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The end of ClixSense?


With removal of PTC, 8-level affiliate program and upgrades, will you stay on ClixSense?

Poll ended Tue Jul 11, 2017 13:10  »  Voted by 661 members  »  Single-choice

#21 by lattesgold » Sat Jul 01, 2017 17:20

Most of what I have made here is due to ptc. Most surveys are for younger generation, so I get ok'd for a survey only occasionally. Also, most of the higher paying ones are too time consuming. And I am not going to sign up for something I don't really want just to get paid. However, I may stick around for awhile and see it goes, even though I am very, very disappointed with the changes. Oh! And I only had one referral, (my sis), and she passed away. So, I will wait and see how it all goes. (ClixSense is my fav ptc, so just maybe a bit sentimental.) :|

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#22 by rajeev17nandal » Sat Jul 01, 2017 17:33

I am not against it nor favor it. But I will go with this change and wait and watch what happens.
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#23 by Juan84 » Sat Jul 01, 2017 17:46

I think that I will earn less, at least of my referrals, many do not have surveys or offers, just clicks and little more, without ads, I do not know what I will gain from them, unless there are many surveys for everyone ....
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#24 by gphx » Sat Jul 01, 2017 18:00

Overall I'm glad to see the site evolving with the times because that which doesn't evolve dies.

The same is true for us too. Not long ago I discovered the site has good features I wasn't utilizing.
Might be a good time to go back through the sections to see if anything useful has been missed.

As an example if it is available to you firing off a passive video player and letting it run is a lot easier
than clicking ads.

I don't have current referrals so I have no impact or opinion on those changes other than if you can get
your referrals running passive earning offers for hours instead of clicking a few ads for a few minutes
everyone should make a lot more money.
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#25 by hlrive » Sat Jul 01, 2017 18:42

90% of my earnings come from surveys anyways so to me it makes no difference. I believe Paypal will be back once they do this then we will be much better off. Personally that 8 to 10 cents a day I make from clicking isn't even worth it. As for referrals I am good with just making of my directs.
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#26 by ChristelleP » Sat Jul 01, 2017 18:52

MLivePro wrote: Actually... just thought.... if ClixSense don't have PTC, maybe they can get more offerwalls? (e.g. PTC Wall, Clix Wall, Minutestaff). This would boost earnings!!

Great idea !

Admins, please think aout that !

:thumbup: :thumbup:
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#27 by wildcards » Sat Jul 01, 2017 19:11

It's ok for me. I'm more into tasks and surveys. And finally, no more upgrades and I can rest clicking ads and the grids just to complete the checklist bonus. My 50/50 deals with my remaining DR remains the same. So... no big change for me!
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#28 by realpizza » Sat Jul 01, 2017 19:48

I feel the reduction of maximum daily bonus from 16% to 10% (due to removal of premium membership) is going to make some high-earners have second thoughts.
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#29 by sabyasachi008 » Sat Jul 01, 2017 20:25

I think this is not a better idea only , this is the Best idea and I appreciate the policies of the Respected Admin .. and I am sure that now Clixsense became a very Prestigious and Famous Company and believe me or not , I wrote about this policy in the past .. When someone earns any money easily , that income cant last long .. I think now the earning will be more .. Once again my heartiest Congratulation to the Admin and his team .. Best of luck each member !! :thumbup: :thumbup:

Clixsense Is the best and the leader in the world !!
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#30 by makealotacash » Sat Jul 01, 2017 20:41

Its been a great run but without ptc I have lost interest....I will try other ptc instead ... :?
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#31 by narutonia » Sat Jul 01, 2017 20:41

I don't know what will happened now. I've been clixsense member for almost 3 years, and above 90% of my earning is coming from PTC.

I tried a lot of offers, but failed to get credited from most of them. From 10 offers I tried, I only credit about 1 or 2 offers.

And about surveys, I never able to finish any. It always says that I'm not qualified for the surveys, I don't understand why.
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#32 by kelseykote » Sat Jul 01, 2017 20:42

Yes it's a small sample size, but approximately 60% of votes so far combined for "the decision has forced me to leave" or "my earnings will drop a lot". This is in line with the poll from a few months ago from the admin about whether or not people would be happy getting rid of the PTC to get paypal back. Admin even mentioned in another thread that this decision has nothing to do with paypal, i find that hilarious and a blatant lie considering that prior poll and their mention of paypal's decision in the most recent announcement

So it's perfectly fine for those of you who never did the ads, but approximately 60% of the traffic on this site did spend a lot of time on the ads. Meaning most of us used that for our earnings and we were doing pretty darned well at it. What an awful decision by Clixsense.
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#33 by MLivePro » Sun Jul 02, 2017 01:14

Thanks to all responding, there is rather a mixed view.

