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First Payment Finally Received Today » Post #1

Thu Mar 17, 2016 07:42 in Payment Proofs

Hopefully, I can now receive my payments through PayPal. The mail is sooooo slow if mailing from the east for the past few years taking anywhere from 4-10 days depending on where it's coming from, yet mail from the west coast takes, at the most, 4 days! Go figure!

Anyway, Thank you ClixSense! I get frustrated sometimes with the site, but the pluses outweigh the minuses. :clap:

Would you vote for Donald trump for President? » Post #100

Sun Mar 13, 2016 07:57 in General Talk

ProAdCo wrote:
NewWorldOrder wrote:
ProAdCo wrote:
davidbugs wrote: Donald Trump supporter having a great day today.

The #TrumpTrain is a force to be reckon with.

Donald Trump is a good guy, a lovable family man and shrewd business man . All politicians have skeleton in their cupboards. being good is not enough. in my humble opinion, we need a president who can liaise withSenate and accommodate their aspirations. otherwise lots of bills go unpassed and more government shutdowns . the upcoming US president should be able to catalyze the current global situations :DThought of the Day Hillary Clinton Black campaigns never work throughout the history .

You have it wrong on the Senate. The Senate is the problem. They work for Wall Street, lobbyists and special
interest groups.

The Senate needs to be Abolished and give the power back to the states.

You can thank Dirty Harry for the problems in the Senate blocking all Republican votes for 7 years unless they had an amendment attached to a bill Obama wanted. You can also blame Dirty Harry for the rule change forcing a 60-vote majority to pass any bill into law instead of the majority vote, period. I'm so glad he is retiring this year. He has done a lot of damage to Congress, but had the nerve to blame everything on the Republican party. if you follow votes, you would see how partisan they all are. Dems were afraid to vote bipartisan due to Dirty Harry "threats" because of the way he was the goal keeper for Obama.

Would you vote for Donald trump for President? » Post #99

Sun Mar 13, 2016 07:48 in General Talk

P.S. ProAdCo:
I have eyesight problems (cataracts) and couldn't figure out why the reply screen didn't come up. I hit 'Report' instead of 'Reply' by accident, so I apologize for that.

Would you vote for Donald trump for President? » Post #98

Sun Mar 13, 2016 07:46 in General Talk

Wrong ProAdCo. I don't watch Megyn Kelly. I did my own research on all the candidates. I have amassed more than 20 pages on his lawsuits by him or to him, his racism comments, his business failures (even though he claims they did not fail), and everything else i stated about him in my first post. All this was done over a period of a few months, not a day. I wish more people would do background checks on ALL the candidates running for the highest office in the land. Maybe sense would come back to this country.

Now that the protests are getting worse, I would add that to his claim to fame. He has been agitating the people through his negative comments like "punch him in the face," etc. One person did follow up on that the other day and now that man has been arrested for assault.

The protests are getting louder, yet he doesn't take any blame for it. He blames Bernie Sander "the Communist." It's not Bernie Sanders. It's his own racist remarks. Yesterday, a man jumped the barricade and almost got to him. Donald called him "a big, heavy brute and probably ISIS-related" and was very upset when he was arrested by then bailed out and again, started a rant because the guy is not in jail. I' saw the guy in the news and he certainly isn't a "big, heavy brute" and I doubt he's "ISIS-related."

I'm hoping people will wake up soon because if Trump is the nominee, Hillary will win. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Would you vote for Donald trump for President? » Post #52

Sat Mar 05, 2016 13:46 in General Talk

valerie wrote: This is the way I see it.....

I am for Trump. The reason why I am for Trump is because he is the lesser of the evils.

Rubio. Ok this guy doesn't even know if he is coming or going. It is true he seldom
appeared for the offices he so pretended to be interested in. He sold a house to a
banker for 3 times it's worth. Can you say free money? That's exactly what it was.
If anyone pulls a con, this kid does. Speaking of kid, he lacks experience.

Cruz. Not bad. This guy is smart, no doubt about it. He's an excellent speaker. Even
tho he reminds me of a young grandpa in the Munsters, he really does have a lot going
for him. If Trump wasn't running, and I haven't totally made up my mind yet, I'd have
to give my vote to this guy. However, I just can't see him doing well with other countries.

