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Laptop Makes me go Hm-m-m-m » Post #1

Wed Mar 07, 2018 12:11 in General Talk

It wasn't loading the desktop or my other screen for password on startup. Left it sit 3 days, turned it on and got a message that it was "preparing/diagnosing automatic repair." Said it "could not perform automatic repair" and gave me 3 choices: advanced options; restart; or shut down. I chose advanced options and then got a screen to start (or somthing like that). It seems to be working okay now.

Anyone know what's going on with it? I'm using Windows 10. My Pod's secretary is having the same problem on her desktop. She's using Windows 7. Is it a bug in the programs?

Another Nor'Easter supposedly coming x 2 » Post #2

Wed Mar 07, 2018 12:04 in General Talk

Well, this Nor'Easter was just as fickle as the last one (thank heavens). They called for up to a foot of snow yesterday. Overnight, it changed to 4"-8". So far, our roads are still clear. It has snowed all day but is melting on contact with the road. This is the kind of snow I don't mind. :)

Another Nor'Easter supposedly coming x 2 » Post #1

Mon Mar 05, 2018 08:41 in General Talk

Watched the weather this morning. Supposedly, another Nor'Easter is on it's way for Wednesday plus there may be another one setting up for Sunday. Oh happy days. We've had a very quiet winter and barely any snow but March is certainly going to make up for it.

We lucked out this last one. We had wind. Snowed all day but didn't lay because we had temps in the 50-s & 60s for 3 days prior to the weather change. Ten miles away, they got 10 inches of snow and lots of power outages because of trees down because of the heavy winds.

This time, the one weather station is saying we will get snow this time. Since he gave us an amount, I'm afraid it will be more than that. Then they're saying we may get hit with another one over the weekend. There goes the peace and quiet!

March is certainly coming in like a lion. Hope it will go out like a lamb.

Surveys a waste of time » Post #12

Mon Mar 05, 2018 08:34 in General Talk

I qualified for one survey out of 7 tries today. My surveys equal about 2 a month that i qualify. Funny, one survey that I tried said they quota was full, yet is only posted 4 minutes before I tried it.

Nor-Easter » Post #1

Fri Mar 02, 2018 13:18 in General Talk

Usually we get hit pretty bad with a Nor'Easter in feet of snow, but even though it snowed like crazy since 7 a.m., and has started again (the backside), the winds are what's crippling our area. Our power flickers on an off. Trees are down all over; in fact, I was in the middle of the Video lab offer when the power went off for a couple seconds and had to start over. The snow hasn't accumulated because our temps have been in the 50s and low 60s for the past week. It rained from 4 p.m. yesterday to 7 a.m. this morning before it changed to snow.

Miserable weather, but March is in like a lion this year, so hopefully it will be out like a lamb. :)

weather » Post #12

Fri Mar 02, 2018 13:14 in General Talk

valerie wrote: My significant other is having open heart surgery very soon.

He's been in the hospital undergoing various tests for several days.

It's an hour drive to the hospital. With all the rain and flooding, I was not
able to go there today. However, the rain is suppose to be cleared out by

Prayers for your significant other. My hubs went through it at age 59. He had a triple bypass and aortic valve replacement. They couldn't do anything about the other 2 blocked arteries for some reason. He was only in the hospital 9 days. He is now 70. They gave hubs an artificial valve that goes tick-tock with every "beat." Sounds funny, but....if he had it to do over, he'd get a pig valve. He is on Coumdain (warfarin) and with the pig valve, he'd only be on aspirin, but they told him he'd be back in 12 years for a replacement. Today with all the new techniques, that wouldn't happen. He just went through another "rotorooter" (catheterization) and because of the 2 blockages he l has, he wound up having to go on aspirin anyway. But he has new veins and arteries growing to cover and to take over those 2 blockages which surprised the docs.

Again, prayers for your significant other. He should be fine with a good hospital and doctor.

Laptop Acting Up again » Post #1

Fri Mar 02, 2018 11:21 in General Talk

I'm so bummed. i usually use my laptop for this site because my desktop computer is so old, as it the OS that 3/4 of what I want to do is blocked because of the OS.

Every so often, the laptop acts up and I can't access anything. i always use Windows to power down, no different last night. Yet it was still running 4 hours later. So I powered down again. Today, I got a blank screen, no windows screen, no password to sign in to the laptop. After an hour, I finally got the sign on screen and tried to enter my password. It picked up only 3 letters instead of the 13. Tried again and realized it was only picking up one letter.

