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Creator mistake and fur ......tasman1


#1 by tasman1 » Mon Aug 20, 2018 18:34

writen by tasman1 in bad CroatEnglish language

Finally have a proof that We humans are mistake

Once creator finished all creature on Earth it was time to create humans
Half way in making creator found that there is a mistake in that creation
Best way to terminate it was not to give us fur so We will die from cold and disapear from planet

But , dear , dear , creator forgot that he implemented wrong brain in that creature and they invented cloting
To fix a problem creator invented hippy time and people started walking naked , but not for long , wrong again

Finally creator now implemented best solution to get rid of that creature ... brainwashing ... this will gradually decline brain activity and probably end of that nasty creature
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#2 by Darkstar2 » Wed Aug 22, 2018 11:26

This is a load of rubbish - Creator did not make any mistakes, we were given the best gift of life - FREE WILL ! Not everything happening is attributed to creator. Unfortunately, humans decided to use their FREE WILL for bad and this is where we are lead to - Money and corruption trumps and destroyed our planet, should we blame creator ? It's either FREE WILL or create humans who live in confinement and CONTROLLED for all their lives. Humans are smart enough to do good or bad, some (many) do bad, unfortunately. Perhaps during the next "Creation" event a new feature will be added for the ability to "exterminate" bad humans at the core at the source, the same way you discard bad items from production straight from the factory :D OK some will say this statement is contradictory - maybe ? maybe not, one thing for sure, I am convinced that there is more rotten apples than good ones, the rotten ones are growing day to day and overpowering this already messed state of world. Not a single day you don't hear about shootings, killings, violence acts, etc, road rage, suicides, government corruption, etc.
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#3 by Nikorj » Thu Aug 23, 2018 06:21

I don't believe that people are either good or evil, Often i think it's our society's and surroundings that forms who we are or how we handle things.

If we look at school-shootings i can't think of a single case that ever happened in Denmark(Not even 1), Of course it dosn't mean that there are no nut-cases over here as well.

“Rocket” Madsen formally charged with murder of Kim Wall aboard sub | Ars Technica

What a lovely guy :shock:
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#4 by BouldRake » Thu Aug 23, 2018 07:58

You say that, but my dialect contains an awful lot of Old Norse, because while they might not shoot up many schools, Denmark did kinda take over half of Europe using nothing but sharp sticks of metal, and a bit of wood.
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#5 by Nikorj » Thu Aug 23, 2018 08:21

I thought we wer'e past all that.

And yeah! we took a few things and that is that, It was the mushrooms fault (sorry).
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