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Required Maintenance » Post #8

Fri Oct 04, 2019 08:40 in General Talk

Tasman1 is not satisfied but he wont close his account and leave,yes if you get desperate you could leave,but at the same time many will register by referrals

Required Maintenance » Post #5

Fri Oct 04, 2019 08:23 in General Talk

You were already a Clixsene member when you registered,once it was sold you wouldn't except them to continue with the same setup,after all they have bought the site,they are in business,all survey providers from clixsene would continue with the change was not part of the deal,it takes a long time to make new contracts,they want run their business in their way,and have experience in the business,two months have passed,another 2-3 would be reasonable time,everything is free here,except the time you spend here,its amazing even for something free there is lot of restlessness.

Required Maintenance » Post #2

Fri Oct 04, 2019 06:05 in General Talk

Problems wont go in 1 or 2 days,it will take 2 to 3 months,site does not require maintenance,they need to setup contracts with survey providers and fix bugs,all that will take time,once in a while the site goes offline for some time,at the same time Swagbucks also goes offline maybe they are trying to link few things to get work.

correctly paid surveys » Post #2

Wed Oct 02, 2019 12:43 in Your Stats

Thats right even I got paid today by Ysence support for one Toluna and two yoursurveys,my days earning and balance shows that,after receiving and email from Brian from Ysence support

No surveys » Post #4

Wed Oct 02, 2019 05:28 in Hindi

Right now time is not the factor,I have Toluna and yoursurveys in my survey page which I have not clicked because they dont pay,lets say surveys that pay dont come at any particular time,just clicking on a survey is not enough you should also be able to qualify

No surveys » Post #2

Wed Oct 02, 2019 03:30 in Hindi

It wont be the same everywhere,its location based

Do you eat red meat? » Post #19

Sun Sep 29, 2019 16:12 in General Talk

Exactly thats what I am trying to say even if you dont eat meat,countries are exporting meat it brings in a lot of money,killing a animal is bad and your religion does not permit eating meat,but your religion does not mind killing a animal and exporting it for money.

some new online work » Post #2

Sun Sep 29, 2019 15:36 in Hindi

You will have to Google your search,you will find hundreds of options but try to avoid Indian sites they will ask you to provide a lot of information which they will sell and wont pay you a rupee,they never respond to support because their intention is to take you for a ride

Do you eat red meat? » Post #17

Sun Sep 29, 2019 14:02 in General Talk

In some countries they eat crocodile,I think in a part of Australia chroc burger is a delicacy,it tastes like chicken,if you like chicken why not try chroc,no religion prohibits eating chroc,a UN report says the world had entered the sixth extinction on earth,more than a million different species on earth are on the verge of extinction most of them are marine life,most people here eat fish,its causing problems other species that are on the verge of extinction are wild animals,animals that contribute to common food products like pork beef chicken are not in the list of extinction;so if you are eating fish dont forget you are harming a specie that is on the verge of extinction

Do you eat red meat? » Post #14

Sun Sep 29, 2019 09:28 in General Talk

Even today there is not enough farming to feed the whole world,if one has to give up meat,many countries important agricultural products but at a cost that meat and fish is not expensive,people are still eating what they have been traditionally eating because its easily available in their part of the world,in many parts of the world marine life is dwindling because of overfishing for various purposes including eating,its not just religion that people dont eat meat,meat is being exported to other countries,places where meat was once eaten,people are breeding pigs pork is becoming the alternative,maybe religion does not prohibit pork,I was amazed when someone from Delhi told me in the state of Haryana in northern India which is a vegetarian state people are breeding pigs which never existed before,who is eating pigs in a vegetarian state where people dont even eat fish.

Paypal cashout for indian users » Post #3

Thu Sep 26, 2019 11:21 in General Talk

bhatavinash242 wrote: Dear indian users,

Am new to Ysense and i have few doubts regarding cashout through paypal it would be helpful if anybody clarifies following things;

1. Am having a paypal india personal account so is that ok for receiving payments from y sense? or need to open business account?

