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Posts by valerie

Those Koreans » Post #5

Sat Feb 17, 2024 14:16 in General Talk

It's not a zombie series. It's a serial killer series.

Those Koreans » Post #1

Mon Feb 05, 2024 15:52 in General Talk

They are making some edge of your seat movies and series.

The one I watched on Paramount is called 'A Bloody Lucky Day'.

It is in English voice over. Not sure why Paramount trailer does not do the voice over.

Just » Post #11

Mon Feb 05, 2024 15:42 in General Talk

@Darkstar2 who is 1? lol lol lol.

Google it:

"On March 6, taking advantage of a wartime statute that had not been repealed, he issued Presidential Proclamation 2039 that forbade the hoarding 'of gold or silver coin or bullion or currency', under penalty of $10,000 fine or ten years' imprisonment or both."


What did President Roosevelt do with the gold?

Gold Reserve Act of 1934 | Federal Reserve History
Roosevelt in January 1934, the Act was the culmination of Roosevelt's controversial gold program. Among other things, the Act transferred ownership of all monetary gold in the United States to the US Treasury and prohibited the Treasury and financial institutions from redeeming dollars for gold.


Was silver confiscated 1933?
The best Financial Markets Analysis, Articles and anyone who follows the gold market knows that President Franklin D Roosevelt confiscated gold in 1933 with Executive order 6102. What seems to have been forgotten is that silver was effectively confiscated as well.


Why was owning gold illegal?
Is it illegal to own gold? | American Bullion
As mentioned before, the ban on private ownership of gold in the United States was implemented as an emergency measure to combat the Great Depression. The U.S. was on a gold standard at the time, meaning that the value of the U.S. dollar was tied directly to a specific amount of gold.

Just » Post #2

Fri Feb 02, 2024 19:37 in General Talk

Stock up on rice, beans, can food, and......toilet paper.

PS. Hide your gold and silver

Just Another Firework Started » Post #35

Fri Feb 02, 2024 19:36 in General Talk

You know who is going to get us into you know what III

Just Another Firework Started » Post #21

Sat Jan 27, 2024 19:16 in General Talk

Arvind9 wrote: Question for everyone would you support your country first or religion

I have noticed in my neighborhood country is not that important ,26th January was Republic day in India but religion is becoming a symbol of nationalism not the symbol of National unity that is National flag

Great point.

Religion is just religion.

If it's country or religion, I'd go with country.

If it's God or country, I'd go with God.

Religion is something, kind of like a shoebox. Open it up and there's a lot in there but not everyone has faith.

Something I always thought rather odd and stupid in the times of protestants vs catholics in Ireland.

Moving back to Tn » Post #1

Wed Jan 24, 2024 20:43 in General Talk

Tn = Tennessee

I sold my home and have downsized a bit, bought a home in Tennessee, not far from where I used to live.

It wasn't that I meant to move back to Tn or that particular area.

The housing market is so bad, it's difficult to find what one wants.

I've got a couple more weeks until closing and then I will be a Tennessean once again.

PS. I did consider Florida but there's too many gators, snakes, giant bugs, and storms.

Just Another Firework Started » Post #14

Wed Jan 24, 2024 20:40 in General Talk

I thought they got tired of reading the crazy posts in this general talk forum by the same old people that keep getting older in more ways than one.

Why We are Not on List ??? » Post #6

Sun Jan 07, 2024 18:16 in General Talk

As long as you have banana and popcorn, you are rich.

Happy New Year » Post #10

Sun Jan 07, 2024 18:13 in General Talk

For me, New Year is on my birthday.

Dynasty » Post #7

Tue Jan 02, 2024 09:52 in General Talk

Well Darkstar2, it would be very interesting to get your take on age when you turn 60 but I have a feeling I won't be around to know. Of course the possibility of none of us being around, is strong.

It was just a matter of time » Post #7

Tue Jan 02, 2024 09:49 in General Talk

Did you know there is a squid games series?

I don't remember what service it is on. Maybe google it.

1400.00 for Years 2024 , 2025 , 2026 » Post #2

Tue Jan 02, 2024 09:47 in General Talk

Need tomato juice and celery with that.

You should read the predictions from long ago » Post #6

Tue Jan 02, 2024 09:46 in General Talk

It was some guy in the 1800's that predicted the women would have shaved heads, black teeth, and men would wear curly hair. :lol:

You should read the predictions from long ago » Post #1

Sun Dec 31, 2023 15:36 in General Talk

Google it.

It's rather fun and funny.

One guy many years ago said in 2023 women would shave their head and dye their teeth black and that men would wear curly hair.


Dynasty » Post #3

Sun Dec 31, 2023 15:34 in General Talk

Joan Collins is 90 years old!

Do you think we'll make it to 90?

I am rather sure I won't.

Happy New Year » Post #3

Sun Dec 31, 2023 15:32 in General Talk


Time zooms by so fast. One hour you are 15 and can't wait until you're 16.
The next hour you are 66 and wondering if you will make it to 76. :shock: :lol:

Dynasty » Post #1

Fri Dec 29, 2023 11:27 in General Talk

A couple years ago I watched the entire series of 'Dallas' free on Prime.

Now I am binging on 'Dynasty' free on Prime.

I think I like Dynasty more than I liked Dallas.

I never saw those series when they originally came out back in the 80's. They're very engrossing. It's almost difficult for me to turn the tv off and go to bed. I'm into the 3rd season of Dynasty and I think there are 8. The first few seasons, everyone has screwed everyone else in one way or another, there's been car crashes, plastic surgery, reproduction jewelry, two babies, and every episode just keeps you wanting to see what is going to happen next. Joan Collins is the John Forsyth the oil tycoon. Heather Locklear the little ho. Linda Evans the boob show off.

It's wild! :lol:

It was just a matter of time » Post #5

Fri Dec 29, 2023 11:15 in General Talk

They're going to get our money any way you go.

When people saw Netflix they began reducing their cable and satellite channels. As more streaming services came along, many people cut ties with their cable or satellite service.

Now it's almost got to the stage that we might as well go back to cable.

I really don't mind a brief ad or two when watching a movie or series.

I didn't subscribe back to Netflix this winter and I probably won't.

It was just a matter of time » Post #1

Wed Dec 27, 2023 08:48 in General Talk

I quote from the Amazon email received today:

"Dear Prime member,

We are writing to you today about an upcoming change to your Prime Video experience. Starting January 29, Prime Video movies and TV shows will include limited advertisements. This will allow us to continue investing in compelling content and keep increasing that investment over a long period of time. We aim to have meaningfully fewer ads than linear TV and other streaming TV providers. No action is required from you, and there is no change to the current price of your Prime membership. We will also offer a new ad-free option for an additional $2.99 per month* that you can sign up for here."
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