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Lock it » Post #12

Mon Jul 06, 2015 10:39 in General Talk

Well, a lot of people are so, shall I say, uneducated about a lot of things in this country?

It reminds me of Watters World and other videos where they ask random people questions that concern the history of the country, presidents, voting, and anything else under the sun. Three quarters of the people "no nothing, see nothing, and hear nothing." They are just content to go happily on their way doing whatever they want to do if it doesn't mean work. :)

Doing Surveys... Training Your Referrals? » Post #9

Wed May 13, 2015 13:07 in General Talk

From experience (on a different site), I do stay away from Peanut Labs. Never qualified for them and never got a DQ bonus for them because the surveys don't close. Doesn't help to email PL support because they send a "form" email back stating they'll look into it.

For example, a 1=1/2 months ago I had 4 open PL surveys that I was DQ'd from but they never closed, so I emailed the company. They wanted the transaction #s, sent them, and never heard from them again.

I checked last week and those same surveys are still showing opened. :x

I do keep trying but don't qualify for many. Even ClixResearch DQ's me! :(

Doing Surveys... Training Your Referrals? » Post #2

Sat May 09, 2015 08:39 in General Talk

I never qualify for any surveys. I give up trying after getting the "sorry" message at least 6 times.

I'm signed up with another site and I don't qualify for surveys on their site either. It's probably because:
1. I've been unemployed for almost 5 years now.
2. My age (and that's probably why I'm still unemployed).
3. My income (and that's probably because of my unemployed status).
4. The profession I used to be in (never on the list).

So, I plod along doing what I can. I don't do tasks because I've had a lot of trouble with them in the past and lost my badges and I refuse to use Facebook just to do them.

As for offers, I had signed up with some survey sites a couple years ago so i can't do that here, either.

I don't quite understand the games yet, but the fewe I looked at, I won't do because I dont' want to download any programs.

I do wish there were other things I could do to earn money. Since signing up with CS (very new), I haven't even earned $1. Getting close, though. :)
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