Worrying thing for admin should be that (as I write) over a quarter of the voters said they are forced to leave.

If PTC ads are not staying, they could easily be replaced by offerwalls like PTC Wall, Clix Wall and Minutestaff - this would maintain the PTC aspect of the site without being a PTC itself. However, I advertise on those 3 sites and pay with PayPal, so I have no understanding in the thinking that we would get PayPal back by removing PTC ads. I thought PayPal's issue was with revenue sharing, and fully believe it was the 8-level referral program that PayPal didn't like. However, who needs PayPal anyway, we have enough payment options on ClixSense already.

I actually think the two factors affecting PTC ads on ClixSense is:
a) The rise of other PTC sites offering less quality advertising at a lower price
b) ClixSense offering higher quality advertising at a much higher cost

I question whether there is much response to PTC ads, they are a low quality form of advertising as the main incentive to members is clicking the ad to earn money. This means advertisers are simply getting hits on the website which increases rankings, so why pay extra for the 'higher quality' advertising? You can get 1 million ad views for $255 on PTC Wall, on ClixSense this cost over $1200 and meant I rarely advertised here.

On some sites, members click PTC ads with a value of $0.0001 (meaning it takes 100 ads to earn $0.01). If members want to do this, surely the answer is to lower advertising costs on ClixSense and pay less to the members clicking.

As for ClixGrid, why remove it - it is fun, and the chance of winning keeps members clicking. Also, in the worse case scenario, members will click 20 squares a day to get their bonus - that is guaranteed views for advertisers, so it should make money for ClixSense.

For me, the removal of the 8-level referral program is questionable... if you can gets lots of referrals who in turn get lots of referrals themselves, and all upgrade there is mega money to be made. But then, we have 8 million members on ClixSense already so it is tough to find active referrals... most of mine have joined and not even been active enough to cash out. This is a people problem, not a ClixSense problem so I would ask admin to keep it available for those who can actively get referrals. Of course, this means keeping the upgraded membership... without PTC there is one option, maybe add 5% extra on level 1 referral activity if upgraded, this would encourage members to promote ClixSense more.

I fear ClixSense will rapidly decline in popularity, and unless that is admin's wishes (maybe after 10 years he has had enough?), I see no sensible reason for the decisions made yesterday.

Apologies for edits, not really 100% with it this time on a Sunday morning :-)
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#34 by Charez » Sun Jul 02, 2017 02:19

Don't forget that the number of people who voted "YES - But I think my earning will drop a lot" are potential customers for "NO - The decision has forced me to leave"
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#35 by earthtothemoon » Sun Jul 02, 2017 03:03

I don't know exactly why. Clixsense has been going down. They get hacked, then they lose Paypal, and now this? In my opinion doing this would hurt them in the long run. But, I am not admin / running anything so what do I know? I just think it's going to go down further when they remove it. I'll remain, but I have to find other sites to make up for the loss here... unfortunately, I love the site, and you can se ehow much I earned at least I think you can.

It helped to pay some bills. I'll give them respect for that, it's just I'm kinda disappointed with this. :/
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#36 by tasman1 » Sun Jul 02, 2017 03:16

CroqueMitaine wrote: Don't forget that the number of people who voted "YES - But I think my earning will drop a lot" are potential customers for "NO - The decision has forced me to leave"

Not sure it is good to look at pool here
Around 140 votes so far from 7 million members
That is around 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% of all members
Think most people do not care
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#37 by Nikorj » Sun Jul 02, 2017 03:46

It's always like this when big changes are made, After a while people calm down when they're used to it.

I remember some Croatian/Australian guy mention something about leaving Clixsense after their loss of Paypal.

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#38 by Charez » Sun Jul 02, 2017 03:47

Your point is invalid. People who voted are people who can leave the site. The matter that it represent only a small percentage doesn't matter.
Do you think people who were only clicking will come to the site just to watch the server time ? They have nothing to do
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#39 by tasman1 » Sun Jul 02, 2017 03:52

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#40 by Arvind9 » Sun Jul 02, 2017 03:53

Just imagine members who earn from referrals are going to be big losers every member who leaves will reduce earnings,24% in this poll say they are leaving
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