Kaisch. Ok, who wants a president that you have a difficult time pronouncing his name, and
never mind trying to spell it? Seriously, this guy should be in the running and he is. His
twitching makes me nervous.

Carson. Very intelligent man that really knows his stuff. What is his stuff? Surgery. A
nice, quiet, mild mannered intelligent guy. He did try to kill his grandmother and a best
friend, when he was a kid. Well, alrightie then.

TRUMP. A SEVENTY year old hard working big self centered business man with billions of
dollars. He is intimidating. He is spoiled. He has no reason to be in the running because
he has plenty of money and plenty to keep him busy work wise and fun wise. So WHY is
he running for president? Maybe it is because he really is sick and tired of what is happening
in Washington and to our country. He has children and grand children and maybe, just
maybe he is concerned about their future. Since he is so self centered maybe he wants to
do something truly great before his life is over. Maybe he wants to leave not just a legacy
of money to his family, but a legacy of being a great president of the USA. So sure, he
is not holy water but at this stage in the world, I think we need more than holy water.

KASICH: I like him. He's always been my first choice even though he doesn't stand a chance. read an article how he did not let the unions push him around. Even a union rep has endorsed him. He is sensible and down to earth. He's done it before (Congress) and knows how to balance a budget for a surplus.

CRUZ/RUBIO: I like both of them. The stuff Trump says about them is despicable.

TRUMP: I would NEVER vote for him and if he's the nominee, I'll either write in a name or not vote at all, and that would be a first. he's a con artist. He has had so many lawsuits against him, 21 in one year. His "best friend" is the courts because he sues more people than people sue him. George Soros has funded him in some real estate deals and has been a partner of his. In fact, he was indicted by the NY State Supreme Court for RICO act with Soros, Conseco, Deutsch Bank, and a couple other defendants. He also paid over $725,000 in another anti-trust lawsuit.

He's also a racist even though he says he isn't. He's trying to get the judge in the Trump U. suit In an interview with Chris Wallace he said, "I think the judge has been extremely hostile to me. I think it has to do with, perhaps with I'm very, very strong on the border — very, very strong on the border," Trump told Wallace.

"We have a very hostile judge. Now, he is Hispanic, I believe," he added. "And he is a very hostile judge to me."
Wallace seemed perplexed.

"Why even bring up that he's Hispanic? I mean, it does raise the question," he asked Trump.
Trump said he brought up the judge's ethnic background because the media reports on how Hispanic voters have an unfavorable opinion of his candidacy.

He also sued another family business who's last name is Trump because “The defendants are South Africans whose recent entrance in the New York area utilizing the name 'the Trump Group' can only be viewed as a poorly veiled attempt at trading on the goodwill, reputation and financial credibility of the plaintiff.”

Trump University still has 800 people in one class action suit and there is another class action suit out there. He lied in the debate the other night about getting an "A" rating from the BBB. There is NO rating according to the BBB because Trump U. is nonexistent now.

Lastly, he's a birther and a truther. He started the birth movement in 2007 with Obama and now he's done it with Cruz and Rubio, both citizens, without a doubt..

Clix Grid Win » Post #1

Wed Feb 24, 2016 06:38 in Your Stats

I won 10 cents in the Clix Grid.

Thank you, Clixsense! :D

Hashbrowns, Hashbrowns » Post #5

Wed Feb 24, 2016 06:03 in General Talk

Now you have me drooling but i need to stay away from taters. My 3 favorite foods besides steak and cheeseburgers is potatoes, pizza, and pasta. none of the 3 P's I should eat. :(

The first India American judge USA supreme court » Post #22

Wed Feb 17, 2016 07:01 in General Talk

davidbugs wrote: Is the white people afraid change to lose their power in the world. Now we have first Hispanic woman judge in Supreme Court. We are elect the first born immigrant India America judge.

Remember black can't ride a bus in 1960. Now we elect first black president in USA. We pass gay marriage.

Do you really know how things work? The people don't elect SCOTUS. The president nominates, Congress holds hearings, and then they vote to confirm or not to confirm the candidate.

