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Chit Chat, Poems, Jokes & Cakes » Post #326

Tue Dec 15, 2015 15:35 in General Talk

yeah... some time ago I watch the document about 'planned obsolescence'... it is really sad, isn't it?

Chit Chat, Poems, Jokes & Cakes » Post #321

Tue Dec 15, 2015 10:29 in General Talk

maybe to much child ;)... but oh well... why not :lol:
but like all things this also have some cons... because I can't stand normal work ;)... I'm doing some freelance stuff + tasks etc... I often travel between two cities... so I need that mobility... laptop + kindle... I like to travel light:lol: Idioms in movies: Travel light ("The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring";) - YouTube

you know it's really hard to pick up a laptop ;) it's like you're saying... all have some cons and pros... and really first I was checking hardware... like for example i5HQ I wanted skylake because i5 have 4 threads in this one (all previous i5 was only 2 threads... even M or H or whatever ;)).

i know that HP has IPS also... like some dell/asus/lenovo (in that price range)... all have almost same build with i5HQ... IPS and most 960m... some have better display quality... some have better case build... better speakers... keyboard etc... but also after reading review... someone like what someone else disliked... so it's even more hard to pick...
but at least my choice is not only a look... but that look is mmm... a nice addition to overall... and yeah... sometimes cheap laptop can run 5 years and super pro whatever can break...

hey I remeber to check other topics on tasks forum... but I'm going home tomorow. so I have some packing and stuff... but I'll check them soon (not soon by blizzard :) )

and omg sorry but my english suck today really hard... it's always like that when I'm not speaking often... even when I'm playing or watch in english nonstop and I really understand all my speaking/writing is so pure it's just sad ;)

and omg... yes ofc... coffee with chocolate cake anytime in this this universe :)

Chit Chat, Poems, Jokes & Cakes » Post #319

Tue Dec 15, 2015 08:06 in General Talk

Foreverrr wrote:

First of all, are you really a girl? If yes, hats off, you really have some decent knowledge...

omg when I was finishing with my post (wall of text) power went down... just my luck ;)

I always giggle when I hear something like that... games are my passion... and I started with c-64... so I'm more in my 30 then 20 *cough* so not a girl but old hag:)
when I'm going home I still like to run with my sister in toy store fighting with lighsaber for example :D

I read really alot about laptops... brands... etc... to be honest I just bough lenovo for my parents ;) but still with cheap models you can break any I think ;)... and I also read some ppl that for internet you need i3U because any less will just be bad...
well I read some reviews and I ended with intel celeron 4gb ram and some Intel HD Graphics... first I did was reinstall system with win 10 (clearing system from "trash" programs ;))... and I must say its running really nice... I can have open alot of tabs with YT etc... I can display 1080p movies on tv (and some 10-16gb mkv files)... and even I played wow on low settings on it ;) well I Am aware that hinges can break in cheap models... but it will be only use in home ( well and I bough it already)... and if it will handle 2 years it's will be good... I think they could buy something better in 2-3 years..
(but It make my giggle when ppl say you need i3u for internet... or someone buying 16gb ram to "speed" comp :) )

I really hear you... though I can't find much info on that Pavilion... I know vn7-592g with i7 got 4gb on gpu... I don't know if i5 have only 2gb though or if you can choose... I must say I really like that acer... i know look should be some second stuff... but it's not only that... that IPS display is really nice also.. some nice speakers and good keyboard (and black design with red glow is nice :kitty: )... and that nitro black edition is really not so bad when I read tons of reviews... I know dell have some nice laptops and service also... but I just can't find one to fit my all whims (I don't know if it's correct word for that;)) and I really know what cons it have... but what I can say... it's like I just want that one really badly ;)
to bad sony abadon laptop devision... I really like sony ;)
for other brands I just can't tell... I bough like 2 years ago some asus memo pad hd 7 (also for my parents) and it's really nice (some good IPS display and it's working really nice) some of my firends say asus is nice lenovo ble... other that hp is bleee and dell is pro... some sayed buy apple... and I was like WTF (I just hate apple with passion lol)... so I was like... ok I will do it myself... I learned about difrence with U, HQ, mobile gpu... well some say apple are best... and I just disagree ;)

that Pavilion is nice... but have some bulky design (to bad that starwars edition dont have better builds... I just love that rusty/cracked look... and still acer have better ram on gpu and normally... and hey I read some ppl have bad luck like yourself with every brand... but still I will considers some options... but that acer... is like love at the first sight 8-)

Chit Chat, Poems, Jokes & Cakes » Post #316

Mon Dec 14, 2015 14:53 in General Talk

Foreverrr wrote:

What laptop did you choose? Or what budget do you have? I may give you some advice if you want :)

well I wanted someting with i5-6300hq 8gb ram 960m... IPS fhd two disc inside ssd (m.2) and normal... 15,6"

