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Poor response from clixsense team


#1 by sandeep2734 » Sun May 14, 2017 12:13

Hello Bhailog

i am very disappointed the way clixsense team has responded to my query of not getting 6 Ads mandatory for completion of Daily Bonus. I am a member since 2 to 3 years now at clixsense. I never encountered such an issue of not getting 6 Click Ads in 24 hours of logging in. "NEVER". For the last two days i have earned you can say a jackpot of offers and surveys which i completed very well and earned about 6 dollars. To my surprise and annoyance clixsense did not offered me 6 Ads that are needed to complete Daily Bonus which could have added another 0.5$ to my account.

On raising a ticket twice they just responded with the pre-written text they have for all such queries. Whereas i specifically elaborated the issue to them to which they could not respond satisfactorily. They may have answered what they thought was the issue, but to me it just did not help. I logged in for the whole 24 hours to get that single Ad to click so as to complete the Daily bonus. I slept only for 3 hours and woke to find that 1 Ad, but it was not given to me.

I am very disappointed not to get that 1 Ad. I usually complete Daily bonus every now and then if get to complete a 2 dollar survey. It was a big day for me since i started working with clixsense, i earned 3.60$ & 2.00$ in two consecutive days. But didnt get bonus due shortage of Ads.
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#2 by Arvind9 » Sun May 14, 2017 13:52

During the period you are talking about I clicked 8 adds,avilable adds have come on FAQ -WHAT IS PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP -WHY HAVEN'T I GOT ENOUGH ADDS ?
You are still a standard member thats why avilable adds to you are less than a premium member,you will earn more if you upgrade
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#3 by uzair_friends » Sun May 14, 2017 16:57

I am sorry that you were not able to complete DCB. However, I would like to let you know that the number of ads depend on the advertisers who make them available for you to click. If there are no advertisers, there are no ads. There is nothing ClixSense could do here.

Also, there is only 1 guaranteed ad for standard members unlike 4 guaranteed 1 cent ads for premium users.
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#4 by sandeep2734 » Mon May 15, 2017 11:21

Hi Arvind

Thanks for replying to my topic. But brother doesnt matter if you are a premium member or not. I have encountered such an issue of not getting 6 Ads at least. But i dont know it intentional or not, they didnt let me get that bonus.
Secondly it was the first time that i got 3.60 dollars.
Not happy bro
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#5 by rajeev17nandal » Sun May 21, 2017 21:21

For past 8 days, I am able to complete daily bonus. I agree with you that ads coming are very less. But for the record, yesterday I clicked 13 ads. Everyday, I am clicking atleast 10 ads. :D :D :D
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#6 by paradise00 » Tue May 23, 2017 10:22

I feel bad for you sandeep2734 ,I rarely complete my checklist and ads are coming less these days but have never faced this situation. I wish you never face it again :thumbup:
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