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Anyone who one more than 2$ in clixgrid? » Post #14

Fri Apr 21, 2017 11:57 in General Talk

I've had a few 10 cent ones and 2 days ago a 25 cent one. Never more than that. Mostly get 5 extra clicks.

So Sad » Post #26

Fri Apr 21, 2017 11:48 in General Talk

linphil wrote: Not good news to here that Valerie has left CS she has always given me good advise. I'm surprised that her farewell post has been 'Locked', but then again I expect the people who forced her to leave doesn't want to hear the truth from other CS users.
Good luck in what ever you do Valerie and thank you.

P.S. I expect this will be blocked!!!!!!!!

I didn't know she was leaving. She often gave good advice and was friendly, compared to some others and some other forum boards I belong. I will miss her.

I've been holed up trying to catch up on daily home tasks that I was ignoring but now that spring is here, I have no choice but to catch up. I'm not a multi-tasker like i used to be and it takes all my strength to get partial work done. Guess I'm getting old. :(

Surveys - I must be one of the unlucky people » Post #1

Mon Mar 20, 2017 06:28 in General Talk

I just counted how many surveys I tried since June of last year. I tried 180 surveys. I only qualified for 17!

I think that's a little unbalanced. No wonder I hate trying them. Maybe I should change my name to "Screened out?"

Killed 2000 today , bad person tasman1 » Post #3

Mon Mar 20, 2017 06:26 in General Talk

You can come to my place anytime. I've been fighting a losing battle with ants. Every year I have the problem, not outside but inside. I can't find their nest. They take the ant bait but it doesn't seem to kill them. They have gotten smart. They now come out at night instead of the day so they can avoid me. I must have killed more than 2000!

YAY! It's almost spring and we're expecting 18-24" » Post #11

Fri Mar 17, 2017 08:34 in General Talk

valerie wrote: Maybe if you call the local fire department, police, or church, someone could bring the parts
to you that he needs.

They had enough problems trying to keep the roads clear and keeping the nitwits off the roads so they could clear them. It's not an emergency. The last time we got this much snow was in 1996, 3 feet that time, and no snow blower. It took us 3 days to shovel from our front door to the main road only enough to walk to the road but not drive.

A friend showed up late afternoon and took him for a belt but the stores that he could get to didn't have any. That figures and that's our luck. He shoveled by hand to get the car out, which took him 3 hours to do it slowly so as not to overtax him.

There were 3 deaths in our area from heart attacks. One poor woman wasn't found until the next day buried under 10" of snow. It's so sad that she had no one to help her. She lived in the country by herself.

YAY! It's almost spring and we're expecting 18-24" » Post #8

Wed Mar 15, 2017 06:05 in General Talk

Well, the story of our lives. The snow blower was fixed. He got the part done that leads to the Central Boiler (outdoor furnace). Belts kept slipping and it took 2 hour to go 200 feet. He has extra belts but he organized his garage a couple months ago and can't find them anywhere. He shoveled a path to the backhoe and it started right up. He got most of the driveway done. Had 20 feet to go when a hydraulic hose started leaking oil. Car and truck are still blocked by all the snow as well as 15 feet of driveway going to the garage.

During my ups and down to the garage, I lost the rubber tip to one of my prongs on the quad cane so couldn't use it on the hardwood floors in the house. I couldn't find it anywhere. This morning, I went out and tried again. I found it! Hubby glued it on and hopefully it will stay.

In the meantime, I'm trying to find someone who will pick hubby up and take him to the hardware store so he can get new belts for the snow blower. Funny how he will drop everything to help someone but everyone has excuses when it comes to helping him. He can't shovel the driveway all by himself because of his heart, so I'm hoping someone will offer. He's too proud to ask for help. I'm going out to try to help but don't know what I can do being a gimp.