I normally gaming on console... but sometimes I game also on pc... so I think 960m should be enough (mostly wow/sc2/d3) but sometimes maybe something like new tomb raider or witcher 3 (with hight/medium maybe 720p) when I'm on move 8-) ... thats why I also need IPS... for digital art and some 2d graphic (in home I got IPS monitor)

my choose is acer vn7-592g... I really like design... simple and it's thinner than for example y700 or ASUS GL552VW... I don't like that fancy gaming look ;)

I think i5 will just fit my needs... I will never use potency of i7... thats why I prefer to invest in some ssd... maybe SSD Samsung 950 Pro 256gb (m.2)

so it will be like laptop + ssd... vn7-592g (i5) is aroung 1k euro + ssd is like (180 euro here)

I know it have some cons (vn7-592g)... like battery life for example... but I just need to move it from one place to another... thats why I need something mobile...

Chit Chat, Poems, Jokes & Cakes » Post #314

Mon Dec 14, 2015 14:14 in General Talk

Foreverrr wrote:

:( I like the way you are expressing your thoughts and I could say I like the way you see things, not seeing you posting it's making me :( Not that much but it's like the forums are emptier without your posts :)

I liked your post from Polish section, glad to see you realized that ;)

Anyway, you should post here more often, your truly fan, Foreverrr.

sorry... I'm in condition "busy doing nothing ;)" I was spending some time with my beloved ps3 and ps4 8-) I'm also trying to choose a laptop because I need something mobile ;) ofc when I chose one it's not on sale right now with specific I want... ohh well... ;)

and omg on this apple pie... me want some also :)

Chit Chat, Poems, Jokes & Cakes » Post #277

Tue Dec 01, 2015 14:37 in General Talk

I will use this one for little chit chat... yes I'm still here Foreverrr... I just don't feel like posting much on tasks forum ;) just ppl angry me so much lately I will not post what I wanted to say :silent: ;)

I'm enjoying cfelite... no rush... etc... if you know what I mean ;)

and omg I have enough of that Businesses tasks again 8-)

I must say now with that extension to rainforest I'm earning more tasks then before... and I don't have problems like others... only "oops"... sometimes app error... but overall it's really nice;)

Task Alert! » Post #1498

Mon Nov 30, 2015 11:42 in Polish

ta przenioslam sie na ten CFelite... jednak tam wychodze bardziej na plus;) jednak jest to odczuwalne (szczegolnie przy rainforest)... a chyba wiekszosc ludzi nawet nie wie ze clixsence im zabiera te 30%... nawet jak oddaje w jakis bonusach 26% to jednak nie jest to 26% ze 100 a z 70... chyba nawet 20$ z Weekly Contest nie pokrywa tego... wiec te bonusy to taka sciema trocha... a ludzie sie ciesza jak dzieci ;)

no ja tam wole wiecej kasy niz byc w pierwszej dziesiatece... plus juz nie ma takiego parcia ze musisz jeszcze robic bo spadniesz albo cos... a i tak wychodze na wiekszym plusie... nie trzeba tez klikac w te pierdoly zeby nie stracic daily bonusy ;)

the wolf among us tez byl fajny... oczywiscie te wybory to takie troche "oszukiwanie" ze ma sie jakis wybor... ale gralo sie dosc fajnie... ;)

Chit Chat, Poems, Jokes & Cakes » Post #274

Sat Nov 21, 2015 06:29 in General Talk

yeah... I was baking chocolate cake yesterday at 23... ;) and eating hot almost at midnight with strawberry jam ;) :kitty:

I also hope your things will improve... although I know sometimes it's just not possible... but still... crossing fingers

Chit Chat, Poems, Jokes & Cakes » Post #268

Fri Nov 20, 2015 12:23 in General Talk

it's sooo slow... and on my list there is like 111 tasks... and I don't have any work on... it's so frustrating...

I just need my chocolate... because seriously I will throw my comp and bite my keyboard from anger ;)

now I seriously missing that Identify Recommended Businesses......

Ankiety » Post #2954

Fri Nov 20, 2015 11:26 in Polish

elpolaco wrote: Zaproszenie do ankiety za dolara z polskiego instytu badawczego, ostatnie pytanie w ankiecie, podałem kod i co się pokazuje? Bierzemy opinię, ale hajsu nie damy, SPIER%$^J :D Poziom Samplico :)

tak samo :?

Chit Chat, Poems, Jokes & Cakes » Post #263

Thu Nov 19, 2015 12:20 in General Talk

cookin2 wrote:

I quickly looked for it, it's hiding somewhere :lol: I promise that I'll look more and get it to you!

