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Ref page - Make it long and repetitive


#1 by valerie » Sat Sep 07, 2013 11:11

Have you ever wondered why a page is so long? Seriously, many pages promoting something, seem
to go on for miles. It makes you wonder why in the world would a seller make a page so very long.

It's because they know something that you may not know and that is based on search engines. Not
the only reason but it is one big reason.

So if you want referrals, a good idea is to do what?

Create a mile long page!

When a page is long, there is a lot of benefits such as, a person stays on the page longer.
The longer you can get a person to stay on the page, the more probable the page is going
up in the search engines and in sales.

What you need to do is make the page HIGHLY content rich without being too repetitive.

Think of your class in school that taught you how to write a paper. You were suppose to
relay in your first paragraph, the jest of your subject and what the entire paper is based
on. At the very bottom of your paper, you were suppose to give a summary.....a summary
summing up what your entire paper was about. Everything in between the first paragraph
and summary, was to flow with interest from one paragraph to the next. In fact, we were
told it was a good idea to give examples too.

When you create a long page, you want to make it interesting, relay in the first paragraph
what your total page is about, give examples and explanations in the next paragraphs, and
finally, don't forget to sum up the page. In the body of your page, that is all the paragraphs
in between the first and last paragraphs, you want to place some images, some links, some
reviews, etc.

Lets look at a FIRST PARAGRAPH brief:

It is said the best way to make money online without any monetary outlay is by enlisting
at an internet based company known as _______ (make clickable to open in new window).
There are numerous ways to earn income from home within the program and it is explained
very well here. Affiliate members are (yes, use those keywords together even if they sound stupid)
making upwards of hundreds of dollars every month. The obvious earnings are relayed by
people just like you that have been seeking and now found, that work at home income (see
all the keywords?) seeking, free opportunity. There is much proof of earnings being made
by members along with what they have to say about the New York based company.

What does that paragraph say about the rest of the page?
It should tell the reader the rest of the page will be:

1. Tell me the best way to make money without spending money
2. Tell me about an internet based company I can join without spending money
3. Tell me the best company I can join for free to make money without outlay
4. Tell me all the ways I can make money with the program
5. Tell me all the ways I can make money from home with the program
6. Tell me what an affiliate member is
7. Tell me what an affiliate is
8. Tell me what a member is
9. Tell me how affiliate members are making hundreds of dollars
10. Tell me how affiliate members are making income at home
11. Tell me how people like you are making money for free at home
12. Show proof of earnings
13. Show proof of earnings by people just like you
14. Tell me what members have to say
15. Show me what members have to say
16. Show me proof of what members have to say
17. Tell me about the New York based company
18. Tell me about the administration of the New York based company
19. Tell me if the New York based company is an LLC (inc or what?)
20. Tell me how long the New York based company has been online

As you can see, our first paragraph, is very short. It is a brief and an example.
However, even from the short paragraph, we can see we have much content to place on our

There are a couple of ways you can start with creating your page.
You can first type up a brief like I did, then take it part like I did by viewing the paragraph, and
listing the content of the paragraph that will go into multiple paragraphs in the body of the page.
OR, you can first type up what you want to say onto a doc on your this:

I want to say:

1. Who owns the company 2. Why its the best company to make money online with 3. it's international 4. tasks info 5. offers info 6. clixgrid info 7. survey info 8. video info 8. reviews 9.......

What you're doing with the second way is simply jotting down everything you are wanting to relay on your page.
Then you can combine some aspects of, switch things around, and create your intro paragraph from it.

The first paragraph is extremely important because the entire rest of your page is based upon it.

After you have finished your first paragraph, go back to it and ELIMINATE small words such as:


You want to remove little abstract words that do nothing for the search engines to pull your page to
the top. You don't want the spyders getting confused by words like 'by, it, to,........

You won't be able to get all the little words out but you should try.

How long should your first paragraph be?

Well if you are going to do an excellent job explaining ClixSense and you want that page in top places
in the engines, best make it at least 15 to 20 sentences in length.

How long is a sentence? Look at the orange color sentence above. Some sentences may be very long and some short but use common sense and try to have some lengthy sentences in there. BUT lets look at our orange sentence and say it is in our first paragraph.....we have to break it down because there is TOO many little words:

You will do an excellent job explaining ClixSense and you want pages in top places
within engines, best make minimum 15-20 sentences in length.

You can see how I was able to remove some small words.

Keep in mind, SIMPLICITY WORDING without the use of tiny words. What do I mean by that?

*NO: Analysis of metaginating structural organisms along infinitism futuristic accomplishments of moonligistic

*YES: You will make green money without moon walking.

You want people to understand what the heck you are saying. It's not a time to display your intelligence or
lack there of, words. By all means do be sure to SPELL WORDS CORRECTLY. It's ok to make it very clear what
country you are in.....this way, people understand your words may be spelled differently.

The next thing you should know is your page SHOULD BE REPETITIVE to a large extent. This means that you
can repeat some of the same things from one paragraph to another. Example:

-Members every day win cash prizes
-Affiliates every day win cash prizes
-Free members as well as paid members win cash prizes
-Premium and Standard Members win cash prizes

So we can see that jumbling sentences around, that in reality mean the same thing, is a good yet
repetitive idea.

Some people don't get it. Why does one persons page hit the tops of the search engines every where while
another doesn't? Kind of difficult to answer that one but I can say, I have always had much more success
when I really put in effort to create a page such as the one I just explained.

You want lots of images, quotations, color and italic fonts, underline some words, and make your page
like you really really put in the effort to explain how ClixSense works. Guess what? If you do, then you
did, and your more highly likely to get referrals from time to time, for years, from one page.

ALWAYS make sure you have contact info on your page. If they can't contact you to ask you anything,
you could lose.
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#2 by Piddles » Sat Sep 07, 2013 11:21

WOW! Val you always take the time to type out some good stuff! Thanks ;)
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#3 by michaelrhazen » Sat Sep 07, 2013 11:53

Thank You. This information was quite helpful. :)
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#4 by myounus760 » Sat Sep 07, 2013 17:45


These information are very helpful
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#5 by axeking » Thu Sep 12, 2013 02:32

Gratitude :)
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