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Switching to...


Do you like payoneer or something else

Poll ended Wed Feb 08, 2017 12:08  »  Voted by 15 members  »  Single-choice

#1 by RoseGold » Wed Feb 08, 2017 11:23

Just wondering who will be changing their payout option to Payoneer I had paypal, but now have to switch to another option :(
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#2 by walkinganomaly » Wed Feb 08, 2017 11:28

I will be using a check from now on. Not going to do the hassle of a new payment processor!
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#3 by sonyjmn » Wed Feb 08, 2017 11:31

in my opinion 2 options work either to go with payoneer or to go for cheque option

this news is very sad and hard to digest. so many members account will get effected

just was reading about payoneer it sends money to our bank account directly
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#4 by freelizard » Wed Feb 08, 2017 11:38

I can do either option .. what I'm thinking is to totally dump paypal and never use it ever again - they have done this same thing to so many sites - the small ones end up closing because of this .. so it's time to say

goodbye to sucky paypal
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#5 by Asish07 » Wed Feb 08, 2017 11:42

i will first try Payoneer, if the charges are reasonable then "all is well".....if not I have to use other PTC where Paypal is still available.
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#6 by sonyjmn » Wed Feb 08, 2017 11:49

charges for payoneer is 3% to 3.5% check these lines

If you choose the Payoneer Global Bank Transfer Service, we charge $3.00 for each transfer to your bank account in your local currency (in this case INR).

We convert funds from USD to INR using rates of up to 2.75% above the official mid-market rate at the time of transfer. You can estimate mid-market rates using websites such as

what we earn goes back of charges and commissions then we get less amount

will check about charges for cheque option with bank officials and see how much do they take bank charges
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#7 by craigrk77 » Wed Feb 08, 2017 11:49

I had to switch to Payoneer but not too happy about the $2 charge, guess I'll just have to withdraw funds from Clixsense once a month or every few months to make it worthwhile
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#8 by newsenses » Wed Feb 08, 2017 11:58

Consider adding Paytm wallet as payout option for Indian users of Clixsense.

Paytm is the most used wallet in India.
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#9 by lotoole » Wed Feb 08, 2017 12:00

I chose Payoneer at the suggestion of the administrators on their notice this morning. You do have to have a minimum of $25 in the account in order to send it to Payoneer. I was pleasantly surprised that the change process was very easy and fast. Although I initially received an automatic notice that it might take several business days to be approved for Payoneer, it actually only took about 20 minutes before the account was active and ready to go.
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#10 by DarkxDecember » Wed Feb 08, 2017 12:11

This is like the worst news, I feel like Clixsense has become so useless to me now. Paypal was the easiest and most convenient way to receive the money I earn here.

I have no interest in gift cards, so Tango Card is of no use to me.
A Cheque takes well over a month to get to me in Canada, so I'm not interested in that.
Paytoo won't let me sign up because it won't accept my mobile number.

Payoneer is the only option I have left. I created an account but it apparently has to go through an approval process and I'm now waiting on an email. If I can't get an account there, or can't get it to work for me, than I have no options left other than leave Clixsense for another site that can pay in Paypal.
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