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Today, 01:41 in General Talk

Darkstar2 wrote:
rajukurup wrote: I chose the third option as it would give a soothing mind to disappointed members.

I agree, but actions speak louder than words. People have been reporting stuff from day 1 and till this day ignored.
Issues with credits among many others. Yes they have addressed some issues and working to provide payment processors. While they have addressed some, many has been unaddressed, more than 1 month later, and some people still have no payment processor at all. It may not be out of bad will after all, Some people are able to wait 4-5 months (theory), but as you know there are people here who were relying entirely on earnings here to pay bills, eat, etc. You can communicate all you want with members as an admin, but in the end people want some results. OK it's understandable that Payment processor delays is not ySense's fault, there are things outside their control. BUT the issues with survey credits and site issues, those need to be addressed though.

I agree with you in almost everything you said.But think of scenario where this site is completely shut down .we have at least some hope now when it is functioning partially .So anything is better than nothing I would say. :)

3.23 only on Saturday [ ehhhh ] ....tasman1 » Post #2

Today, 01:19 in Success Stories

Marvellous earning for saturday :clap: :clap: :thumbup:

Be Patient » Post #52

Today, 01:17 in General Talk

Huwaei is far better than apple or hp.Everything in business is based on greed,money and politics and above all corruption the biggest evil :mrgreen: :evil:

Sad » Post #5

Today, 00:52 in General Talk

Darkstar2 wrote:
pahunt925 wrote: It’s not just clixsense, it seems like every reward site I use is making it more and more difficult to earn anything.

I hope you do realise that CliXSense was sold, Jim is not putting ALL his focus on his offline business, he is no longer involved in ANY online business. The site was sold to a new company, Prodege LLC, which runs multiple rewards site, including its own, Swagbux. ClixSense was a competitive rewards site, but even in the last few months on CS, things were declining in terms of surveys. As far as other rewards site, I agree, it is getting difficult to find good rewards sites, here is where the problem is coming from:

1) Less advertisers / publishers
2) Less task authors
3) More new members joining in, so work dilution is becoming more of a problem since offer cannot keep pace with demand.

Quote: Sorry to say, clixsense has become the worst of them. Many days, like today, I don’t earn a thing, or offers I

You should refer to the site as ySense now, it is a different company, different owner running this site.
This site isn't by any means the worse rewards site, it is still quite competitive, because it has retained the same commission level of CS, the same bonus structures. Some rewards site take a big cut, sometimes half or more.
ySense is still competitive and has great potential - The problem right now are the unresolved issues, and low survey inventory, earning opportunities. In my opinion things were better in August, September seems worse for me, less survey invites. Once they increase survey inventory and add more routers, etc, and resolve issues with payment procssor, site will be on par with CS or better. Prodege also has a very healthy quality score compared to other panels, so potential is there......CONTENT isn't at the moment.

For tasks, unfortunately it is entirely in the hands of Figure Eight. They were acquired by Appen, it's unclear now if most new authors are signing up for Appen directly, which could explain lack of tasks, nothing ySense can do about it.

The click to completion conversion % here is good - quite competitive to other rewards site, the click conversion % even exceeded CS, in August - BUT........unfortunately it does not translate to higher earnings due to lack of quantity, BUT this is a signal to me that the potential is there, we are just not seeing results yet.

As far as not qualifying for surveys this is an issue on ALL rewards site, market researchers are looking for very specific areas of interest or demogaphics, the reason why earnings were higher on CS for some is that there were more survey invites to go through. On most days I had 40-60 survey invites on CS. Here, I have only a fraction of them, BUT the click to complete ratio (amount of surveys clicks to actual completion) is interesting here, so if this site had the same amount of inventory as CS, it would definitely be great here for many.

other reward sites that promise a lot, but do not deliver. I sure hope things here change for the better, but I am not too hopeful that they will.