YAY! It's almost spring and we're expecting 18-24" » Post #7

Tue Mar 14, 2017 11:14 in General Talk

Well, snow almost stopped. I measured 20". My picture above my name is our Buick in the snow and the path is hubby going up to the garage to get the snow blower out....but the dang thing broke down, wouldn't move forward or backward. He had to tear it down and turned out the drive chain was broke. So he did his best to fix it. We shall see. Our driveway is very long You can park 4-5 cars in it end to end and that doesn't include where the car and pickup are parked. That's another 50 feet or so. So if he can't get the snow blower to work, I guess we'll be stuck here until the snow melts!

Poor runt (the tiny cat.) I heard her under the porch frantically meowing. The cats never lived through a winter before. Her brother is no where to be found right now but runt was frantic because the snow blocked all ways to get out from under the porch. i dug her out but she went nuts because she couldn't get off the porch (She is only about 6" tall and I don't think she weighs more than 4 lb.) She tried to find her brother by going under the coal trailer which is next to the pickup and the car. Once she got under the car, she started meowing frantically again. She couldn't go anywhere else. I couldn't get off the porch because of the snow and cane, so all I could do was coax her. She did manage to get back to the porch and then after hubby went up to the garage, she managed to be-bop in and out of hubby's footsteps and followed him up to the garage so he let her in to stay warm. I hope we can find her brother soon or he can find a way to get back to the porch.

I can only hope he got the snow blower fixed and can at least get down to the back hoe where he can do the driveway, if it starts. :) That's our kind of luck and my snow story for today. LOL

YAY! It's almost spring and we're expecting 18-24" » Post #1

Mon Mar 13, 2017 08:21 in General Talk

The most snow we had this winter was 4" and a couple "dustings" which melted almost as soon as it hit the ground because we never really had freezing temperatures all winter. Tonight through Wednesday, they're expecting 18" to 24" locally.

Of course, the stores have been packed for those who think we'll be snowed in for weeks! My husband laughs at how they react. Selling generators at local hardware stores and snow shovels! You would think they would have snow shovels at hand already because we aren't exactly a snow free state.

Even our steep hill, which is a small public street, is plowed within hours of the snow stopping. Back in the '70s, we would be snowed in for a day or 2, but not anymore.

Cats » Post #2

Thu Feb 23, 2017 06:15 in General Talk

Wow! I had posted an ad in our local paper and the same day it appeared, I had 2 calls. One lady wanted a female for herself and her mom wanted the male. That would have left me with no cats.

Sadly, when the first couple came, I was holding the runt and she was fine. As soon as she saw the couple, she fought to get out of my arms and ran away. They were bummed, as was I because I know the cat would have been good once they got to the couple's home because they had 2 others. The larger gray came right up to us and I picked her up but when the man went to take her, she fought like the devel, clawed me on the neck and hand and him before he dropped her. Hydrogen peroxide and Neosporin on both of us. I've got a nice puncture wound on my wrist, but it's not the first time I've been scratched/clawed. My 16 year old Patches did it by accident on my face a long time ago and it turned into my first facial wrinkle. :(

The couple were supposed to come back last night with their carrier, but never showed. I didn't think they would. I had another call yesterday but had to tell them the cats were gone. i also cancelled the ad. They need a lot more socializing around strangers but the funny part is, my hubby has friends coming around all the time and it doesn't bother the cats. A couple friends can even pet them. Oh well. Looks like we're going to be the parents of 3 cats. Now I have to figure out how to get them fixed. We can't afford the Vet fees to do that.

Cats » Post #1

Tue Feb 21, 2017 06:52 in General Talk

They are now 8 months old. I have socialized them and my very favorite one was adopted a month ago and she seems very happy in the house. The females are very loving cats. The male - not so much.

I have someone coming today for another one hopefully. That will leave me with 2. Keep your fingers crossed that they won't hide too much since they are skittish around strangers. :)

I have no way to "capture" them or any carriers (because we didn't expect to ever have any animals after our Abby died) so I"ll be feeding them early and hoping

Checks, Skrill and Payza » Post #8

Sun Feb 12, 2017 05:33 in General Talk

I still have not decided what to do. Right now, it's looking like I might take a check. I had a couple questions for Payoneer and send an email but haven't heard anything back yet. If they're going to be slow to answer questions from possible new members, then i won't bother signing up.