2. if i withdraw funds from paypal (whatever earned from y sense) to bank account, whether bank asks anything regarding source of fund or proof of income? (any proof need to submit to bank?) because we are receiving international payments right so ...

3. Any formalities (PAN should be mandatory or something like that) is there while withdrawing funds from pay-pal to bank?

Dear Indian users kindly clarify these points and it will be helpful for my fund withdrawals

Thanks in advance

You need to have a individual PayPal account linked to your bank account,PayPal will ask you to give details of KYC to verify your bank details,once your PayPal is linked to your bank account all money will be converted to Indian rupees at the prevailing rate,your pan number will have to be entered in your KYC,no one will ask you for anything for receiving money to your bank account from PayPal,12%GST will be applicable on the amount received for the following financial year,if you are a tax assesse,GST will be automatically deducted,if your income is not taxable,GST will be deducted by the Income tax department through your bank.

1.1 C ?? WHY NOT 20 C....tasman1 » Post #3

Thu Sep 26, 2019 10:08 in General Talk

How much the temperature is risen I dont know,but Europe experienced a heat wave this year,on Sunday 22nd September I was watching BBC,they were talking about global warming and the heatwave in Europe,and during the talk they were showing pictures of Switzerland,the Pizol Glaciers in the Swiss Alps have disappeared,all that one could see was the rocky mountains,people were carrying out a funeral ceremony for the Pizol Glaciers,church priests were leading the funeral processions,in some other parts of Europe where the Alps are,people say the snow is not thick enough to Skye,winter will arrive in November when it starts snowing hopefully on time,till then things are expected to become worse,the Alps are 55 million years old,after the European tectonic plates receded from the supercontinent which is Africa today,climate change experts say the same thing will happen everywhere with time,even in the Himalayas which are 45 million years old,55 million years ago,the Indian tectonic plates seperated from the supercontinent,45 million years ago as the Indian tectonic plates connected with China the Himalayas rose from the sea to settle on the India-China tectonic plates,the Himalayas were formed by volcanic activity below the sea over billions of years ago.

Fastest completion » Post #2

Wed Sep 25, 2019 05:07 in Your Stats

:clap: :thumbup:
So you must have defined your function for each at your workplace in 44 seconds

No surveys » Post #8

Wed Sep 25, 2019 03:44 in General Talk

I have told you what I get,if you stay in the same city as I stay,you should also get surveys by the same providers,qualifying is a different matter,in other locations even in India it could be different,only you would know.

No surveys » Post #6

Wed Sep 25, 2019 02:52 in General Talk

Everyone is below their previous earnings this month I have earned $58 with few days more for the month to end,surveys that credit after completing Purespectrum,Opinion world,Samplicio,Peanutlabs router,and Revenue universe in offers,you can try yoursurveys but they will credit after 60 days if approved

No surveys » Post #4

Wed Sep 25, 2019 02:38 in General Talk

Thats what I am saying everything is free only the time you spend here,once in ten days you can login to your account to check how things are and to keep your account active,when things get better spend more time.

No streak bonus due to no survey, offers and tasks » Post #2

Wed Sep 25, 2019 01:55 in General Talk

It difficult to tell what you get in your country and location where you live,because everywhere earning opertunities are not same,if you read forum topics put up by other members you will see the difference,and much better if you read topics from members in your own country and ask them what they get,it gives a very good idea about what you see on your screen,or maybe you can give more details about what you see on your screen here in your post.

No surveys » Post #2

Wed Sep 25, 2019 01:42 in General Talk

Did you find a better alternative,everything is free even then if you lost patience,you dont have to close your account you can log into your account anytime to check how things are.

Toluna ...........whwn we can expect the credit » Post #2

Tue Sep 24, 2019 06:39 in General Talk

I dont get many Toluna surveys here at my location but what everyone is experiencing its better to avoid Toluna for the mean time as they have problems with crediting

What does "streak" mean? » Post #2

Mon Sep 23, 2019 10:40 in General Talk

You get 12% bonus if you complete checklist,if you install addon to your brouser you earn 2% more total 14%,if you complete checklist for three days at a stretch you will earn 2% more with streak total 16%.
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