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I am New here. PLEASE help me. » Post #9

Wed Sep 19, 2018 10:04 in Member Introduction

I wish I could make $7 every three days!

referral bonus » Post #3

Wed Feb 07, 2018 16:52 in General Talk

You need to make contact with them before they sign up and give them tips and encouragement from then on.

Happy New Year 2018 » Post #3

Sun Dec 31, 2017 21:04 in General Talk

It's the prosperous one I am looking forward to.

New member » Post #2

Mon Dec 25, 2017 21:09 in Member Introduction

Stay as long as you like, it's up to you. Welcome!

i shut out to every one » Post #2

Mon Dec 25, 2017 21:06 in General Talk

Thanks for the shoutout!

Want Some Suggestion to transfer USD » Post #2

Sun Dec 24, 2017 07:25 in General Talk

ms346k wrote: Want to trnsfer Money from Paypal to Payza please suggest me the prcedure..
I would buy BitCoin through CoinBase with your PayPal balance, then sell the BitCoin into your Payza account.

This guy put entire savings on bitcoin » Post #7

Sat Dec 23, 2017 16:04 in General Talk

He only lost when he sold it, that was the dumb move. It's not over yet. It's already gone from 12K to 15K since they said it had crashed.

new in this » Post #4

Sat Dec 16, 2017 23:15 in Member Introduction

It's a great website for making free cash with no risk.

Disqualify from every survey » Post #3

Sat Dec 16, 2017 05:47 in Urdu

The only way you can say you are disqualified for every survey is if you TRY every one and there are HUNDREDS of them every day.

Do you think Bitconnect will collapse » Post #11

Wed Nov 08, 2017 21:10 in General Talk

Bitcoin is only a medium of exchange and is not a program itself. Your statement would be like saying PayPal was in some way responsible for Traffic Monsoon being a Ponzi Scheme.

A penny per offer » Post #3

Thu Nov 02, 2017 22:42 in General Talk

It all adds up and 100 pennies spend the same as a dollar bill.

To Retire or Not to Retire, that is the Question » Post #8

Wed Nov 01, 2017 21:54 in General Talk

I retired in Sept 2000 and am so happy I did. You can never tell what is in store for you, so I figure a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. With both my wife and I going through cancer and several other surgeries, I wouldn't trade the extra happiness we shared for a few extra dollers we may not have been able to enjoy.

Trick or Treat OR Trunk or Treat? » Post #6

Tue Oct 31, 2017 21:54 in General Talk

valerie wrote:
larryonly wrote: Sounds like good rules, I don't know of any here.
Never heard about "Trunk or treat "; maybe more of a US thing . :D :D

Yep, it's a safety net so to speak. Everyone knows everyone so the kids are safe
I don't know how it started being called 'trunk' but I guess it really did start from
a parking lot, car's having trunk open and candy bowls inside or some such as that.
Our church has sponsored Trunk-Or-Treat for many years with great success and each car owner decorates their Trunk (often wit h lights) to make it more fun.

The entire family sold everything for Bitcoin » Post #11

Mon Oct 16, 2017 21:35 in General Talk

Take $100 of Clixsense earnings and buy a stake, then if it goes south it's only losing free money, right?

Pending Survey Credited! » Post #3

Mon Oct 16, 2017 06:40 in Success Stories

Count your blessings, sometimes pendings never pay off.

Smartphone » Post #7

Sun Oct 15, 2017 13:36 in General Talk

I have a Motorola Moto G 4th GEn and it does all I want for around $200

Your next phone will be? » Post #6

Sat Oct 07, 2017 21:07 in General Talk

Use Gmail and other cloud apps, so you never need to transfer. Just set up your new phone to the same account and you are good to go.

How to destroy a computer » Post #4

Thu Oct 05, 2017 21:58 in General Talk

I prefer to use it to death

Just Curious about Payza » Post #41

Mon Oct 02, 2017 20:36 in General Talk

I have used Payza for over a decade, but currently I think their fees are very high unless I wait until I have at least $100 to withdraw (then it's only $5 or 5%), but to transfer to my bank it's only 50 cents flat rate. Then I can withdraw it for free. I even have a free bank account just for my Internet activities, so as you can see I am quite fee conscious. I have been doing this stuff since 2007 and it has become a passion for me, no matter how much I make. But when I am working for pennies, I don't like giving them away to the bankers.

Just Curious about Payza » Post #36

Mon Oct 02, 2017 11:43 in General Talk

The problem with using transfers is they usually incur multiple excessive (in my opinion) fees (especially if it is on small amounts with proportional higher percentages), which is why I like Tango Card so much. There are ZERO fees (no matter how much you spend) and I am always buying something anyway. That's why I spend time online, just for spending money for fun stuff.

So far I have used it for Movie Tickets, Dinners Out, A Steam Cleaner from Home Depot ($100), A Discount on my new dishwasher, A Soundbar for my TV Set (amazing difference from the speakers it came with) and I currently have $160 in my balance there. It never expires or costs anything to hold, so I just wait until I want something else and request a gift card for that merchant (a day or two).

If I did have a desperate need for cash in my PayPal, I would try to negotiate a deal with someone who would pay me for something they needed that was available from Tango Card and sell it to them at a discount to raise the cash. Of course that would take trust and confidence, but then I am not that desperate for cash.
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