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796 PTC Ads Today » Post #47

Sun Apr 10, 2016 19:18 in General Talk

ProAdCo wrote:
My checklists bonus


That bonus gave a boost and .08 cents shy to the next whole dollar. :clap:

Very cool Proadco :thumbup:

I should move to the states right away.

Wanna hear my record?? Get ready to be blasted away.

4 standard ads, 1 extended, 32 sticky and 6 micro :D

Too late. You missed it. It got edited » Post #6

Sun Apr 10, 2016 19:07 in General Talk

ProAdCo wrote:
Here are the type people that votes for Hillary or Bernie

They don't care rather Hillary or Bernie, just who ever going to give away the most

Admin Edit - This image is not appropriate

He still needs a fork and a spoon :lol:

Let Women Rule The World » Post #16

Sun Apr 10, 2016 18:52 in General Talk

errr no thanks Tasman1

Men as breeding machines,I'll rather live in a society with equal rights for both genders.

796 PTC Ads Today » Post #2

Sat Apr 09, 2016 19:15 in General Talk

Hi Proadco.

How many standard and extended ads do you usually get over there??

Hacker tried to scam me by phone today! » Post #14

Sat Apr 09, 2016 19:08 in General Talk

These scam phone calls rarely happens over here,Instead were getting a lot of scam sms's on our smartphones.

Yesterday i got the message,Your bank has noticed some unusally activity on your account,Please follow this link or your account will be closed and your money forfeit, Best regards from Danske bank :lol: Come on "Best regards" are you f...... kidding me. Besides that my bank is Nordea :mrgreen:

And today again sigh!! From Postnord "Your package has arrived,Please follow this link for tracking" Both url's ends with .apk and it will certainly try to install something nasty on your smartphone.

Yes!! we might laugh at this,But unfortunately many elder people fall for these fraud attempts as more and more of our society get's digitalized.

Let Women Rule The World » Post #11

Sat Apr 09, 2016 19:00 in General Talk

Let the women rule nooooooo

I can't afford a tax of 70%

All these strong world leaders have wifes too you know,Yeah it might seem like they're making all the important decisions on the outside,But it's all decided by their wifes by breakfast :mrgreen:

Hacker tried to scam me by phone today! » Post #8

Tue Apr 05, 2016 14:44 in General Talk

hansgruber wrote: Fonejacker - Mobile Network Providings - YouTube

one of the best british comedy tv shows ever (imo)

Ha ha ha ha Priceless,Great brittish humour :thumbup:

Hacker tried to scam me by phone today! » Post #6

Tue Apr 05, 2016 08:45 in General Talk

Ha ha ha ha :lol:

These scams are so old that only my father could fall for them.

And yes!!! The poor guy is still using Internet explorer.

We as a society is responsible for helping people like him, sigh!! so sad so sad.

Sorry gotta run,Need to verify my Paypal account again :mrgreen:

Slowest way to earn » Post #3

Mon Apr 04, 2016 11:41 in General Talk

Marcel666 wrote: What makes me laugh,how long are you a member..8 days?

You do know money doesn't grow on trees..right?

:cry: :cry: :cry: So that's why mine are only growing apples.

Us Election Campaign » Post #18

Mon Apr 04, 2016 10:15 in General Talk

ProAdCo wrote:
If Socialism is so great. Why are the people in Venezuela having so many problems.

Where is all the money?

Why is their no food in the grocery stores?

Why are the people in the streets protesting if Socialism is the key to prosperity for everyone

Socialism works till all the money has been harvested from the people.

It's not real socialism.

If a country's economy is in bad shape it will turn into Communism.

Socialism only works with taxes as high as 40% or more (Yes i'm not kidding) :mrgreen:

according to Pastor Salazar? » Post #3

Mon Apr 04, 2016 09:56 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: So what is in store for us, according to Pastor Salazar?

•Europe will close its borders to refugees, followed by other countries, including the US, where martial law will begin

•Spring 2016: China will attack Japan

•April 2016: A star will become visible, getting bigger every night, before Russia confirms an asteroid is coming

•May 15 to 17 2016: At 2.20am local time Puerto Rico time off the coast, a 5.6mile asteroid will impact. It will cause earthquakes across the world and tsunamis with initially 1.2billion deaths before the figure rises

•Shortly after: Volcanoes across the globe, including Yellowstone, in the USA, will erupt, sending up ash that will block out the sun and cause a year-long ice age and a large chunk of California to disappear

•June 16 2016: World war III breaks out when Russia and China attack a heavily weakened US

•October 25 2016: The Russia/China alliance wins WWIII

•March 2017: The Chinese Yen becomes the new global currency

•Late 2018/early 2019: Russia attacks Israel

•2020: The Antichrist arrives on Earth and rules over us all

Hmm,It could have been worse.

Like Hillary becoming president :mrgreen:

Would be nice if he could squeeze in1 or 2 alien invasions as well, Those are my favourites :thumbup:

Lawmakers demand dealth penalty for all gay people » Post #24

Fri Apr 01, 2016 06:08 in General Talk

But being lesbian is OK or what!!!!

Could a Robot Run For President in 2020? » Post #2

Fri Apr 01, 2016 05:41 in General Talk

No no no, That would never work.

All the most important trait's like : Cheating,Lying,Manipulating,Doublecrossing,Greed,Self obsession,Dishonesty,Flying on 1st class (Paid by Tax-payers),Buying expensive shoes worth at least 400$ (also funded by tax of course!) Would be completely lost.

This is what our Prime-minister defended himself with,After stripping thousands of Multi-millionaire wealthfare refugees of all their valuables at the Danish border.

Only Very Stupid ??? here » Post #18

Wed Mar 23, 2016 10:09 in General Talk

Turn off Windows.

Switch to Linux :D

Bad post , Do Not Open » Post #3

Tue Mar 08, 2016 17:10 in General Talk

Feeling a bit bored Tasman1 :lol:

Happy Woman's Day » Post #9

Tue Mar 08, 2016 05:54 in General Talk

BouldRake wrote: 19th November.

Men in Denmark formed a group which planned to hold their own International Men's Day celebration on 19 November 2010. The group's spokesman Martin Pavón said that IMD is not a political counterpart of Women's Day, nor in opposition to women. He stated, "We want to take this opportunity to promote everyday ordinary men who live clean and honest lives and contribute positively to society.

ZZZzzzzzzzz I'll rather watch soccer :mrgreen:

Would you vote for Donald trump for President? » Post #67

Tue Mar 08, 2016 05:33 in General Talk

Vote for trump now before it's to late :lol:

Would you vote for Donald trump for President? » Post #66

Tue Mar 08, 2016 04:54 in General Talk

charez wrote: davidbugs is a brainwashed product from the media industry, he buy all theirs merchandises, also pre order. :lol: :lol:

and since he loves Fox news, this is perfect :lol:

Fox news is great news.

It's even better than going to a circus.

64 candles » Post #4

Sat Mar 05, 2016 08:27 in General Talk

Then you won't have to blow out 65 next time, Saves you the trouble.

Nah just kidding !!! Happy Birthday and don't eat too much smørgåsen :D

Has Anyone Noticed? » Post #3

Thu Mar 03, 2016 12:16 in General Talk

In my balance there's a glimmer of gold every time it's raised,And you can see the numbers change.

Yes pretty cool :D
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