Now, to answer your question, I don't care if the nominee is black, white, brown, yellow, blue, or purple. I care if that candidate is going to follow the Constitution and have the integrity to keep the laws of this country in their decisions. This is the way Justice Scalia decided cases and we need someone who will do the same.

Super Tuesday Primary Today Election? » Post #23

Mon Feb 15, 2016 06:25 in General Talk

Mommaco wrote:
tasman1 wrote: won primary ? what primary ? primary school ?

tasman, you have just described the mentality of the entire US government at this time. No, I take that back--primary (elementary school here in the States) school children are better behaved than our current congress, and if Trump gets elected we will be subjected to four years of the middle school bully throwing temper tantrums because someone might expect him to use his head for something other than a hat rack. At least with Sanders we have a chance that SOMEONE in the government might remember that we used to have a middle class and we once had rights other than what the big corporations have decreed.

Oops! I clicked on "like" before I read your comment about Bernie. He's certainly better than the baggage Clinton carries but his plans will never pan out. CBO states his plans will double the spending. We just can't afford him. What has to happen is Citizens United has to be repealed. I haven't heard anyone say that, have you?

Whatever happened to Obama's plan to block the lobbyists from influencing Congress? Never happened because he got greedy, too, and his inexperience was the biggest flaw.

Now Trump jumps in and decides he's going to be president using the SAME arguments as Obama. No thanks; 8 years of inexperience and dividing this country while making enemies of our allies and allies of our enemies is enough! We don't need another egotistical racist running this country.

Super Tuesday Primary Today Election? » Post #22

Mon Feb 15, 2016 06:15 in General Talk

davidbugs wrote: Donald trump debate is disaster this Saturday. How can he win the election. He continue insult other minority, woman, elderly. He is going lose a lot of votes. He been attacking each of his rivals.

We might elect Bloomberg our next president of USA.

Wishful thinking. He's a celebrity. People think celebrities are smart, but most celebrities don't have anything going for them except their egos, thinking they're the best and the brightest this world has to offer. It's called the Hollyweird syndrome. The smart celebrities keep their politics to themselves so they can survive in the world of false reality.

Super Tuesday Primary Today Election? » Post #21

Mon Feb 15, 2016 06:09 in General Talk

valerie wrote: I dont base my vote on gender or color.

I agree 100% with you but I would add, i don't vote straight party either. I vote for the one who will be the best one FOR THE COUNTRY AND THE PEOPLE, not party. in my 35 years of voting, I think I only voted straight party only twice because i felt those candidates were the best.

Voting is a privilege and a responsibility not to be taken lightly. Being informed is the key to knowing who the candidates are and what they stand for, but there are a lot of misinformed and/or uninformed voters out there who will chose a candidate based on how often they appear on the media circuit. Those people, in my opinion, need to stop the name calling and talking points of the media and do their own research.

Age Group Survey » Post #34

Sun Feb 07, 2016 08:20 in General Talk

Nah, you're not the oldest one here but I won't tell ya my age after just celebrating another one 2 months ago. :)

This year so far 2016 » Post #7

Sun Feb 07, 2016 08:16 in General Talk

Too soon to tell. I am remembering to come here almost every day, so that's a plus. :)

Won 10$ in Clixgrid! » Post #5

Fri Jan 22, 2016 11:19 in General Talk


Can you tell me how long it took (days, weeks, etc.) to get that $10? :D

I've gotten a couple 10 cent wins and a couple extra clixs but never won the good stuff....of course I was born under a "black cloud," Murphy's Law, and if I "didn't have bad luck, I'd have no luck at all" type of luck. :D

Is Clixsense the real deal or what? » Post #4

Sun Nov 22, 2015 15:46 in General Talk

I like it, even though I don't earn a lot. In fact, not much at all. I can't remember to get on her every day and only have limited time to do things when I do sign in. I rarely qualify for surveys, too, usually because of my age. I do like viewing the ads, the Clix grid, and the offers and try to do as many offers as I can in the little time I have when I get on here. But I keep trying.

