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Excess always dangerous- But not water if you are » Post #17

Wed Jul 10, 2019 04:13 in General Talk

Aspirin is banned maybe you are used to taking banned medication or maybe in the US its still considered useful,when a person recovers in hospital for dehydration water is the most simple solution with electral its an oral rehydration formula. Which can be taken athome with water,in our country aspirin is banned.

Missing survey credited » Post #2

Tue Jul 09, 2019 06:49 in Your Stats

Ok they give everyone money after 60 days

Excess always dangerous- But not water if you are » Post #12

Mon Jul 08, 2019 05:32 in General Talk

Water is not a medicine or taken by a doctors prescription,depending on your condition when you get dehydrated a doctor advices how much water your body has lost and how much you need to consume to remain hyderated,when your condition is critical because you got dehydrated just drinking water does not solve the problem,you are given an intravenous of Glucose,Glucose given in a medical condition is very different from the normal glucose it contains very low sugar,enough to replace the energy and water the body has lost,its wrong that sugar is always harmful,NO you also need sugar to maintain certain body functions,you dont get diabetes because you consume too much sugar,its because your body has stopped manufacturing insulin,a diabetic person is advised to stop sugar consumption because it will prevent the manufacturer of insulin in your body,once a person suffering from dehydration is cured doctor recomends intake of water with glucose or Electral a midical formula for oral rehydration containing mixtures of electrolytes,carbohydrates,sugar,it replaces salts and water that the body loses when you dehydrate,thats why water is the most important thing,unless you want a doctor to tell you that.its common sense.

Energy value 368 Kcal
Carbohydrates 92g
Sugar(sucrose) 12g
Calcium 114mg
Phosphorus 57mg
Vitamin C 50mg
Its wrong to think Glucose means sugar.

Excess always dangerous- But not water if you are » Post #9

Mon Jul 08, 2019 03:23 in General Talk

grampb wrote:
valerie wrote:
wildbillhickok wrote: I generally drink 3 to 5 litters of water daily in summer, when I exercise, to avoid dehydration, a very dangerous condition that can let us confuse and can lead to death... But drinking water in excess can cause loss of electrolytes (overhydration). I cannot explain this in more details because I just superficially heard or read about it on internet.

Drinking Water Too Fast May Mean Water Intoxication (Hyponatremia)

Depends how hot it is in your country,water intake depends on how long your body stays hyderated,you must have heard of clean and safe drinking water drive,water is the most important constituent for survival,summer here in our country is sub 40 deg celcius places have 48-50 deg celcius temp every year people die due to the extreme heat its also because body lacks water to sustain such high temperatures for long,first thing a person is given if he lands in a hospital is glucose,a person is recommended to drink water as and when required.

Excess always dangerous- But not water if you are » Post #5

Sun Jul 07, 2019 15:38 in General Talk

Traditionally people in Asian countries eat a lot of onions it reduces the risk of getting a sun stroke during accute summer conditions,everyday in the morning irrespective of the season drinking atleast 900 ml of water in a empty stomach is very healthy ,during summer consuming seven liters of water per day is recommended to keep fit unless you can take in glucose you can reduce consumption of water to about four liters per day..

Excess always dangerous- But not water if you are » Post #2

Sun Jul 07, 2019 09:03 in General Talk

Rightly said,it gets so hot and humid that you could feel drained very easily,every summer before leaving home in the morning I drink a glass of Glucose in power form adding water,or Electoral is also very good both retain water in the body and make you feel quiet refreshed even in the sweltering heat these are natural remedies and no side effects

This is big ha ha haha ha haha..tasman1 » Post #3

Sat Jul 06, 2019 08:00 in General Talk

India will also come to that in time most people dont realize it but what is more astounding that people earning above Rs 2,00,00,000 will have to pay 46% tax no where in the world taxes are so high,there are 10,000 people earning 2,00,00,000 but one wonders will the rich pay or the government is just eyewashing common people's eyes.

two account in same ISP » Post #2

Wed Jul 03, 2019 07:37 in Filipino

If you are using the same device is wrong,both accounts will show same ip address,if you are using a different device then its ok.

My earning today and working 2 hours » Post #3

Tue Jul 02, 2019 13:47 in Your Stats

Its more location based today I have 6 surveys credited $ 4.70,yesterday 9 survey credited $6.10

The sorcery is legal? » Post #2

Sun Jun 30, 2019 10:15 in General Talk

Performing a Voodoo can kill someone in any part of the world its an ancient cult performed in different ways in many countries its not illegal because its not proved someone could be killed by the cult its more superstitious,why do you need a banker to add a coupe of zeros just get a rich guy and make some ready cash that's easier,
I still remember my mother telling me,you should always sleep with all the windows closed so that any evil spirit gets blocked,you never know what people do nowday to harm someone,if you sleep in a position where there is a cross ventilation you are always venerable to such things,people perform rituals that cause harm,beating of drums that will reach you anywhere,once you hear those drums it becomes very difficult to save a person,naturally these kinds of superstitions exist everywhere.

