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A top success history or what?


#1 by selamlante » Sun Nov 09, 2014 06:20

I am registered on Clixsense 8 October 2014. I am a PREMIUM member. I am clicking everyday without any absence. Even though my account till today is $1.36. What a success is this ?

I read somewhere, that to earn a good money on this site I should have to get some Direct referrals, but from where I can get them ? I had run a payable campaign using other PTC sites to get referrals for my Clixsense account, but I only loose my money and never get even one. Then what to do further ? To abandon this site ? I have read from somewhere that Clixsense is a good site, which pays very good, but $1.36 in a month is a good payment ?

before I upgraded, I have seen from this site, that if you upgrade "the daily number of your ads to click will become twice more than when you are a standard member", but I am observing no change.
After one month of working here: for example today I have got (worked) $0.05 after clicking some ads, but I often asked myself this question: "I have invested $17 and in this way of income flow, when do I will get back my $17 ?" ............................... In a month I have earned $1.36 and multiplying it by 12 at the end of my PREMIUM status I may have $16.32 - WAW, a great work ! I am sitting everyday minimum for ten minutes on my PC to click these ads and at the end of my PREMIUM status I will have less than what I have invested. Is this a top success history or what ?

Execuse me Dear Admin for this post, but is there something, which I can't understand ?
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#2 by valerie » Sun Nov 09, 2014 06:32

I'd first like to tell you that it is always a good idea to read and possibly try it out before paying for anything.

If you buy a pair of shoes without reading about them and/or without trying them on,
you may find they are not the style you wanted and they don't fit.

So why would you upgrade without reading the ClixSense information on the site,
viewing the FAQ, reading and viewing the earnings comparison charts, and about
all the various ways to earn?

You do get more guaranteed ads as a premium member than you do standard members.
However, that alone truly isn't saying a whole lot in regards to earnings difference. You
need to look at all the ways you can earn and experience those various ways.

Yes, when you have direct referrals that upgrade and/or complete activity, you earn a
percentage. However, you don't need direct referrals to earn money. You can earn money:

-Viewing ads through-out the day/night when ads are available
-Watching videos when available
-Completing offers
-Completing surveys
-Completing tasks
-Winning in the ClixGrid
-Earning the free daily checklist cash
-Earning percentage from direct referrals activity
-Earning percentage of direct referrals upgrade
-.....and more...

I strongly suggest you take the time to view your ClixSense website inside and out,
click on all the tabs and read the information. Otherwise, you simply cheat yourself
out of possible earnings.

PS. Please read the forum rules to learn how to post appropriately.
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#3 by SentinelOnyx » Sun Nov 09, 2014 06:34

Sorry to hear that? :(

:clixsense: really is amazing website. Your premium account will pay itself inside a year, you`ll even earn more then you payed from ads.

What is the problem at you. Do you have any offers and enough tasks? Any winnings on ClixGrid?

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#4 by amkrock » Sun Nov 09, 2014 08:32

Patience is a key to success , you will realize in coming days and would say that :clixsense: is the best earning site.
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#5 by dianejoy8 » Sun Nov 09, 2014 10:00

Sorry about your earning, But sometimes there are so many surveys but you may not qulify for any. I am finding that it is getting harder and harder to get surveys on this site than last years. I have not made even a third of what I did last year. that is why it pays to have other survey sites to fall back on. I am hoping for a better NEW YEARS on :clixsense: and hopin that you will gain also. But I do double my 17.00 paid into the site. More than double. Just hagn and do everything you can do and I am sure you will find things to do to make way more than what you are showing. Have patients. look around and do things. If you don't try and expect to make it just on the ads itself than you are not going to make it. Good luck to you on what you just said that within the next few months you will change your mind about :clixsense: ;)
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#6 by sonyjmn » Mon Nov 10, 2014 03:07

You are only focusing on Ads only. Have you seen or been to other works in this great site. Like completing tasks and offers and winning in clixgrid. Just been for 10 mins here will not work out for you. Try doing some tasks and offers and earn well. If you have any queries we all are here to solve your doubts.
Good luck and All the best.
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#7 by selamlante » Mon Nov 10, 2014 12:23

Thank you friends. Really Your advices touched my heart. Really a well cultured people are attending in ClixSence. Yes, I always look only for the Ads and no more thing. I will try to work in different way.

Thank you Admin, that you allow to read others my boring message. But doing that you helped me to get an answer quickly.

Have a nice night, bye
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#8 by laura419 » Mon Nov 10, 2014 13:45

Your message was not at all boring, coming as it did straight out of your frustration with this site. I have been a member of clixsense for years and at first all I did was look at the ads. It was not until my second or third year that I noticed the survey sites and the tasks and offers pages. Since I started doing the surveys and offers I have been making over $30.00 a month, well over what I paid for to upgrade my membership. I have also learned to listen on the forums and to pay special attention to those who joined before I did--their suggestions are usually very valuable.
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#9 by hinsense » Tue Nov 18, 2014 10:52

Patience is the key. Go through each and every tab to make sure that you're not missing out on any task/surveys. If the radio feature (under 'offers' tab) works for you, you can make good money listening to radio.

Do keep in touch and inform us how you have been doing.

Good Luck.
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