Payoneer? » Post #10

Thu Feb 09, 2017 11:39 in General Talk

jimmydonkey wrote: I also joined Payoneer today and these are my first impressions:

1) There is a 2$ transfer fee from Clixsense to Payoneer. I think it was 2% to Paypal, which means you lose money (in comparison) if you withdraw less than 100$ from Clixsense.
2) There is a 3$ fee to transfer money from Payoneer to my bank account. Paypal has a 2.50$ similar fee, so you lose .50$ for every transfer.
3) There is a 2% conversion rate from USD to local currency. I dont think Paypal had this fee.

My conclusion: Payoneer is a bad deal. If anyone has experience with other payment options, please give us some details.

(Offtopic: this thread belongs probably to "Payment Processor Support", but most of the threads there are closed).

Do you have a business account with PayPal? I've never had to pay any fees using PayPal. It's always been free to accept payments even when I occasionally sold something on Ebay.

Today is the first I read about PayPal not accepting ClixSense payments. That's very disappointing and I don't know what to do now. I've always dealt with PayPal.

And the snow keeps coming » Post #11

Wed Feb 08, 2017 05:24 in General Talk

dutch1898 wrote: It comes down storm after storm.
Just spend an hour doing my part of
clearing the 4 inches that fell the last 2 hrs
Now the wife will go and spend another hour
doing some more. No end in sight for the next 4 or 5 days.
Call it Canada's great white North, :D

It's been an average of 40-50 degrees Farenheit all winter here. Only trace snow twice. Mostly rain. Today's temperature in Philadelphia, PA is expected to hit 64. Where I am, 54 today.

We're gonna make up for it tonight into tomorrow. They're expecting snowfall of either 3"-6" or 4"-8" here and low 30s. This is coming from Canada and it's all your fault! :lol:

Great Movie Gems that you might have overlooked » Post #10

Fri Feb 03, 2017 06:49 in General Talk

The Manchurian Candidate
Olympus Has Fallen

If you like nudity, bad language and depravity, The People vs. Larry Flynt (true story). I saw it for the first time the other night. I'm not into nudity, bad language, etc., but this movie came out when I was a lot younger and I never got a chance to see it. Big hoopla over it back then so I was curious. Now I see why...but it also had some comic parts in it, too.

how did you guys gotta know about clixsense???? » Post #13

Thu Jan 19, 2017 07:14 in General Talk

PkNayar wrote: Same with me. I was looking out for avenues to supplement my income and while searching the net for Best paying sites that was not a Scam I came upon ClixSense. One of the Best things That the Internet has Done for me.

Thanks to both Internet & ClixSense.

That's how I found ClixSense. I did a search and also saw some reviews and decided to try it. I tried another very popular one but it took much longer to make any pennies and at the time, I was just getting over another surgery so I couldn't get on that site daily like they wanted, and was booted off. Lost all the money I had built up over a year, too.

I'm so bummed out. Kittens gotta go » Post #4

Thu Jan 19, 2017 07:11 in General Talk

I live in the country, too. They do have special neuter/spay clinics around here but you have to take them there. I haven't been able to pick them up (except the one I like to keep) and have no carrier and no money. Seriously no money. (I'm lucky if I have $26 left a month after bills are paid. My check stays in the bank for that purpose.) Hubby buys big bags of Kit and Kaboodle and they like that...sometimes. His friend has donated cat food to us, too. They have caught mice, voles, and killed some garter snakes, which they play with. The snakes certainly makes me happy.

SPCA wants money to take the kids and there is either rumor or fact that they would euthanize them because they're feral. I've been told by someone from another state that they don't, but they don't know our local SPCA. I won't go into the problems they cause but I would believe it's not a rumor about euthanizing the kids.

This is why I still have them, and they don't roam off the property -yet. They did when around 4 months old, but always came back within a day or two.

I have had indoor cats but never cat litter. My cats didn't like it and they wanted out to go, so that was fine with me. The last cat I had was a stray/lost cat that no one claimed after placing an ad and I had her for 16 years. I tried with another feral kitten but it was a male. He loved wrapping himself around my neck when I was outside walking. I had named him Shadow. Even though he was loving, he wouldn't stick around 24/7, and was killed on the highway south of us. That was 15 years ago and I haven't had a cat since.

