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Posts by Nikorj

Birthday wishes. » Post #3

Thu Sep 06, 2018 08:59 in General Talk

Happy birthday Dutch1898 :thumbup:

Will technology rule the world » Post #8

Tue Sep 04, 2018 04:55 in General Talk

NO!! i don't buy into that people are inherently evil, But selfish oh yeah! which could be considered the same thing in a lot of situations. If people wer'e inherently evil the world would have ceased to exist long long ago.

But selfishness sadly makes up for many things gone wrong in this world and people get's too often consumed in their own greed and completely loose focus (Studies show that when you gain power and control over others you're way more likely to develop narcissistic traits).

There's actually nothing wrong with capitalism in general as it provides wealth and "can" fund the wealthfare of the people, Problem is when it starts to turn to greed which often (Sadly) happens when it's unregulated and given free access to develope on it's own.

Take Amazon's owner Jeff bezos as an example, This guy is so rich that you can't even in your wildest dreams imagine how much money he has, And still his employees works for slave-wages that would make any Danish union run away screaming (This is a perfect example of selfishness or greed if you like) The American tax system even benefits people like him.

We need to invent pills to remove selfishness in all humans, I wonder how the world would be then :lol: :lol: :lol:

Oh joy!! people will be singing and dancing and as soon as you open your front door you'll be attacked by horny blond women, And having "sex" less than 10 times a day would be considered a serious crime (Damn it was only dream) :D

Pick what you like » Post #3

Sun Sep 02, 2018 02:59 in General Talk


Nice choices.

Uhhh can't decide which one i'm going with.

Why , part 4 ....tasman1 » Post #6

Sun Aug 26, 2018 03:29 in General Talk

Of course my statement about Denmark being like venezuela is a bit sarcastic :mrgreen: , But even i have to admit that something is about to go wrong in our capitalistic societys.

yesterday i read an article that our government is planning to install a digital reader on al El-cabinets belonging to people on social wealthfare to track their use of electricity. The idea here is too see any unusual activity in their use of electricity to judge whether they're home or not, When you receive social wealthfare in Denmark you are not allowed to travel outside the country or far away from your community(unless you report it) because you have to be nearby in case a job is found for you.

But this is only one of the initiatives taken to prevent fraud with our tax money, Another one is a special task force inserted in Kastrup airport(Copenhagen) to catch more of all those that lives in another country or takes vacation(without reporting it) And then only comes home to collect their benefits All this
will only apply to people on social benefits and retirement pension, And my god i don't hope this is going through (Talk about state surveillance).

Of course you should uphold the law and not cheat, But this smells more like our government is trying to make a statement that depict a picture that people on social benefits are more likely to cheat, I've been thinking about this a lot and i can't believe this has been suggested from our politicians (Only 2 parties are against it) :oops:

Until now this initiativ has been funded with 2.2 million Kr and so far it has brought in about 1.2 million kr (WOW), All this for peanuts.

But what about the 12 billion that the Danish tax system was swindled for by foreigners, And what about our national bank that (Again) was caught in whitewashing of money. It's very very quiet.

And even then, our politicians are wondering why our trust in them is lower than used car dealers.

Creator mistake and fur ......tasman1 » Post #5

Thu Aug 23, 2018 11:21 in General Talk

I thought we wer'e past all that.

And yeah! we took a few things and that is that, It was the mushrooms fault (sorry).

Creator mistake and fur ......tasman1 » Post #3

Thu Aug 23, 2018 09:21 in General Talk

I don't believe that people are either good or evil, Often i think it's our society's and surroundings that forms who we are or how we handle things.

If we look at school-shootings i can't think of a single case that ever happened in Denmark(Not even 1), Of course it dosn't mean that there are no nut-cases over here as well.

“Rocket” Madsen formally charged with murder of Kim Wall aboard sub | Ars Technica

What a lovely guy :shock:

Why , part 4 ....tasman1 » Post #2

Tue Aug 21, 2018 04:09 in General Talk

And the rights to get treated, Even if you can't afford it (It should be mandatory for everyone).

Greetings from Denmark (a Venezuelan hellhole).

hungry thieves stole $100,000 worth of ramen in a » Post #5

Sat Aug 18, 2018 04:04 in General Talk

Isn't he a millionaire of some sort?

Members from Scandinavian Region » Post #10

Tue Aug 14, 2018 04:15 in General Talk

I really think you should visit Denmark.

There's really nothing to see, But the beer is good :thumbup:

And instead of the northern light you could see "The Little Mermaid" It's always there.

I don't know why?, But Asian tourists goes absolutely bonkers when they see the statue (it's good for the economy).

Frozen in Permafrost land ....tasman1 » Post #19

Sun Aug 12, 2018 11:42 in General Talk

'you can take a city person to the country but
you can't take a country person to the city'.

That's a good quote, But i don't think it can be used in Denmark as everyone seems to flee from the countryside and gets
cluttered up in the few big (Danish standard) cities we have, About 1/5 of the Danish population lives in the capital region.