Is anyone a computer guru and can help me get that thing straightened out again? I went into the 'setup" (F1) options but didn't see anything wrong or different. I really don't want to ask my son again because it will take him another month to get here and another week or so to fix it. :'(

Need Advise on Keeping Ferals Safe from cold » Post #3

Sat Jan 06, 2018 04:36 in General Talk

All ferals disappeared for 2 days exept rut. All came back yesterday except the black one (my favorite). I haven't seen him for 3 days. I'm afraid he didn't make it. I hope I'm wrong. Only time will tell. :(

Need Advise on Keeping Ferals Safe from cold » Post #1

Fri Jan 05, 2018 04:50 in General Talk

Have a thermal warming pad in a large dog carrier with blankets underneath and quilt on top to block the air holes in it, plus hubby cut a pair of pants legs to cover the front door. They stayed in their until this week when temps went down to minus tmep. All disappeared but the runt. Couldn't coax her i the house even after 2 hours. This morning mother cat is here and the runt. Both bcame in but the runt freaked out a bit so left it out immediately. Yet it kept comeint halfway in the house.

I need suggestions on what else to help keep the family warm and safe. The night temps will be below 0 for the next 2 nights. I hardly slept last night worrying.

New Year Resolution » Post #2

Sun Dec 24, 2017 02:50 in General Talk

I don't make resolutions because I can never follow through, but if I would make a resolution, it would be to make more money and stay healthy. Oh- and to learn to use this laptop like a pro. ?)

A Very Merry Christmas » Post #1

Sun Dec 24, 2017 02:47 in General Talk

Hope everyone has a nice day today and tomorrow and wish everyone a Healthy and prosperous New Year!!!

bla » Post #12

Tue Dec 19, 2017 05:17 in General Talk

Animals have a 6th sense about people and know where to go for love and help. We are on our second "set" of kittens, but this time, we can't get near them at all. They run every time. They are jut as pretty as the rist set and momma had enough trust in us this time to have them here, not bring them here after they were a couple months old. We can't afford much like you, but I did order those warming mats for them since winter is coming and next Clixsense check will go for a warming pad for the water bowl. They have made their home under our porch and also in the really gigantic dog carrier on the porch.

The last litter was socialized and I found homes for all but 2. One we kept and was spayd and the other was scheduled for neutering when he ran away, never to be seen again. When I get these bandits "caught' they will also get the pay/neuter treatment. Momma will be first. This time she's very loving and we can pet and she even sneaks in the house when i go to feed the "kids." My avatar is the kitten we kept from last litter that also ran away after she got sick and "lost her mind." She tried to bite us so we put her outside. I thinkk she had distempeter. :(

Mt laptop has A Mind of its own » Post #5

Sat Dec 16, 2017 05:35 in General Talk

DaDebil wrote: if it was an overheating issue you computer would shut down after some amount of time. could be a sign your hard drive is going out, but that is just a guess.

Just bought the thing, not even a year old.

Mt laptop has A Mind of its own » Post #1

Thu Dec 14, 2017 10:30 in General Talk

Ir'a been working great for a month but when I turned it on this morning, all I got was a blank screen. It's working now but I spent hours trying to figure out the problem. Finally, after a couple hours, I gave up and turned it off. I just turned it on again now and everything is working, albeit slow! Cleared my history and cache with no difference. This isn't the first time I've had this problem and it is nothing but aggravation. :thumbdown:

Holiday Gift » Post #23

Wed Dec 13, 2017 04:38 in General Talk

Everthing I want and :)need is expensive so I'll just ask for a few hundred thousand dollars so I can have what I want and donate the ret to charities.

What do / did you do for a living? » Post #5

Thu Nov 30, 2017 07:32 in General Talk

I was a medical transcriptionist and legal secretary both employee and self-employed at the same time. I was full time as employee for a loal hospital and another company plus 6 physicians of my own, a legal secretary for a patent & trademark attorney doing his TM and patent searches, his depositions, applications etc. for 30 years and a part time Nmedical injury secretary self-employed. I was also a Notary Public for the legal end. Made great relegated to a couple cents a day. :(

Black Friday » Post #5

Sat Nov 25, 2017 05:27 in General Talk

Didn/t really shop. Everyone wanted gift cards so it was easy. Was done in an hour. :) Quickest $500 ever spent! Wonder if there's an award for that record?

Pending Survey Credited $2.00 » Post #3

Sat Nov 04, 2017 07:32 in Success Stories

I have never qualified for a Samplicio survey, on any site I belonged. So, congrats for achieving an almost impossible task. ;)

Clixsense is my #1 place to be » Post #1

Tue Oct 24, 2017 11:31 in General Talk

it used to be a little lower on the totem pole but after a few major problems on other sites, this is the one I come to first. In fact, I have made more money here in the time I've been signed up than the one I was with for years. Support is great, too. Always answers fast. I've waited as long as a month on another site for answers and credit for work done through their support.

I just want to thank the people who run this site. I thought losing the PTC ads wouldn't be worth sticking around, but I'm doing better since the change. :clap: :clap: :thumbup:

What Color Vehicle Do You Drive? » Post #25

Tue Oct 17, 2017 05:38 in General Talk

Remember when the only color you could buy was silver or black back in the'80s for years? I got so sick of seeing that color...and one year I saw a Robin's Egg" blue car. Snapped that up quickly. When it died, hubby went looking and I gave him the order NO SILVER OR BLACK CARS. Now we have a red one. :)
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