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Consumer Protection in PTC sites » Post #3

Sat Sep 21, 2013 01:32 in General Talk

Thanks Valerie!

Unfortunately, you got me wrong. I'm not proposing anything against Clixsense. My intention is to open a discussion in a forum and also to find out if there're people like me out there or not.

If it is beyond Clixsense's standard procedure sorry please close this discussion topic. If there is nothing required to be changed then there is nothing to worry about :) .



Consumer Protection in PTC sites » Post #1

Sat Sep 21, 2013 01:14 in General Talk

Dear CLIXSENSE community!

First of all, I like to thank CLIXSENSE for being such a role model among all the PTC sites where we as member-consumer can feel safe.

Men and women from around the world join PTC sites to have a second income. But unfortunately, some PTC sites are like sharks taking advantage of unaware victims.

I'm also a victim like many of you by those dodgy PTC sites. My situation isn't great and I was hoping to make some money from these PTC sites. To my dismay, trusting some of them were one of the biggest mistakes I made in life and I lost plenty of money. So I've some proposals:

1. Stop anyone from making a PTC site and allowing only licensed ones. Nobody should become a member of any unlicensed Buxsites. Buxessential need to take some initiative in this. Buxessential should not only be a PTC site building platform but also enforcer of the rules. If Buxessential doesn't have the manpower to do so then a third party ombudsman should do the job. In these case, PTC site owner must provide a security deposit to Buxessential or the third party in case of fraud. Buxessential (or the third party) can cease that security deposit if there're too many complains.

2. The licensed PTC sites must abide by some common rules regarding payment, referral price, upgradation cost etc. No more whatever they wish.

3. Paypal and payza already has a dispute resolution centre where people can resort if the transaction doesn't go well. Buxessential or the third party should have a resolution centre and the PTC site needs to pay hourly to the resolution centre until the dispute has been resolved. Anybody like you and me can file a complain with proofs to the resolution centre against the bux site.

4. Clear rules! So no bots neither multiple accounts. A verification process where a member needs to prove his or her identity.

This is my idea, but I see PTC industry is growing bigger everyday and I feel there has to be some protection for both parties.

If the-bux community likes these ideas and wants to add or modify please feel free to do so. Once we have spoken enough in the forum I'll take these ideas to CLIXSENSE support to discuss what can we do further.

Thank you for your contribution!



5 Letter Words » Post #2460

Mon Sep 02, 2013 00:19 in General Talk

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