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No Joke , WW3 IN PREPARATION ...tasmaan1 » Post #3

Sat Jan 04, 2020 17:57 in General Talk

It is necessary that every generation should know the experience of world wars. This generation has not yet witnessed. So there is a chance for that to occur. That is the mystery behind fate which science cannot explain.What you have said cannot be abandoned as a joke. I agree to that point

how is your new year here » Post #3

Sat Jan 04, 2020 07:51 in General Talk

01/01/20 0$
02/01/20 2.08$
03/01/20 1.54$
04/01/20 0.98$

Very good day - 03.01.2020 » Post #4

Sat Jan 04, 2020 07:49 in Success Stories

Very good performance. Congratulation

Today Earn , 1/3 of one banana ....tasman1 » Post #7

Sat Jan 04, 2020 07:48 in Success Stories

Tasman you always earn full banana so you should also know the taste of one third banana .So no worry .your full banana is waiting for you

I Ate BlackEyed Peas New Years Day » Post #9

Sat Jan 04, 2020 07:43 in Success Stories

Wow!what an amazing performance.Big big big........ big congratulation

Very low earning today........tasman1 » Post #2

Fri Jan 03, 2020 04:03 in Success Stories

Congratulation on your good start

Another Bad day - $0.34 » Post #5

Fri Jan 03, 2020 04:01 in Success Stories

For me
01/01'20 0$
02/01/'20 2.07$

31/12/2019 - $5.27 + 5 months stats here + rant! » Post #12

Thu Jan 02, 2020 22:46 in Success Stories

Thank you Darkstar2.Now I remember a yoursurvey of the same amount completed at the start of my y sense days ,but was not credited. It is the same survey that is credited . Very happy for your valid information

31/12/2019 - $5.27 + 5 months stats here + rant! » Post #9

Thu Jan 02, 2020 07:37 in Success Stories

Dear Darkstar2,
Today I was credited 1.13$ for a survey named P2 sample85026651 which I did not completeor remember havin g taken earlier .Why was I credited?is it legal?will that amount be reversed ?any way with that survey my earnings today mounted to 1.74$having done only 2theorem reach surveys .

31/12/2019 - $5.27 + 5 months stats here + rant! » Post #7

Wed Jan 01, 2020 23:50 in Success Stories

ok now I understand your woes .I am unaware of clicksense .May this site also be good

4.84 for first day of 2020 .......tasman1 » Post #3

Wed Jan 01, 2020 23:43 in Success Stories

Wonderful .Nice start of 2020

31/12/2019 - $5.27 + 5 months stats here + rant! » Post #5

Wed Jan 01, 2020 20:57 in Success Stories

Darkstar2 you are earning very well here more than even tasman1 the happiest and humorous person here.But you are still not happy .Think of we people wbo earn one fourth of what you earn but still happy.Sorry if I have said something's wrong..I am feeling much respect towards you on seeing your earnings.I cannot reach to that point ,never.On seeing your previous posts I thought your earnings were very low but according to me you are the hero of y sense

unfortunately fortunate of last day(s) » Post #4

Wed Jan 01, 2020 17:57 in Success Stories

Yes last day of 2019 was fortunate giving2.5$but starting day of 2020 is very unfortunate with not even a single survey .Earnings on First day of the year= 0$ feeling depressed on that :x

December my best month in ySense thus far! » Post #5

Wed Jan 01, 2020 17:51 in Success Stories

What a steady performance .congratulation on your bezt performance :thumbup:

Survey after completion redirected to wrong site. » Post #8

Wed Jan 01, 2020 17:08 in General Talk

No problem with the second survey. I completed it successfully and was credited 0.72$instead of 0.73$. I did receive the first one but did not qualify

End result 2019 » Post #4

Wed Jan 01, 2020 05:53 in Success Stories

For me also better month 48$

Happy 2020 » Post #7

Wed Jan 01, 2020 05:50 in General Talk

Happy twenty twenty(2020) to all .Let the year be filled with joy and prosperity to all

Conclusion for 2019 and 2020.......tasman1 » Post #3

Wed Jan 01, 2020 05:48 in General Talk

Ecactly 2020 onwards female dominated world begins .Now males will be in chans. You can see that in every field females are performing better than males .

not good, but nice compared to the previous month » Post #4

Tue Dec 31, 2019 08:13 in Success Stories

Happy 2020 to all members :thumbup:

not good, but nice compared to the previous month » Post #2

Tue Dec 31, 2019 07:30 in Success Stories

My destination is more than100$ next month as I scored 83$ in 2 months
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