Here's the thing - if you do a research on Prodege LLC, you will see how much their paid for to acquire other rewards site. This is PUBLIC information, so with this information in mind you can pretty much try to guess how much they paid for to acquire CS, which is in the 8 figures. You'd think that a company spending so much money would want to recover its investment as fast as possible, which means it is their best interest to provide us with opportunity to earn, s they can recover this investment :)

Unfortunately there will always be a group of people with little to no earnings, due to their countries not being supported much or at all by surveys and due to the scarce amount of tasks. BUT the same countries who were doing well on CS, should in THEORY do well here, only time will tell.
Happy to see that you have returned to the right track.I am happy to see you praising prodege and ysence when once you were totally against the company.Now my advice is that this attitude should not be changed for another 2-3 months and let us see if this site establishes and reaches to our expectations .Let the people disappointed here feel some hope with your post if you have posted this with a good intention to inspire disappointed persons.

4.35 and 2.75 on 12 and 11/09....tasman1 » Post #8

Fri Sep 13, 2019 21:21 in Success Stories

tasman1 wrote:
rajukurup wrote:
charmoeren wrote: lucky man tasman

my result last 2 days : 12 Sep 2019 11:59 PST Survey ySense Surveys - P2Sample57009344 - Complete $2.2600
1.290.492.037 11 Sep 2019 08:47 PST Survey ySense Surveys - C56931074 - Complete $0.5800
1.289.726.861 11 Sep 2019 00:02 PST Bonus Checklist Bonus 2019-09-10 $0.2900

Day by day..........results go down down down down

Yes tasman is lucky than we are.but he is very hard working and will earn more..

But I demand more if I am going to stay here

This is my avg at another site and that is not site I earn most ..... every day , not just few day ion week

Yesterday at 20:03 Yesterday at 20:13 Your Surveys $0.85 Credited
Yesterday at 18:14 Yesterday at 18:50 Yuno $0.77 Credited
Yesterday at 15:48 Yesterday at 16:21 Your Surveys $0.85 Credited
Yesterday at 15:20 Yesterday at 15:46 Your Surveys $0.85 Credited
Yesterday at 08:49 Yesterday at 09:12 Your Surveys $0.85 Credited

That is good .You will earn as this in a stable manner here too when established fully as you used to earn at clicksense because your region has plenty of surveys frequently.If that does not happen better to leave the site.So let us wait for a other2-3months

4.35 and 2.75 on 12 and 11/09....tasman1 » Post #6

Fri Sep 13, 2019 10:49 in Success Stories

charmoeren wrote: lucky man tasman

my result last 2 days : 12 Sep 2019 11:59 PST Survey ySense Surveys - P2Sample57009344 - Complete $2.2600
1.290.492.037 11 Sep 2019 08:47 PST Survey ySense Surveys - C56931074 - Complete $0.5800
1.289.726.861 11 Sep 2019 00:02 PST Bonus Checklist Bonus 2019-09-10 $0.2900

Day by day..........results go down down down down

Yes tasman is lucky than we are.but he is very hard working and will earn more..

Be Patient » Post #27

Fri Sep 13, 2019 07:47 in General Talk

Nikorj wrote:
Darkstar2 wrote:
Nikorj wrote: We will hear from him again in 8 years time, When ySense get's a new owner :lol:

Site barely launched and you are already thinking of the next acquisition ? Yikes! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

In 8 years time, there will be no more PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer cashout methods, it will be direct transfers to our chip implants , most stuff online will be automated, AI support, offers, stuff customised to your preferences / trends, in other words human contact will be scarce, There will be USB devices, you plug to your computer and it will transmit data to and from your implanted chip, so sites will be able to pay you this way quite easily. You will be able to make direct deposits and withdrawals directly to your bank, this will probably be a lot easier for site owners, no more dealing with approving payment processors and headaches, and it is ONE payment method universally compatible.

Yes Darkstar!!, But have you thought of the counter-culture ??? (you probably didn't).

People will abandon their smartphones and loose interest in the internet and abandon that as well. Buying used clothes and Experimentation with hallucinogen drugs will be in!! again.

In replacement of the internet! love shops founded by Jeff Bezos will pop up on every street corner, While the man himself will sell his entire empire and hand out his profits among the poorest people in Africa. After he sold his empire he will move to Oklahoma and build his own shed from sustainable tree, And all his cars will be replaced by a bike due to his concerns for the global climate.

Damn!! forgot to take my medication, AGAIN!!!