Once you get the hang of it, I'm sure you'll like it, too. It just takes time to get to know what you can and can't do. I won't do any offer that you need a credit card because I really don't have one - it's for emergencies only.

Won 5 extra grid clicks today » Post #1

Mon Jul 13, 2015 08:49 in Your Stats

Last week, I won $1 on the clix grid and I think since I signed up, I won 10 cents twice. Those wins make me happy.

The extra grid clicks are okay, too. I think this is the 3rd time I won extra clicks.

What kind of ClixSenser are you? » Post #3

Mon Jul 13, 2015 08:36 in General Talk

I'm trying to save a certain amount and keeping it here doesn't allow me to spend it and I will cash out if I ever need the cash before I reach that certain amount. Granted I haven't earned a lot of $$ because I'm restricted in things I can do. I never qualify for surveys - I swear they're discriminating against me because of my age and gender. :lol:

I don't do tasks, either, because I won't go through Facebook. They made me mad anyway over 2 years ago when they changed "badge" qualifications and took my badges away after I had done so many tasks. Their team also grades the answers on the mood they're in...IOW, it's at THEIR discretion if an answer is right or wrong and they had, at times, marked my answers wrong when they were correct. So, I kicked them off my list of fun things to do. :)

So I keep plodding along doing what I know I can do.

Monday » Post #32

Wed Jul 08, 2015 07:55 in General Talk

BouldRake wrote: Where I come from we speak a language that's half English, half Old-Norse. Technically, it's a dialect, but it's different enough from standard English that I have to consciously switch when I'm talking to somebody from a different part of the UK.

Sadly, it's dying out, and the bigger the cities get, the weaker the dialect gets, but there's still a little bit of Denmark everywhere, thanks to those Vikings.

May I suggest you try to keep the language alive somehow? Here in PA Dutch a/k/a PA German, the language has almost disappeared. There is an old professor that is trying to keep it alive and I would love to learn the language since my father spoke it, but I can't get to the classes because they're held in the winter 40 miles away in a mountain town that gets snow when no one else does. :)

I bought some "German records to learn but the only "record player" we have is in the garage and I don't get up there because of the hill. I can't walk on uneven surfaces, which means no hill, no ramps, no yards, etc. :(

Monday » Post #31

Wed Jul 08, 2015 07:44 in General Talk

AlienMommy wrote:
Micshad wrote: Believe it or not, I don't like the weekends that much since I don't get to go anywhere or do anything. There's never anything on TV from Friday to Monday night. All garbage. :thumbdown:

Hey there! Here's a suggestion.

My hubby and I have been getting some vids each weekend from RedBox (most we paid in total per time was $3.23 for 2 or 3). We've been catching up on all the movies we refuse to spend our entire paycheck for when they first come out. LOL

Every spring, we roll up all the change we've saved during the year and take it to bank, and only use that amount. Works out nicely for our movie time.

We rent our movies, fix up some chili or burgers or tuna sandwiches, throw popcorn in the microwave, grab some rootbeers, snuggle up on the couch and have dinner and a movie night. It's fun, gets us away from compies, and we usually can get our must do's and need to do's discussed along the way.

Grab some friends, or loved ones, y'all pitch in on the weekend, and have a little fun. It really doesn't cost too much.

I also started catching up with some of my latchhook projects waiting for new season shows.

LOL as far as Mondays go......ehe. They were worse when I worked full time, and now they're just another day. Hubby likes them because he's off work on Tuesday and Wednesday (his fishing traffic). And I'm happy because my TNT shows are starting back on Mondays and Fridays are Battleship and Falling Skies. ;)

I love movies but hubby doesn't. He's a reality show guy. With one TV, for some reason, I usually let him have the choice. I guess it's because he's forever tinkering in the garage making something so he doesn't have to buy it, that I feel he deserves programming choices. Anyway, Ever since Comcast hooked up their box and the DVD/tape player, it never worked right and I'm not smart enough to do it anymore.

I guess I'm nuts! :D

Monday » Post #3

Mon Jul 06, 2015 10:42 in General Talk

Believe it or not, I don't like the weekends that much since I don't get to go anywhere or do anything. There's never anything on TV from Friday to Monday night. All garbage. :thumbdown:
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