Lived most of my life in a small city named Vordingborg in the southern part of zealand with a population of about 11.000 and moved to Copenhagen about 8 years ago, Also lived a couple of years in Jutland (the biggest of Denmark's 3 connected islands that borders up with Germany).

but my point is, most people that live
in the USA have never been outside their own State other than perhaps
bordering State.

yeah i heard that a lot, But Denmark is also only about 217 miles at the longest stretch you can travel ;)

Frozen in Permafrost land ....tasman1 » Post #17

Sun Aug 12, 2018 06:13 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote:
Nikorj wrote:
valerie wrote: Where do u live in or city?

I live in the capital of Copenhagen (inner city).

Why if i may ask??

To try Danish Style Apple Strudel , she like it very much :D

:lol: :lol: :lol:

This is what she need (My lunch yesterday)

Frozen in Permafrost land ....tasman1 » Post #16

Sun Aug 12, 2018 06:01 in General Talk

And what about you Val?

Country gal or City girl ?

Frozen in Permafrost land ....tasman1 » Post #15

Sun Aug 12, 2018 05:38 in General Talk

valerie wrote:
Nikorj wrote:
valerie wrote: Where do u live in or city?

I live in the capital of Copenhagen (inner city).

Why if i may ask??

No real reason. It's just pretty there from the pictures I have viewed.

He he but ii's just so small, And you'll quickly get used to it.

It might sound weird, But being from a small country often makes me feel kind of homeless on the big inernet.

You move to USA and everything get's "BIG" or XXXXXXXL (It's kind of overwhelming), You move to Denmark and everything shrinks "YES" we do like big (But not to big!!!) Be careful there :mrgreen:

USA = Breathtakingly, Big, Mountains, Giant cities that makes Copenhagen look like a giant campus, Deserts, Tropical locations (I could go on forever) How on earth do Americans keep themselves from getting lost????

Denmark = Small, Neat and tidy, Smørrebrød(Dark rye bread with toppings), Baunehøj (Highest point 171 meters), Nearly all attractions located in Copenhagen, 4 cities with a population over 100.000, Sexy people (And very reserved) :lol:

I've seen it all and miss the states, And after a month in the states i miss Denmark and my comfort zone ;)

Frozen in Permafrost land ....tasman1 » Post #12

Sat Aug 11, 2018 12:26 in General Talk

valerie wrote: Where do u live in or city?

I live in the capital of Copenhagen (inner city).

Why if i may ask??

Frozen in Permafrost land ....tasman1 » Post #10

Sat Aug 11, 2018 03:09 in General Talk

The weather certainly has become puzzling.

Last year was the worst summer in decades with not even 7 days above 25 degrees, And the summer ended abruptly in the beginning of August (Remember turning on the heater in the middle of july because it was cold)

This summer on the other hand has been the best(And longest) summer ever since DMI (Danish meteorological institute) started measuring the temperature back in the 1880's.

I expect next summer to be 40 degress and blizzard storm in co-op mode ;)

Frozen in Permafrost land ....tasman1 » Post #4

Fri Aug 10, 2018 04:37 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote:
dutch1898 wrote: Can I send you some of our heat?
Maybe can it and shipped by Amazone's one day delivery?
We are having 35/40 C and over wildfires so plenty heat to spare. :thumbup:

oh heck . better I stay another few days here for now :lol: :lol:

We also have an very unusual heatwave with up to 35 degrees, And Denmark is starting to look like the outback of Australia (The grass is withering away)

Well that's all.

It's a good occasion to chase blondes, So i'm off ;)

Anyone got payment? » Post #5

Fri Aug 03, 2018 04:01 in General Talk

jjohnson777 wrote: I wish they take little longer paying last few time. Only been able add $1-2 to payout before could add $5-10 before got paid. Guess I am a little odd. I always cashout once hit minimum then add to it every few hours until paid. :lol:

He he, True.

Let's complain :D

Who Will Sing Us Lullabies ...tasman1 » Post #3

Tue Jul 31, 2018 09:45 in General Talk

BouldRake wrote: Sleep, go to sleep
Just lay down your weary head
Dream, sweetly dream
Dream about tomorrow instead
Sleep, go to sleep
Whisperin' a lullaby tune
Dream, sweetly dream
Swinging with the man in the moon

Why don't you go
Down where the sandman plays
And take it slow
Cause you can doze all day
And don't you know
That when you finally wake
All your lovely dreams will come true

So just close your eyes
Listen to a sweet lullaby
Sleep, softly sleep
And let the world go by

WOW!! Completely blown away.

This is popstars material Bouldrake, You should consider joining ;)

Anyone got payment? » Post #2

Mon Jul 23, 2018 03:12 in General Talk

Payments are only processed Monday-Friday(Workdays), And not during the weekend.

I don't know about payoneer?, Sometimes payment processors have delays.

Member for over 4 years and never had to wait more than 5 workdays to get paid, And now with Skrill only 2 workdays.

Have a little patience and i'm sure you will get paid.

Pool , Size of your brain .....tasman1 » Post #4

Sat Jul 21, 2018 03:02 in General Talk

Remember!!, It's not "only" the size that matters.

I am of course talking about brains.
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