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Ticket Tips and Information


#1 by JanySenseTeam » Thu Jan 06, 2022 14:58

Hello ySense Community!

We wanted to share some top tips and information for sending in tickets to the help center...

1) Current ticket wait time for ticket to be resovled can take up to 10 business days. Tickets can take 10-30 days to be fully resolved.

2) The most important things when it comes to sending in a ticket are:

  1. Wait the pending time for an Offer listed in the Offer terms BEFORE sending in a ticket as credit can not be given until after the Offer pending time. When you click an Offer, the terms and disclaimers show and it's important to read those details so you know when an Offer is supposed to credti.
  2. Tickets must include details about the issue and screenshots showing proof of completion for offers. Please see #7 below for details to include when you send a ticket. Including these details gets your ticket resolved quickly, if the information is not included the team will write back to your ticket requesting the information. It's best to include it up front.
  3. Submit ticket through the new Transaction History, see #6 below.
3) If you've already submitted a ticket, keep a look out for a response from the team to your ticket, even if the response looks like an auto response it's important to read because often times the team is requesting additional information to be able to help.

4) Only submit one ticket per issue, otherwise it will cause a delay in reponse if you submit multiple tickets for the same issue. Once you submit one ticket for an issue, you can reply back to that ticket with additional information and details to help get that one issue resolved. If another issue arises, please be sure to send in another ticket for a separate issue.

5) To avoid having ticket access suspended, be sure to only submit one ticket per issue and make sure the subject line is specific to the issue, if you use the same subject line over and over then that appears as spam to the filters. When submitting ticket please be detailed and ensure you are submitting ticket specific to the issue.

6) The new Transaction History is available to all members and is the first and best place to check for your activity and to send in a ticket for help. You can read more about the new Transaction History here.

7) Provide as many details as possible when you send in a ticket. The more details you provide initially, the faster it will be for your ticket to be resolved. For example...
  1. To report a survey issue or bug it helps to include:
    - Where you found with the survey (Email, Inbox, Homepage, etc.)
    - Survey ID
    - Survey Parnter
    - Survey Reward Amount
    - URL of the survey
    - Date Clicked
    - Date Completed
    - Screenshot of completion
  2. For Offers, it helps to include:
    -Value of the offer:
    -Date of offer completion:
    -Date credit was due:
    -Proof of Completion: Screenshot showing details that show completion of terms of offer
    -Screenshot must show the following: email address, date of completion, ship date (if applicable)
8) If you don't see an activity in your Transaction History OR if your account is deactivated or you can't log in, you reach out here to send in a ticket

9) Another helpful tip is to take a screenshot when you start and finish a survey so you have a record of your surveys and then also have screenshots to share in case there is an issue. Here's info on best way to send in a ticket:
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