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Video Task-कृपया वीडियो के आधार पर अपना निर्णय लें » Post #1

Tue Oct 08, 2019 11:05 in Hindi

Dear friends ... please help me ...

I am repeatedly getting expelled out in a row for the last previous video tasks in Hindi with title : "(In) कृपया वीडियो के आधार पर अपना निर्णय लें। (xxxx-x)".

I am much doubtful of how this task is to be done, as the instructions are very unclear. In many of the similar previous jobs, that contain a group of 10 or 20 individual questions, there are some random "test questions" that contain instructions during playing that video, to click a particular number, for eg: "1" as the answer-option, which I always do correctly. But still I am always expelled mentioning "low accuracy", even though I answer every question correctly.

I strongly doubt whether it is due to the "demographic information part" that I fill into each question. Should I choose "Yes" and give the demograhic data STRICTLY only for the first question and choose "No" as answer to the rest irrespective of checking whether the video is working or not??

What about questions with no video?

If such an error video come first, should I give my demographic data by clicking "Yes", irrespective of whether the video is playing or not? The strange thing is that the question section seeking "demographic data" vanishes as soon as I tick the "video doesn't load" check-box!

So I go to the next question and repeat to click "Yes" for every question and fill in the detailed demographics until I find a good-working video or atleast a test question that is valid. Is this the right way, or else if wrong, please guide me.

i.e., say a task contains 10 videos, and 1st and 2nd videos are not loading. 3rd one is a test question to click option "1". 4th onwards all videos are working properly. Then, for which question should I give my demographics - and should I click any choice in those videos that are not playing? please help..., thanks in advance.

when i will get my cashout » Post #11

Sun Sep 22, 2019 03:22 in Hindi

Quote:from now i have not recieved my payment yes what can i do

Have you checked these?
1) Your Paypal is active and verified?
2) Your First name and Last name in Paypal are the same here?
3) You are using the same email-ID that is used here to join, with Paypal also? (or you can add it to Paypal as an alternate email ID)
4) Are you having all Paypal credentials correct and submitted everything required for cash withdrawal? (PAN details, Linked Debit/Credit Card and Verified, Linked Bank Account & Verified, Specified Purpose Code etc?
5)Are you getting other payments through your Paypal without any issues - (just to know whether your Paypal account is functioning properly)
6) Verify the above and if still the problem is persisting, try contacting Ysense support.

Hope this helps... :-)

Probably my last clicks on ClixGrid » Post #2

Mon Jul 17, 2017 19:51 in General Talk

That's an awesome farewell to Clixgrid, dude...!! :clap: :clap: :P

ClixGrid » Post #2

Thu Jun 02, 2016 05:33 in Success Stories

Congrats, hope you could win more next time. :thumbup:

My Stats For June » Post #3

Thu Jun 02, 2016 05:27 in Your Stats

Ya good job! :clap:
Hope you could earn more..! :thumbup:

My Payment » Post #5

Thu Jun 02, 2016 05:22 in Payment Proofs

Nice Earning! Hope you can make more. Are you concentrating more on surveys, or CF tasks or offers dude? For me surveys are good to earn, but have only a few to do, due to demographic constraints...... and offers are not that reliable, so I do CF tasks at free times, even though payments are too low for some tasks.

can I withdraw money from PayPal to sbi ? » Post #3

Mon Nov 30, 2015 02:23 in Hindi

Yes, for sure, but you need to link your bank account to Paypal and make them verify your account (by letting them input two small amounts to your account and after a few days, login to Paypal and enter the values of the two amounts). PRIOR TO ALL --> Important --> They send money (even the first verification amounts) ONLY after You Provide your PAN CARD information and link it to your account. Complete all your account requirements like Mobile number and e-mail verification etc and then You are ready to receive your money! 8-)

I won $ 0.10 in ClixGrid. » Post #2

Wed Jul 29, 2015 08:45 in Your Stats

Great! Keep trying and earn more. Your hard work will always be rewarded here. Try variety tasks and offers, surveys and other earning methods like getting more referrals. Good Luck! :clap:

I hit $30 in ONE DAY » Post #101

Tue Feb 11, 2014 17:59 in Your Stats

teammoneyonline wrote: Thank you so much Clixsense! I feel so blessed!

Excellent job dude..!!! How dedicated you are...! :thumbup:
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