There are many superstitions that the world has adopted recently there is a lot of talk about DMT its an illegal drug made from plants and animal fossils,very commonly consumed regularly by sadhus and saints in our country,its been claimed that consuming the drug shuts down a part of the brain that give the ability to think and imagine,connecting a person to another world,do religion people think its a way to see GOD,an American government agency with the military is thought to be carrying out experiments with DMT to understand what exactly happens to the functioning of the human brain when the drug is consumed,what would be their intrest in DMT have the connected with aliens instead of GOD. :D :lol:

making $2000 money pile for next 14 months » Post #2

Sat Jun 29, 2019 12:25 in Success Stories

WOW you have a time frame a target,and then where will you go please share some ideas

Artificial intelligence Where is the world going » Post #7

Sat Jun 29, 2019 11:47 in General Talk

Its called the zoo hypothesis,many humans talk about being abducted by aliens,its getting very complicated they get the wrong person and and its a waste of time,NASA will provide them with the input on Mars to make it easier to abduct the right person and put them in a zoo on their planets that way the earth also gets saved by disaster,I am the wrong person not fit for their zoo again it will be a waste

Artificial intelligence Where is the world going » Post #5

Sat Jun 29, 2019 10:59 in General Talk

I have an question anyone can give their opinion
NASA is giving Mars boarding pass to anyone and everyone,just go to Google type Nasa boarding pass for 2020 and you will see a Nasa web address in the search result,open it and enter your details immediately you will get a pass with your name written on it,they say million of them will be put in a microchip and sent on the next Mars rover mission in 2020,what is their purpose behind it,look above my name it is my boarding pass to Mars issued by NASA :D :D

Artificial intelligence Where is the world going » Post #4

Sat Jun 29, 2019 10:25 in General Talk

wildbillhickok wrote: I saw a lot of stuff about AI revolution. Some, in my opinion, are on a distant horizon...Like an autonomous robot capable of reasoning, "thinking outside of the box", a creative humanoid... In the other hand, we are very close from a reality that robots do jobs that people used to do. I wonder how this will unfold in countries in development like mine.
This way I will be poor forever...unless i in some way leave this country :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
In Japan they already have robots that have replaced humans,but to the extent that people dont become useless thats something they understand,people are still well to do I have never heard of a Japanese member here on Clixsene maybe they are quite creative to mange .

Artificial intelligence Where is the world going » Post #3

Sat Jun 29, 2019 10:18 in General Talk

Lets begin from Clixsene you enter a survey that does not require your demographics,its just trying to get general opinion from people,you get a survey that asks you qualification questions based on AI if your response is negative you are disqualified you get the survey again you again try to give your opinion again it disqualifies you,the next time it comes on you change your opinion you qualify,means your opinion is not what they are trying to get,they are trying to form an opinion,its a survey you do it anyway and they pay you,an opinion is being created,slowly you are getting into a simulated world away from your thinking more being created that is what is dangerous,its not just surveys there are various ways to change the way you think it is working on many people,only Elon Musk is not effected by all this he smokes a pot and talks about Mars with a picture of the moon in the background who knows where will he go,so dont worry in our life at the most your wife will become the main bread earner,you will do the cooking and house work hope you have learned how to cook or else its going to be very difficult no Robot will help you do everything.

Surveys play with your nerves ! » Post #7

Wed Jun 26, 2019 16:09 in General Talk

We are all doing our best there is no comparison,its good to see you have an positive outlook

Best survey ever » Post #4

Wed Jun 26, 2019 15:54 in Success Stories

Yesterday I filled my age 12 in a Sample cube survey it disqualified me I thought it was a bad mistake but today I completed two Sample cube surveys maybe they took yesterday's mistake as unforced error means not deliberate :D :D

Surveys play with your nerves ! » Post #5

Wed Jun 26, 2019 15:27 in General Talk

I earn only from surveys here on Clixsene,if you keep your expectations within your manageable limits you will feel more satisfaction from your work ,today I have completed 8 surveys $4.60,For next month I have 5 red flag surveys for $3.00 pending,15 yoursurveys pending they are a bit unpredictable but even if a few credit it will be good,maybe my location is also beneficial,I am from Mumbai if I am not mistaken even you are from Mumbai our location is the same you should do well only your profile makes a difference.

Do you save change? » Post #7

Tue Jun 25, 2019 09:44 in General Talk

No thanks I dont need anything you want Indian coin how ?,money cannot be put in post it will be removed by authorities

Do you save change? » Post #5

Tue Jun 25, 2019 09:36 in General Talk

How will you make trade ? :)
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