What a fantastic scenario .waiting eagerly for such a scenario .The world will be turned to a heaven and earth will be happy to have it :D

4.35 and 2.75 on 12 and 11/09....tasman1 » Post #4

Fri Sep 13, 2019 04:33 in Success Stories

tasman1 wrote:
rajukurup wrote: Fantastic.Your days have again begun. Grab maximum.All the best :clap: :thumbup:

begun what..... here we have some work for 1 or max 2 day a week , rest is dead and getting more worst

It is better than what we have here
Yesterday 2surveys 0.64$
Wednesday 1 survey and an offer 0.24$ So now say whether your earning is good or worst

Checklist Bonus on 12-09-2019 » Post #3

Fri Sep 13, 2019 04:01 in Success Stories

jaya70 wrote: Daily Checklist Bonus
Tasks Optional $0.00
Surveys 3 surveys $2.05
Offers Optional $0.00
Total earned: $2.05
Addon Completed +2%
Streak 2 days more +2%
Congrats! The checklist is completed!
Your bonus is currently standing at:$0.29

:thumbup: :thumbup:

4.35 and 2.75 on 12 and 11/09....tasman1 » Post #2

Fri Sep 13, 2019 04:00 in Success Stories

Fantastic.Your days have again begun. Grab maximum.All the best :clap: :thumbup:


Fri Sep 13, 2019 03:57 in General Talk

I chose the third option as it would give a soothing mind to disappointed members.


Thu Sep 12, 2019 07:42 in General Talk

Arvind9 wrote: In exactly three days received my cashout for $250,yesterday evening PayPal sent me confirmation of automatic transfer to my bank,today morning my bank sent me a confirmation for $250 converted to Rs 17,405
Today $ rate 71.2600
Conversion rate $ 69.62

Congrats May you have many such earnings :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

I now need $0.00 cents » Post #3

Wed Sep 11, 2019 20:40 in Success Stories

valerie wrote: Lifetime Total $14,999.22

Thank you CS and yS.

Fantastic.You achieved this through your hard work, positive attitude and loyal approach towards others.May you have more fortunes ahead :clap: :clap: :thumbup:

will any change happen? » Post #23

Wed Sep 11, 2019 12:35 in General Talk

fr_alex wrote:
rajukurup wrote: So from today onwards we shall begin to be impatient and sart cursing this site and fill the forum with complaints and see if any change happens.I have no hope in it. There are many people completing surveys efficiently .One should understand that survey qualifications are based on many factors and site simply provides oppourtunities.Oppourtunities may be less in this site compared to clicksense or other sites but that has improved a lot.There is issues with Toluna and your surveys routers and would be fixed as was the case with opinioniworld.Now many people including me are rec eiving opinionworld surveys almost daily and completing succesfully and getting credited.Is that not a great success from this site.So people who praise this site need not be considered as doing some sin.Give this site some time ,only one month has passed and in this month it has developed about 40%and the rest will be acheived in another2-3months.Always posting negatives will be no use in this forum.Everyone including me know that many here are disappointed with the change but that has happened and should adjust to it.

NO. What we should do is not be passive and just stay "happy positive" about this whole situation because that achieve nothing, if you get your rights taken from you you just don't stay passive about it and hopeful that those who took it from you will eventually give it back. To complain and state the truth is not to curse, is just making the new owners aware that their user base is not happy with how things went on.

The surveys opportunities does in deed have to do with a lot of factors but if you were able to do, lets say, 5 surveys a day before but now you barely get one or two then there's obviously something failing because your are still you, with the same exact factors you used to have. But I can't talk much about surveys because even with clixsense we in Venezuela received just a few surveys a month so surveys are not much in my list of concerns. And getting credited for the work YOU do is not a "great succes for this site" is just what is should be, imagine calling "a great success" to the obvious fact that your company is paying you for the work you do, something that is plenty obvious they should do.

And here you are again with the "give more time" "be patient", I'm very happy that you have that benefit in your live, the ability to just don't care much for a payment because you can just wait, well more than a month without getting a part of my revenues is very damaging for me, is like you can't even process what does this mean. 2 or 3 month? my god...

I understand your concern but what to do.This site is new and has many difficulties to get established as of my anticipation.Everything has to be rectified from the begining and that may require time and we have to suffer some loses in terms of time and rewards.If after the full establishment these difficulties exist then our concerns should be solved timely.Now we should understand the difficulties the new site is facing.I guess they are working harder to solve most of the problems and have succeeded in solving many.After gaining clutch this site will make benefit to all.and then we need not remain passive .