I placed an ad but not having much success, probably because people generally look for house cats. We shall see what happens with that.

Now I have to go try to make some money. :)

I'm so bummed out. Kittens gotta go » Post #1

Wed Jan 18, 2017 09:00 in General Talk

Final word from hubby. They are now 8 months old. He won't let me keep any of them. He likes them but.... I wanted to keep one and find homes for the other ones. Momma cat took off a month ago. He thinks she had another brood and he's afraid she'll bring them back like she did these 4. I have been able to socialize the one I want and the greys are getting to that point, too. I'm just having a problem with the white faced one but it's slowly coming around. I think it's a male.

I had called all the cat rescues I knew about but they all had a full house. I was warned that the SPCA would euthanize them because they were feral, so we were basically stuck with them and just can't afford their care.

Home Insurance-Venting » Post #10

Wed Jan 18, 2017 08:50 in General Talk

Well, the insurance broker from over the hill came Monday and he fully understands our position. He said there was no problem with having an outside wood furnace or anything else. He said at our age, we know what we're doing (is that a compliment?). He is going to quote us a "bare bones" policy and if we bundle our vehicles with them, he can guarantee a $100 reduction in the car insurance. I haven't heard from him since and I'm wondering if he's having problems finding a company that would take us on....still don't understand why a cinder block home covered in the front with pine boards and the rest underground is a problem. Basements are built with cinder block and no problem. :)

But, if he can't do this, then we will just do without and hope nothing happens.

Home Insurance-Venting » Post #8

Mon Jan 16, 2017 07:12 in General Talk

Well I would certainly be looking else where to purchase insurance because that makes no sense.

1. I am looking elsewhere. Got 2 quotes now and waiting for a 3rd.

First of all, why would you insure land? Unless the land is wooded and for hunting or a sanctuary,
something like that, I don't think it could even legally be insured.

Second fact, land price average is approximately $1,000 to $4,000 an acre. A little more or a little
less depending on location. Prices can go considerably higher if it is clear prime farm land but not
$25K an acre. Business districts in the city and even lots much smaller than an acre can go very
high such as lake property, ocean front, etc.

I've just never heard of anyone insuring land.

2. I was just pointing out that the county assessed us for 2-1/2 acres at $70K. Land here is worth $@5K an acre. Lots in a new development are worth $35K. We built this place for $25K. We are not insuring bare land, only the home.

I would certainly leave that insurance company because none of that makes any sense. In fact,
If they are saying all you have placed here, I would suggest you report them.

3. I have sent a complaint to the state insurance commissioner. All I asked for was a reduction in the replacement costs for the home because we know we can rebuild for a lot less than that. A modular in this area costs $100K. That's what we wanted the cost reduced. That is a fair replacement cost. Once the insurance company gets wind of the complaint, though, we know they will cancel us but we don't care. We will go without if we have to.

You can take out the amount of insurance you want as long as it is not way over the appraised
value. If your house is appraised at $25,000, legitimate insurance companies are not going to
allow you to take out a $265,000 insurance policy and if they do, you certainly won't get that
if your house is destroyed.

4. This is our complaint. They REFUSED to lower replacement costs. We've been with this company since 1988. You would think they would be nice to us since we were with them so long, but no. Greed is in this mix.

The first thing an insurance agent is going to do, is at least a drive by. The agent is either
already going to be familiar with your location and residence or at the very least, do a drive
by. The insurance company will also look at the property tax you pay.

Yep, they will charge more if you have an operational wood burning stove inside the house.

5. We have had a wood & coal burner in the house since we lived in the bungalow, which was all frame. We heated with it until we moved to this house. This new place is cinder block with wood pine siding (left over from the inside cabinets, flooring and come walls. We keep a wood & coal stove for emergencies in case the power goes out. We have an OUTSIDE WOOD FURNACE that some insurance companies refuse to insure even though inside uses baseboard just like an oil burner. We didn't have a problem with the indoor wood burner. The company knew this from the very beginning.

