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6th day of 28% bonus!


#1 by Darkstar2 » Sun Dec 28, 2014 19:12

A bad day today by my standards, no offers / no surveys, but I guess not really shocked or anything it is sunday and a slow time.

No rainforest tasks today, 2 crappy ones I could not complete, 1 abandoned and 1 rejected HIT (other workers answering different usually) although this was marked passed on all steps I did..........

So this is a worst case scenario - My daily casino tasks (about $1) and the rest are those 2 and 3 cent market research jobs (daily too).

Tiny results today, but still better than nothing. :)

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#2 by The_Helper » Sun Dec 28, 2014 19:54

Not bad. There were "Hours of operation" jobs. Didn't you do it? level 2 job.
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#3 by Darkstar2 » Sun Dec 28, 2014 20:15

TigerHeart wrote: Not bad. There were "Hours of operation" jobs. Didn't you do it? level 2 job.

The 17 cent job now 8 cents, no I did not - even so, on most of those tasks I get a very low limit
of 1-3..I don't know how some manage to do dozens or hundreds, I always get capped in these tasks. I tried getting some answers but nobody can help, not even CF. so I stick to the RF (when they work they are good), the casino ones, the market research one, the studies and the non test ones, because a lot are unfair and have wrong test questions. I am aim more to keep my 3 badges and high accuracy than to chance it, until they decide to stop flagging and marking good answers wrong.

I had done several of the find hours of operation before at 17 cents, they reduced pay by half for the same work, I don't support this and never will. They lower pay and increase work.

I all but see 7 or 8 tasks, right now most are marked 1-3 stars and people complain about being flagged and having wrong test questions, so not left with much. I rely mostly surveys and the recurrent tasks, the surveys make half of my current CS earnings and tasks the other half. I am still happy, because I expected zero earnings during holidays but not only did I make some on CS, I got 3 pinecone studies in a row, from Dec 15 till now, 1 product trial and 5 studies this month + many SSI direct panel, so these holidays were great all sources combined.

I encourage people to keep checking regularly the tasks and offers section and not assume that they won't get anything because of holidays........You never know when you can get surprised ! Few days ago I got surprised with a nice $4 offer, another day a nice $2.33 that out of the blue.
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#4 by zerohdcp » Sun Dec 28, 2014 22:58

Great work and, as always, great information from Darkstar, thanks for sharing with us!

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#5 by adersh2009 » Mon Dec 29, 2014 07:47

Well Done !! Congratulations :clap: :thumbup:
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