Wed Sep 11, 2019 09:57 in General Talk

satakas wrote: Dear Rajukurup,

Do you have a option of 30$ cashout in Paypal? i have only 10,25,50,100&250 here in my account.

Sorry it was 35 10$ first and then 25$ while typing it was accidentally typed as 30$.Just to know if it would be succedsful i initially tried 10$ and seeing it a success then tried25$and that was also a success .Now I have a balance of 5.43$.

Thank you Compliance Team of Ysense. » Post #8

Wed Sep 11, 2019 09:50 in Success Stories

satakas wrote: Darkstar2, Sorry mate i dont have time to read to your such big reply..I have too much of work to do.

I suggested for those who thinks that it is worth for them. Rest is depends on individuals how they take it.

The mates who thinks that my post is helpful to them they will really follow it and will get their money like i got and i would definitely get the amount for my completed surveys which is not yet credited.

Super reply :clap: :clap: :thumbup:

will any change happen? » Post #21

Wed Sep 11, 2019 07:29 in General Talk

Nikorj wrote: Sorry, It isn't new at all too me.

People always have double standards, It's nothing new and i think i've experienced this in nearly every other ptc/gpt site i ever been a member of.


One thing i like here is that the forum is much much less restricted than most other forums i've been a part of, When people say nothing is allowed here, I think they forget how it is on other forums ;) , Heck!! we can even discuss commies without getting the topic closed immediately.

THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS UNDER THREAT(OHHHH NOOOOOOO), To restrict what people can say or not is nothing new and is always up to the owner of a site/business to decide (It's always been like this), You don't show up on your job and speak down to your boss without consequence either.

Always speak your mind!!, But also remember you're speaking to another person. As i wrote to Darkstar!! make your opinion heard and if you don't agree then leave it at that(Even if you're hating their guts and just want them to burn), It will save you a lot of frustration and internet ink!!! :D.
Yes the biggest problem with most members here is that they are never happy.even in good times and want more and more than needed .Even if this site becomes fully established with solving all the problems thete will be frustrations and complaints more than we see now.It is not a fault but nature of humans which is inclined in our genes.For some they manifest.

Be Patient » Post #9

Wed Sep 11, 2019 07:21 in General Talk

Demyati-94 wrote:
Arvind9 wrote: The new administration is responsive,I wont jump to any conclusions as to where the problem is or who is wrong,in a situation like this its best to give it some time,its just an assumption 4-5 months,I am shure many wont agree,is there a better option?

I think waiting is the only option available for now. just hope that it would be better in the next few months

Wonderful :clap: :clap: :thumbup: :D :D


Wed Sep 11, 2019 07:18 in General Talk

fayecirilo wrote: Hey everyone. I'm having trouble cashing out through paypal since it says that I should have a verified Paypal account. I checked my paypal and I already successfully linked my debit card. I also have the same email, first name and last name. How do I know its verified though? Is it easier to use paypal in mobile or desktop? I also contacted Paypal customer service and they told me to click the card and click "Confirm card" but I can't even click the damn card. There's no "confirm card". Please help. I badly want to cashout my money already :(

I had the same problem and that was due to the difference in the first and last names of ysence and paypal account .i corrected my name in the y sense account to match with that of paypal and the problem was solved.I am thankful to satakas and arvind whose posts guided me to do that. Now I cashed out 30$ today and waiting to be credited to bank account.There are many positive posts in the forum that will guide you to success.

Be Patient » Post #3

Wed Sep 11, 2019 04:57 in General Talk

Arvind9 wrote: Till the time Clixsene declared four hour maintenance on 31st July ysence had nothing to do with the site,once ysence took over on 1st August they had to start like a new site,except for the site nothing else was part of the deal when clixsene sold out,ysence has to make new contracts with survey providers,payment processors,it was not like inheriting everything from clixsene,so naturally its going to take time to make new contracts bring about changes in the site,the word clixsene is dead,just imagine you have joined a new site.

Those who understand what you said will be haplpy with what they earn now and will be patient
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