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Posts by Arvind9

HI People in america » Post #2

Mon Oct 08, 2018 07:40 in General Talk

These messages are mostly common in email spams,depends what kind of email provider you have it could have arrived directly to your inbox,these emails are frauds if you reply back you could be in some kind of problem depending on what kind of information you provide,its best to ignore.

End is near for ..........tasman1 » Post #4

Sun Sep 23, 2018 23:50 in General Talk

It's the same everywhere Tasman most people in our country evade taxes although the government does not increase taxes,but indirect taxes are being introduced everyday,people don't understand but it's a way of making sure every citizen pays taxes to the government indirectly irrespective of your standing in society even if you are poor you are paying taxes to the government,slowly cultivated land is being converted to city's reducing farming land slowly a country that was once selfsufficent on food will start importing food because there is not enough to feed people by 2022 India will surpass China as the highest populated country in the world,China is three times the size of India so it does not look overcrowded but India has started looking like a can of sardines.

I am New here. PLEASE help me. » Post #2

Sun Sep 09, 2018 00:27 in Member Introduction

Comparing yourself with others is the worst thing you can do,your profile which is a very important factor differs from everyone else,you need to earn depending on your own profile,you are not supposed to ask other members for links contact numbers

Great India , great statue....tasman1 » Post #3

Wed Sep 05, 2018 06:22 in General Talk

These statues mean nothing just a waste of money,people are still under the poverty line it can be used for a better cause,people in Kerala need help the government just needs to declare it a national disaster so that international organizations can help the people but the government refused to do so because political interests were more important.

Can anyone help out? » Post #2

Thu Aug 30, 2018 00:28 in Hindi

Getting disqualified is very common it happens to everyone,your age can be a factor but not always,now you cannot change your age so try to live with it nothing wrong in being young ,after ninety days when you get an opportunity try to make some changes in your survey profile there are ninety days just pay attention to see what else other than your age can improve things,also try to earn from tasks they pay very well,no need to disappoint brother just keep working you will get returns,best of luck.

I did not recieve any survey » Post #3

Wed Aug 29, 2018 09:33 in General Talk

Princekhan11 wrote: Hi Myself Prince ,, plz help me last 10 to 15 days i do not recieve any surveys whats happening here .. plz suggest me where i found surveys ... Thankyou

There could be several reasons,your location in India,I am also an Indian and I am able to complete the checklist everyday there are no problems with surveys,check your survey profile on the survey page.there can be no other reason except your location

Making money online is crazy Get paid to Read? » Post #2

Mon Aug 06, 2018 10:11 in General Talk

How do they know that I have read or heard anything do they ask questions to verify?

Best Day !!! Earned $16 today » Post #10

Fri Aug 03, 2018 05:41 in Success Stories

Nice going very impressive.

Venuezla have 1 million inflation this year? » Post #10

Sat Jul 28, 2018 12:57 in General Talk

No wonder Venezuela is prepared to sell crude oil for 30% less that international market price to India,but what will they get or want in return fail to understand.

Survey Success Rate » Post #2

Mon Jul 09, 2018 08:43 in Hindi

Same topic twice not allowed

BItcoin robbery is happening!! » Post #2

Sun Jul 08, 2018 15:44 in General Talk

Dont worry no one will steal your satoshis,need some I can give you no need to steal

including image » Post #3

Thu Jun 28, 2018 07:07 in General Talk

Go to profile settings page on top you will see profile written next to it you will see symbols first one is key symbol which is password next to it is avatar open it and upload image.

Beers , Yeah.....tasman1 » Post #3

Thu Jun 28, 2018 02:14 in General Talk

Weird theories some people have a better way why go to heaven when you can see god right here on our planet,just have some drugs Cocain,Morphine get high and god comes to you,god loves beer,drugs, if you drink milk its not god stuff

NEWBIE » Post #2

Tue Jun 19, 2018 06:14 in Member Introduction

Welcome to Clixsense,put up a post at the Philippines section here on the forum you will get country specific advice.

intro » Post #2

Fri Jun 08, 2018 16:58 in Member Introduction

Welcome to Clixsense, hope you do well

how to earn from surveys? » Post #2

Wed May 30, 2018 07:23 in Hindi

Open your survey page,you will find a survey profile complete it,to start getting surveys,when you get into a survey check the time given to complete the survey,make shure it takes longer than the time given to complete the survey,answers to qualifications questions should be what you have entered in your survey profile.

Would take a ride on Self Driving car, taxi, bus » Post #2

Tue May 22, 2018 07:10 in General Talk

Depends on the place you live,it wont work everywhere

Walmart is buying Flipkart India company » Post #7

Thu May 17, 2018 06:57 in General Talk

Wallmart had opened couple of stores but all closed down,same thing bought a established business thought they just had to run it but did not work the outlets they opened dissapeared,its more important to understand consumer sentiments Amazon has done it well,wallmart half of India would think they sell wallnuts who needs wallnuts,Mr Sweetpie3000 seems you forgot Osama Bin Laden used to eat Wallnuts in his hole

i don't khnow what to say » Post #2

Wed May 16, 2018 06:34 in General Talk

On your account summary page click surveys,you will find survey profile click it ,read instructions carefully before responding because once you enter your response it cannot be changed,survey profile needs to be completed to get surveys,once profile is completed check regularly for will see offers on summary page click it,you will find offer walls you can click on any of them to complete offers,on the summary page click tasks follow instructions to try tasks.

Antartic cold blast in Tasmania,,tasman1 » Post #4

Fri May 11, 2018 13:31 in General Talk

Its weird Nasa satellites detected fires across eastern part of India,accross central India right upto some northern states,what was it,I spoke to some people I was told farmers burn the remains of wheat crop,and some other crops to get ready for sowing before the monsoon,but these fires cause problems a couple of days later storms lashed parts of the country emergency services swung into action because government was not shure how bad it could be,government had to be prepared but at the same time these practices have to be stopped its cause of carbon emissions into our atmosphere.
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