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Help me


#1 by AwaisRehman » Sat Feb 06, 2016 03:49

how i earn maximum please any one tell me thanx
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#2 by blueuld » Sun Feb 07, 2016 05:47


There are diverse ways of making money on clixsense and I’m writing all of those for you here.
Viewing Ads
By viewing ads as shown in image below you can earn. Within just few minutes you can check all ads and get money for it. Each ad is for 3 seconds to maximum 60 seconds. Amount for each kind of ads is different depending on time of ad.
When you click an ad a new website opens in new tab of your internet browser you’ll have to click on cat photo (Captcha Verification). This ad timer will run for few seconds and you’ll be notified that you’re credited for it. You can close it now and move to next.

Completing Tasks

This is one of most lucrative way to earn money on clixsense as there is large amount of work available and you can earn considerably more than viewing ads. The tasks are small online jobs related are of various types like comparing sites, moderating explicit images, completing surveys, academic research surveys, creating keywords etc. You earning comes instantly to your clixsense account and you don’t have to wait for it. These tasks are offered by crowdflower on different platforms but clixsense is best platform to do tasks (read more:Best website for crowdflower tasks). So on clixsense you can earn money by doings small online jobs too and earn considerably more than just viewing advertisements.

Completing Offers
This is third way earning money on clixsense. This is very simple way to earn easy money by just checking out offers. There are number of offer providers on clixsense offer page. In offer you can earn by downloading apps, viewing videos, listening to radio etc. You should check offers manually on daily basis so that you may not miss any offer.


This is like a lottery. You can win daily up to $10 by trying your luck on clixsense. You are given 30 chances (60 for premium members) to click on boxes of clixgrid. You can see image below to have idea about how clixgrid looks. Each box is linked to advertiser’s website which you have to see for 10 seconds (5 seconds for premium members) and when timer ends you’re notified that you won or not. The pictures on clixgrid are changed on every click (unless you lock you favorite picture) which is cool.

This is game of chance and probabilities so the more you try the more are chance that you win. I have won many times on clixgrid.

Referring Others

This is one best thing on clixsense. You are paid 5 to 10 percent commission daily on your referrals earnings on clixgrid, ads, offers, tasks, online jobs, purchase of ad credits and clixgrid links. If are premium member you can get commission from 7 levels below your affiliate tree. You also get $0.50 or $1.00 (for premium membership) when your direct referral earns $10 or $5 respective to your membership type. See detailed chart of affiliate earning below.

If you upgrade to premium account (costs only $17 for whole year) there is no limit on how much you can earn. Unlike standard members who will get commission from just direct referrals they recruit, you’ll get be given commission from 8 levels of your down-line. The earning potential literally becomes unlimited with these multiple streams of income. When your direct referral upgrades to premium you are instantly awarded $2 commission ($1.00 for standard members) and up to 8 levels in your down-line (indirect referrals) you get $1.00 on their upgrade (only for premium membership).


By upgrading your account to premium membership you can boost you revenue from all ways discussed above including affiliate earning. Unlike many other site which offers costly memberships clixsense premium membership is just $17 for whole year which is less than $1.5 a month. But no one is making you to buy this, you can work free of charge and If you find it worth buying you can buy it. No extra work is given to premium members. It is just for boosting commissions, more clixgrid chances and more affiliate income.

Daily Checklist

This is a bonus income. You don’t have to do any special work for getting this bonus. You just have to complete check list which includes 6 ads daily, one visit to forum, 10 tasks or 5 tasks and 1 offer or 2 offers and 20 clixgrid clicks. You will get 5 to 12 percent (Depending upon membership type) bonus of your daily income by doing so. If you install clixadon tool bar which is very useful to keep you aware of quantity of work available to you every time. This is very useful toolbar and this doesn’t spam or show you any advertisement. You will get 1 to 2 % (depending upon membership type) extra bonus and doing this for three consecutive days make you earn 1 to 4 percent of extra bonus (depending upon membership type). So this all ads to max 16% daily commission for premium members that is 1 extra dollar on every 6 dollars. Read more on my blog:

Now as you see there are number of way through which you can earn on clixsense. If you have any problem you can go the forum and ask other peers for help. Feel free to contact me by commenting below or write me.
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