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Survey Attempts, Disqualifications, & Over Quota


#1 by JanySenseTeam » Thu Jan 13, 2022 17:00

Hello ySense Community!

We wanted to share some helpful information about why you don't see credit for every survey that you attempt.

Some surveys result in disqualification, even toward the end of a survey there may be qualifying questions. Some surveys can also result in an over quota when a survey is full. We at ySense understand it is very frustrating to invest time and effort into a survey only to be disqualified.

Here are a few reasons why you may have been disqualified from the survey.
-The survey panel requires a specific profile. Unfortunately, there may be times when your profile does not fit the target criteria.If the survey company recognizes that surveys are taken too quickly and/or with inaccurate answers.
-If others may have finished before you could complete and the survey was closed while you still answering questions.
-Please know that if you were disqualified, your answers will not be recorded or saved even if it was at the end.

We know that spending a long time on a survey without earning the credit can be very frustrating. We are constantly working with our partners to provide a better survey experience.

There may be instances where you successfully completed a survey and never received credit. Here are a few reminders and tips:

-Not every survey will result in completion as many surveys are looking for a specific set of users (Ex: 25-year-old males that traveled to Las Vegas in the past year). In such cases, we can't give you the full amount. Verify the messaging you received upon completion of the survey to ensure this was indeed a completion and not a disqualification event.
-Some surveys may be credited to your account on a delay. In such cases, you will be told about this when starting the survey. (Ex: "The survey you are about to complete will not be credited instantly and may take up to 7 business days for crediting").

If you see the completed or success message at the end of a survey and are missing credit, please be sure to send in a ticket so the team can help. And please send a ticket to report a bug or error with a survey so the team can look into the issue. Read about how to contact customer support here.
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