You really need to get a lawyer or something if the insurance companies are quoting you such
high prices when your property is valued lower. Seriously, you can get insurance and at the
going rates for your house and property tax appraisal value. They can't quote you such high
prices and over estimates without getting into some serious trouble.

I got news for you if you don't already know it. If your house is appraised at $25,000, you
will be fortunate if you get that if it does become unlivable.

I'll just give you an example of what I would do if my house was appraised at $25,000....

Insurance companies do not like small claims. So avoid if you can, turning in small claims.
A small claim for example would be a tree fell on an edge of your roof and you have to
replace a few tiles. DON'T file a claim. Pay for that yourself. BUT when you have a small
policy, such as my example above, they'll come close to paying out the full amounts.

5. The only claim we ever made was for a very expensive window broke by a backhoe back in the early '80s. Same insurance company. No problems. We will go without if necessary. We got 2 quotes and waiting for the 3rd company to come by and measure the inside wood burner to make sure it meets the specs of distance from walls. No problem because it has a stone wall behind it, ceramic tile over cement underneath. The agent lives over the hills and I called the beginning of last week. Hasn't shown up yet, so don't know if he will. I'm too the point that I don't care anymore. :)

Home Insurance-Venting » Post #6

Fri Jan 13, 2017 07:58 in General Talk

valerie wrote:
It is better to be over insured than under insured but just keep in mind, most insurance
companies are not going to pay out above the appraised value. This is VERY IMPORTANT
to realize. For example.....

If your house has an appraisal value of $100,000 and you insure it for $200,000, you are
going to be paying twice as much for the policy BUT if you have to make a claim, they are
going to pay out AT or BELOW the appraisal value.

Go higher with the policy but not too high. It's better to be over insured than under insured.

Just keep in mind, you do want to base it on the appraised value.

If your house is appraised at $100,000 then take out a policy for $125,000. There is no need
to go any higher because all you're going to be doing is paying a higher premium.

The same goes on the personal property, do not over insure by much because you will not receive
the actual cost for those items. This is why it is very important to make a list now, of all you have,
where you bought it, what year you bought, the cost you paid for it, etc. If your addition comes
to $100,000 in personal property, no point in insuring it for that amount because you won't get it.
You might get half that if you're lucky. Insure it for $75,000.

You want to keep your premiums as low as possible but some what above the values.

Our place is only appraised at $70K and that includes 2 acres of plain unimproved ground that goes for $25K an acre. So, the home is really only worth $25K and that's what we built it for but the insurance company has upped our dwelling to $265K. They also upped our personal property set at $185K. I wanted them to drop the dwelling to $165K. Personal Property could be lowered, too, because none of my stuff is worth that much even though I'm not asking to lower that amount because of the cost of things today. They just refuse to lower anything. I don't think it's right for them to refuse to lower any coverage. After all, it's our problem if we don't have enough and something happens. Plus, because of the camper on the property, that's also a liability they say. So everyone that has a camper has a liability? That's ridiculous. The old car that we had on the property that was going to be junked in spring was also a liability. I do believe our insurance company just don't want our business anymore.

All quotes that I got so far are ranging into 1/2 the cost of the policy we have now with almost the same coverage. We have someone coming (maybe) from another company hopefully today. The secretary told me that insurance companies are funny nowadays. For example, we have an outdoor wood furnace. One company her bosses represent would refuse to even think about insuring us. That's strange since there is no fire in the house, no way the wood furnace could cause any damage to the house, yet they won't insure. We have an indoor coal & wood stove for emergencies if the power goes out, so the agent will have to come into the house and measure to make sure it's away from the walls, etc. It sits on cement and ceramic tile floor and the back walls are stone. Hubby grew up with coal and gas stove for heat and in our old wood frame house, we used a Fisher wood stove for 15 years. Never had a problem. So, combined, it's been 50 years experience with a heat/cooking source not normal for most people. :)

If we can't get decent coverage, then we will do without. We'll have to.
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