we talk about other PTCs » Post #1

Wed Jan 13, 2016 13:01 in General Talk

I am in no way promoting any affiliate link here, I am just wondering is it ok to talk about other PTCs here at Clixsense forum?

My main question is about Littlebux, is this site having issues, there are so many scammy PTC sites out there. I know it is UK based, and ulmons was a PTC site which turned into a scam

Do you get the same error message when you try to load up littlebux site?

Thank you again, NOT an affiliate link, I do not promote it

Error 522 Ray ID: 2644065e0f6b3488 • 2016-01-13 20:59:41 UTC
Connection timed out

ClixGrid any winners? just wondering... » Post #15

Wed Dec 30, 2015 10:02 in General Talk

I have been a member since 2007 and I have 60 chances a day on the grid.

I play 60 times daily and the last time I won anything was 8th December... GO FIGURE

and that was

10 cents!

How Long Have You Gone Without Winning On The Grid » Post #3

Mon Dec 28, 2015 08:40 in General Talk

BouldRake wrote: This is my favourite April Fools on the subject of random number generators.

But what has this got to do with my discussion??? :lol:

How Long Have You Gone Without Winning On The Grid » Post #1

Mon Dec 28, 2015 08:22 in General Talk

The last time I won on the Clixgrid was on 8th December :0( 10 cent win

I have been playing every day but I haven't won anything since!

I know it's not guaranteed, but surely if you play every day, I have 60 chances you must have better luck than 10cents in 3 weeks?

Anyone else have bad luck on the grid?

Then I see people win TWICE in ONE day...

You have to wonder!!!!!!

Do We Have To Refer Others? » Post #1

Wed Apr 08, 2015 05:40 in General Talk

An online friend of mine is pestering me to give me the referral link of Clixsense, but I am very reluctant to do this.

I do not promote Clixsense, but I in the discussion she was talking about how hard it is to earn online and she hasn't found any good sites and I let it slip about this site without mentioning Clixsense I said I use a site that has been paying since 2007 and she asked what site it was and I wouldn't tell her.

The reason is I have done this before someone ask for my referral link here and when they signed up they went into someone else's downline.

So this is why I don't want to promote Clixsense.

Does anyone else NOT promote Clixsense and prefer to keep it a secret from others.

I still earn good money here but without referring or referrals as this is possible.

Clixsense is brilliant but NOT for sharing with others I think!

Tell me your premium member experience » Post #6

Mon Mar 02, 2015 17:50 in General Talk

My premium expires on April 2nd, I am NOT renewing it

I hate doing the surveys and most cheat you, after completing a survey fully I was kicked out and wasn't paid even though I had come to the end and submitted all of my answers.

I hardly ever win on the Clixgrid so the extra picks you get as a premium member makes no difference.

The tasks are heavily biased on what country you are in.

I hardly ever complete the checklist and if I do I earn a few extra cents and that's it.

So for those reasons, I much rather be a standard member than premium.

I cannot refer people I have promoted and promoted and promoted but I don't get any referrals, so unless you have a good active downline it's not worth the premium upgrade.

I Hate Surveys » Post #10

Mon Feb 16, 2015 16:27 in General Talk

I hear you. Peanutlabs are the worst, I actually completed the whole survey and then submitted it, only to be told 'bummer' and I didn't get a cent

They got all my answers and I got NOTHING

I haven't done a survey since.

Why waste your valuable time on them.

You are not the only one zotophe009

What music/song are you listening now? » Post #223

Fri Jan 16, 2015 10:31 in General Talk

(Keep Feeling) Fascination by The Human League

I am not earning much » Post #3

Sun Dec 28, 2014 06:04 in General Talk

Don't worry if it any consolation I have been a member here since 2007 and I don't earn much here, 50 cents a day clicking ads. The tasks are country biased, so if you live in the wrong country you will never earn much.

Most of the surveys you click you get halfway through to be told you are not eligible so you waste your time doing those.

Has anyone won twice on clixgrid on same day? » Post #7

Wed Dec 24, 2014 04:40 in General Talk

If I win a prize I always quit, I don't bother clicking any more. Gives other people a chance to win something. I am happy just to get one prize which is extremely rare!

Practice Posting Here » Post #557

Mon Dec 22, 2014 06:07 in General Talk

Hi Adrain, getting loads of referrals are we? :lol:

Explain Clixsense In 25 Characters or Less » Post #1

Mon Dec 22, 2014 01:55 in General Talk

If you had only 25 characters or less how would you sum up Clixsense to those that haven't joined yet?

WOW Did I mess up!!!!! » Post #17

Wed Dec 17, 2014 05:17 in General Talk

As long as the water company don't think it was a Christmas bonus you sent them.

Right now they could be spending your money on their extended Christmas Works Party :lol:

Referrals Getting Redirected » Post #1

Tue Dec 16, 2014 05:17 in General Talk

Is there any way that if someone clicks on your clixsense affilate link it redirects into another members downline instead of yours?

I have heard about redirects, so if anyone clicks on your link, the link redirects to another affiliate id?

Is this possible, is there a way to stop losing referrals in this way?


How to get Direct referrals for free? » Post #5

Sun Dec 14, 2014 16:57 in General Talk

If you read the t&c's in most Facebook groups, posting affiliate links is NOT allowed. Unless you have prior permission from the group site owner.

Redirects On My Affiliate Link » Post #3

Wed Dec 10, 2014 09:03 in General Talk

Thank you Valerie

I have seen other Clixsense affiliate links being promoted on this Traffic Exchange and I can't see anything in the t&c's about Clixsense being banned. I know some Traffic Exchanges won't allow Clixsense for some reason that I cannot fathom.

Sent the site in question a contact enquiry so hopefully I can get it included, or they can give me a reason why they don't accept Clixsense, one hopes!

Redirects On My Affiliate Link » Post #1

Wed Dec 10, 2014 04:28 in General Talk

I have tried to promote one of the Clixsense splash pages on a Traffic Exchange

But it won't accept it


Too many redirects. Page content cannot be verified.

What does that mean exactly? Too many redirects?

I have tried to shrink the link but I am still getting the same redirect message
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