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What is your favourite survey site? » Post #8

Sun Jun 09, 2019 17:57 in General Talk

Even we dont have a motorcycle nor are we interested in one but the survey credited

Its very difficult to tell what Sample cube does today I got credited for a sample cube survey with same questions same answers 4×$0.32 hope they dont reverse they are excepting it so many times I am just filling it up like a carbon copy

visit egypt » Post #6

Sun Jun 09, 2019 02:40 in General Talk

It wont work on a mobile device

visit egypt » Post #2

Sat Jun 08, 2019 15:45 in General Talk

Definitely would like to see Egypt,there is so much talk of the Pyramid of Giza that I would like to see it,When you take into account the history and culture of the place there is no other place that can be compared,people nowdays like modern citys and technology but I am more interested in history

Walmart will start delivering grocery your fridge » Post #5

Fri Jun 07, 2019 18:45 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: Yes but what about people who do no have fridge ?

Then wallmart will be so happy they will even put a fridge in your house and all the groceries in it the longer you let them in your house it will make very good business sence to them;so make some more money here in clixsene to have a Walmart refrigerator

IM newbie for 3months please help :( » Post #4

Fri Jun 07, 2019 05:58 in Member Introduction

MikPat wrote: Hello, I.m here for 3 years and I earn just $5 per month, unfortunately surveys are rare in my area (Greece). Maybe you could try doing tasks but they give very little money and should spend a lot of time on them if you are willing to make some bucks.

Well you already have an answer,surveys are rare generally you dont get much work so how can you earn ,try to get some referrals from your friends and contacts its not easy but you can try.

introduction » Post #2

Fri Jun 07, 2019 05:48 in Member Introduction

Shure you are not active,you have been here on clixsene long enough to understand how the site program works ,if you still cannot find your way its because you need to be more active

What is your favourite survey site? » Post #5

Wed Jun 05, 2019 09:59 in General Talk

But one thing is good I dont have a motorcycle nor am I interested in getting one,Harleys Davidson whats that but Sample Cube still gave me $0.32 :) :D

What? No More Payoneer » Post #8

Wed Jun 05, 2019 05:14 in General Talk

Maybe some specific countries dont have pioneer anymore my account still shows pioneer as one of the payment options for India,nor have I received any email to conform pioneer being removed

What is your favourite survey site? » Post #2

Wed Jun 05, 2019 05:06 in General Talk

None whoever pays is good

EID MUBARAK... » Post #2

Wed Jun 05, 2019 02:33 in Urdu

Eid Mubarak have a nice time

IM newbie for 3months please help :( » Post #2

Mon Jun 03, 2019 16:17 in Member Introduction

If you are from Vietnam it depends on your location availability of offers surveys tasks only you would know what you get in your account,if you have good social contacts try to get referrals using your affiliate link on your account summary page,make shure your survey profile is complete on the survey page.

Antibiotics- good or Bad » Post #5

Mon Jun 03, 2019 04:37 in General Talk

If you are habitual antibiotics user you could start loosing your memory
From Clixsene Dr Arvind

Antibiotics- good or Bad » Post #4

Mon Jun 03, 2019 04:25 in General Talk

You also completed the Toluna survey on antibiotics resistance?

Antibiotics- good or Bad » Post #3

Mon Jun 03, 2019 04:16 in General Talk

Depends how you take antibiotics if you can avoid them its good ,our traditional way of cure is still very good Ayurveda,Homeopathy cure is slow depending on your illness but have no side effects very good for some common ailments most people still dont trust Ayurveda and Homeopathy,my father was quite used to gulping antibiotics for everything he ended up with liver cancer,antibiotics he took were very powerful one of them was Tetracycline which is now a banned drug.

Amazon - Prime - In Case You do Not know » Post #8

Sun Jun 02, 2019 22:22 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote:
valerie wrote: I have an idea! :idea:

Everyone send me some cash and I will let you know how well it works. ;)

OK here is 1000.00 and this post is proof , give it back in 7 day , thanks in advance for your honesty

Thats a nice way show the proof to your government see if they will allow you to expect it

Amazon - Prime - In Case You do Not know » Post #5

Sun Jun 02, 2019 10:55 in General Talk

rajukurup wrote: Amazon is the most innovative company these days and is more customer oriented . In developing countries it is providing many innovative projects. The future is for Amazon . I do most of my online shopping through Amazon as the discounts and offers it provide are far better than others.

Thats ok but digital wallets and payment methods were ment to reduce use of cash or you can say create a cashless system but its not,all Google Pay,Amazon Pay,Paytm are loading cash you order something from Amazon when the delivery comes you pay in cash and give him more cash to load to your Amazon pay balance that Amazon pay balance is not used for shopping people send it to another Amazon account basically cash is circulating everywhere,there are loopholes to everything people use it to beat the system even Google pay loads cash all cash is being stashed in these digital wallets

I can even send cash to you :) :D

Qualified survey » Post #3

Mon May 27, 2019 00:37 in General Talk

The best thing is to try every survey you get and answer the demographic questions as given in your survey profile,getting disqualified is very common there is no particular way to qualify,during the survey make shure you read every question properly and understand it to be able to give the best possible answer,if you get disqualified or screened out during a survey or at the end dont get discouraged only way to succeed is keep trying if you loose patience you will never do well.

Our bitcoin baby is back » Post #48

Thu May 23, 2019 17:57 in General Talk

Oh what prompted you to take the action choose one answer
1)did not have money for beer
2)A blonde was prepared to entertain you but you had no cash
3)you kids just pick pocketed you.

Honesty or dishonesty rules the world » Post #5

Wed May 22, 2019 01:24 in General Talk

Emrankhn wrote: Hello ..can anybody let me know is it fair enough that out of 400surveys attempted and had just qualified for its been a month since became member ...

Its fine,the more you are active your chances of qualifying for more surveys will increase,many members want to spend a short time online here and make more money which is not possible

MY Birthday gift from clicksense and sample cube » Post #2

Tue May 21, 2019 09:44 in Success Stories

Its not my birthday why did they credit three surveys just now,even I made $3.75 from the sample cube surveys
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