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Do you believe in ads offering $100.00 every day?


#1 by mappo710 » Tue Dec 27, 2016 13:55

All of these ads offering to make over $100.00 per day , Do you believe they are true and "legit?" I Do Not !
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#2 by pindokhan123 » Tue Dec 27, 2016 14:02

na i dont think so,so many ads,so many promises,so many let downs,all scams but one thing for sure,you cant go wrong with clixsy! 100% guaranteed earnings,no matter how small or big ,you need to be in with a reputable and trustworthy site and no one can go wrong here,vouch my words,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i wont be here otherwise :roll:
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#3 by Arvind9 » Tue Dec 27, 2016 16:55

If it was possible no one would be here,I have also seen adds that say how to make above $100 on Clicksense everyday same kind of adds for some other PTC sites like Neobux but I have never heard or seen any member actually earning anywhere even close to it ,which means there are people putting up fake adds even for reputed PTC sites.
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#4 by Charez » Tue Dec 27, 2016 17:30


Once you are in you will discover that:
- methods have already been over and over used since long time and lot of people did it before, the method is dead
- methods can be found for free on any 10 years blog filled with PLR or others sources
- you will have to invest money, more than what you will make back, or it will take you years to earn it
- you will have to invest a big amount of time yourself that won't be profitable for what you will get in return
- your email is inserted in a list, you will receive weekly crap
- ect ect

If i find a method to make $100 daily, to be honest i am not going to tell it in public. And certainly not promoting in a PTC site :mrgreen:

This say, you can find some "legit" ads with such title, but you will need to learn and learn before make the 100$ per day. You can be discouraged before..
If you think about it, it can be done with anything, the web is full of ressources to learn anything. :ugeek:
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#5 by tasman1 » Tue Dec 27, 2016 17:42

Why clik on add that say 100.00 per day , why not on add that say 10 000.00 per day
Million site can be faund on internet that offer 10 000 per day
That will earn you around 10000000000.00 per day
Try it

Next step you invest all that money in forex and make extra 100% every 60 second and you can earn daily around 1 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000. 00
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#6 by lovesuccess » Tue Dec 27, 2016 18:59

I stay far from those I sites.
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#7 by Marcel-R6 » Wed Dec 28, 2016 01:07

Great and yet another useless topic.....
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#8 by valerie » Wed Dec 28, 2016 05:39

If you think about it, it is not really that much. It's $3,000 per month.
That's not to say the ads are relaying real information. It's just to say that 3 grand a month
is obtainable. In regards to earning from PTC and GPT overall, I would say it is certainly
possible primarily for those people that have large numbers of active referrals.
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#9 by shadecat » Wed Dec 28, 2016 06:33

I have some ocean front property in Arkansas I'll sell 'ya! :D 'Cause I'm cool like that!
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#10 by Darkstar2 » Wed Dec 28, 2016 11:10

mappo710 wrote: All of these ads offering to make over $100.00 per day , Do you believe they are true and "legit?" I Do Not !

Is it possible to make such earnings daily from hard work, talent, skill ? YES. Some affiliate marketers or site owners, bloggers, etc can do way more than that, they just go about doing their thing. That said, the majority of the things advertised on PTC is utter rubbish ! Many of these schemes are over saturated and quite ineffective as many are based on shady business models. The kind of traffic that is targeted by those ads are opportunity seekers, get rich quick seekers, people who are looking for a quick buck without as much any bloody efforts, so these ads cater to the vulnerabilities of such readers and people fall into those traps so easily. The only ones making big money are the advertisers of such rubbish ads, they are selling you a scheme that promises riches with barely any efforts or skill, and they are the ones pocketing thousands of dollars promoting their rubbish across different network. I have yet to hear any PTC member of any given PTC site earn the promised $10,000 a month or any decent money from signing up for those ads.

Selling information is a lucrative niche, probably second to porn :D most of this information being sold through eBooks, Clickbank and other ****, can be obtained for FREE if people want to put in some efforts in looking around or acquiring the skills needed. The whole industry is based on exploiting people and false hopes, that's why people fall for those crappy HYIP, revshare, ponzi schemes advertised on PTC, bux sites, rental of bots, get burned, sign up for next bux sites, etc. people get burned multiple times.

That said, there are some ads that can generate good money, but most of these turn out to be revshare, ponzi schemes, fraudulent business models, cyclers, etc. the early joiners make the money, but the majority end up losing in the end, so only few people profit from the actual scams, whilst most people get burned.

All those "SYSTEMS", magical, super amazing, never before seen, all rubbish. If those system really worked, they would not be advertised.

"I will teach you how I make $10,000 a month now, it is very easy, you have nothing to sell, this is a turn key automated system I will show you how to make your first $1000 TODAY"

lol let's get real here.....The money makers are exploiting people. The same way people giving conferences at $3k a piece just to listen to 1-2 hour of bloody nonsense, who's benefiting the most, the attendees or the conference giver pocketing $50k net profits at the end of the day ? Who's laughing to the bank at your expense......

Money requires EFFORTS and hard work there is no easy way out or magical system short of winning the lottery
or taking part in illicit activities :D
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#11 by mappo710 » Wed Dec 28, 2016 13:56

Thanks "Darkstar" , but I will not take you up on your offer !
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