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App for divorce: A multi billion$ niche :P


#1 by Darkstar2 » Wed Aug 04, 2021 07:46

When you think you have seen it all........... the death industry booming, profiting from dead bodies, wen burial costs exceed a kitchen and bathroom remodel combined......... then you have the wedding industry, wedding planners, DJs, organisers, catering, etc. You have porn which is in the top 5 niche, dating apps (popular too, even the sleazy ones) - and of course lawyers, big money there, no doubt, defending both criminals and innocent, though the system seems to do a better job defending criminals - and a near guarantee if you can afford a good one, ask O.J. :mrgreen:

BUT.........wait, there is another big niche people might not be aware of, one that could be the next billion $ business, well, it probably already is anyway, and it will definitely take over the wedding industry, :D The DIVORCE industry, yes, now it is easier than ever to divorce, just sign up with an online app and save thousands of $ in legal costs, for those interested google "hello divorce" it will bring you to the web site - brilliant - do they pay referral commissions too that would be nice :lol: So much for commitment huh ? The 2 biggest frauds in the English vocabulary, are 3 letters........
I, D, and O....... I DO :D So now it will be easier than ever for people to get divorce, you know, the certain % that still linger in their unhappy marriage because of costs, well, you just became lucky - Though, this still doesn't solve the problem of nuptials though, you are still 50% poorer, but that's another problem, perhaps that could be resolved with divorce insurance :lol: SO..........who wants to start a divorce insurance business ?

The company behind Hello divorce is in California - ahahaha what a shocker (sarcasm intended) :P

It's funny, most of the top profitable niches profit from one's misfortune.......isn't that disturbing -

The first thing you see on their web site is:

"Schedule Free Strategy Call"

Wow, too bad people don't listen to wedding and parenting strategies, they just ignore all that, clearly.

Strategy my arse :P

I'll give you good advice, it's worth a million bucks but I'll charge you $0.

Don't get married
Don't have kids
Don't even date

unless you understand the implications, you know what they say for investments, don't invest money you can't afford to lose, well for weddings it is the same, if you can't afford to lose 50% of your net worth, or you can't afford to lose 95% by the time you retire, t hen marriage is not for you :P For that you will need to read a few large volume books to learn the implications - some people don't know shit about commitment, hard work, none of that, other than commitment to shag your bint every other day, but that don't cut it :P
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#2 by Arvind9 » Wed Aug 04, 2021 11:49

Here a divorce takes 10-15 years depending on how much crap you feed the law because it takes times to assess what is true or false judges keep stalling hearings get transferred a new judge comes in takes some time to understand the case,fastest way to get a divorce is to file for impotence the court asks for a medical examination of the accused and thats it if its positive the person goes to hell,I saw a 30 year old lady doctor asking for a divorce on the basis that husband was not a man meaning impotent he never got exited to see his wife she got a divorce within a year a compensation was being decided the lady said let him save it to get well
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