I saw an advertisement on TV for pumpkin flavored pumpkin spiced Coffeemate. I want to try it! Don't know if they have it where you are. Might be too much pumpkin anyway - pumpkin coffee cake with pumpkin spiced coffee :shock:
nah... it's like chocolate cake with chocolate pieces and with chocolate cream (maybe with some rum flavor) with some black coffee... ahhhhhh :kitty:

and yeah... task forum is somehow depressing now... it's like people only jump with some "whaaaaa whaaaaaaaaaa whaaaaaaa"

TASKS jak zrobić 70% » Post #14

Wed Nov 18, 2015 16:55 in Polish

elpolaco wrote:

I jeżeli jeszcze będę Cię na CF lubić :) Ja mam 78% 150 różnych ID oraz ponad 1000 zrobionych stron a levelu nie dadzą " bo czegoś mi brakuje" :D

jesli masz ten komunikat:

'Something else is preventing you from reaching the next level'

to znaczy ze byles wydalony (expelled) z duzej ilosci taskow w malym przedziale czasowym... lekarstwem na to jest robienie teraz taskow najlepiej na 100%... dobrze by bylo nawet zostawiac w tescie (te ktore sie zaliczaja do accuracy) mysle ze jak bys zrobil kilka (kilkanascie) tak pod rzad i nie mial w zadnym expelled to powinno ci podbic lvl...

TASKS jak zrobić 70% » Post #11

Wed Nov 18, 2015 15:14 in Polish

janekowal wrote: Hej, mam pytanie. Żeby wbić chociaż ten 1lvl trzeba mieć 5 zadań kompletnych(jest zadanie i trzeba zrobić je do końca - np. 50 razy), czy może wystarczy porobić po jednym zadaniu?(1/50)

wystarczy nawet sam test... byle by bylo 5 roznych ID... a 100 mozesz zrobic w jednym albo w kilku:

5 roznych ID
100 zrobionych stron
70% trafnosci

jesli po tym bedziesz miec ponad 85% trafnosci to wskoczysz od razu na lvl3

Task Alert! » Post #1495

Wed Nov 18, 2015 03:23 in Polish

ale tak sie zastanawiam... clixsense zabiera 30% (np jak robie teraz ciagle tego taska jednego tu jest za 0,07 a na CFelite za 0,10) jesli nawet doliczyc te bonusy 5$ za 50, bonus dzienny... i ten bonus tygodniowy (przewaznie 2-5$) to to wychodzi mniej jak robienie na elite bez zadnych bonusow... wczoraj np tu juz otworzylam taska za 0,35 (zrobione 16 stron) a tam byl za 0,50... oczywiscie jak ktos zgarnia pierwsze 2 miejsca to i sie oplaca tu...

no ale i tak musze poczekac na nowe ID bo nie moge nic odpalic z tego co robie na elite ;) i musze zrobic porzadniejsze obliczenia... ale na tym tasku wychodzi ze trace nawet z bonusami ;)

Chit Chat, Poems, Jokes & Cakes » Post #256

Mon Nov 16, 2015 13:55 in General Talk

cookin2 wrote:
Cakeisalie - I'll post the pumpkin coffee cake recipe if you'd like, it's soooo good :thumbup:

like you need to ask ;)

coffee and pumpkin cake.... with cup of coffee :kitty:

Zmiany w wypłatach clixsense » Post #23

Mon Nov 16, 2015 12:19 in Polish

joanna252 wrote: To co oznacza zapis "PayPal (Rest of the World) $6.00 $8.00 2% up to $20 On Wednesdays ³" O co chodzi z tymi 2% up to $20?

do 20$ maja tylko ci z USA i Kanady chyba... reszta ma 2% od kazdej kwoty

What music/song are you listening now? » Post #893

Mon Nov 16, 2015 12:17 in General Talk

Cowboy Bebop- Blue (Full) - YouTube

this one is on my mind lately...

see you space cowboy... ...

Quote of the day » Post #2114

Sun Nov 15, 2015 15:11 in General Talk

We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.

Benjamin Franklin

Chit Chat, Poems, Jokes & Cakes » Post #250

Sun Nov 15, 2015 14:07 in General Talk

cookin2 wrote: I've made pumpkin coffee cake

omg omg omg... pumpkin coffee cake... me want :twisted:

yeah here in Poland we also didn't eat pumpkins... it's great that changed... because I love them... I just need to try your rec... it's seems quite simple... I just only need small modification for vegan version;)

but that pumpkin coffee cake will hunt me for days now ;)

Chit Chat, Poems, Jokes & Cakes » Post #247

Sun Nov 15, 2015 12:27 in General Talk

MdRafique182014 wrote: @cakeisalie you user name is Cakeisalie ,, cake :lol: do you really like to cook cake or eat :lol: lol

like I posted before... I can even spoil instant pudding ;)

I'm great at eating cakes... i really am :lol: but my nick refers to portal (game ;))
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