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Sensex crashed » Post #2

Thu Mar 12, 2020 08:35 in General Talk

Every 12-15 years the world enters a recession the last one was in 2008,many economist predicted a recession this year but no one knew that a virus was going to be the reason,Britain has already started taking measures to protect its economy and industry by reducing intrest rates,which means banks and financial institutions will reduce interst rates on various services,to protect the economy and industry,the rich are protected,we have to be carefuli,this is just the beginning just hope one would not have to pay to keep money in the bank for their services,there is no place where one can invest,only GOLD is zooming 10grams of Gold in India is close to Rs50000 more the market falls GOLD will look brighter,second value of currency is going down today 1 US$ is Rs 74.250 rupee will keep becoming weaker if you have dollars they will fetch you the actual value of rupee be cautious when you cashout here let the rupee fall try to get maximum from a cashout,people from the 2008 recession became jobless for good that number will increase significantly,unemployment is at its highest in India in 45 years,protect yourself try to curb spending and sell GOLD :D :D,market is only for traders try to find out what will become a good investment when the market falls,market will take a long time to stabilize dont even think about it.

corona virus (covid-19 ) » Post #2

Thu Mar 12, 2020 03:44 in General Talk

Could you please share the situation in your country in context to Coronavirus and the reason for the restrictions,thankyou

Trouble in Paypal cashout » Post #2

Wed Mar 11, 2020 08:26 in General Talk

Yes your Ysence account has to be verified just open the email you received you will find a link click it

Corona virus » Post #2

Wed Mar 11, 2020 07:20 in General Talk

No,people think its spreading more due to the winter,it has to be stopped from spreading,if you see anyone who is sick ask them to go to a doctor immediately because many people are quite ignorant Coronavirus has symptoms very similar to flue thats why people ignore,but they will only make others sick,in China two newly born babies were infected with the virus although their parents were not,doctors were feeding with a bottle and they recovered in 15 days and were returned to their parents,its very true old people are more vulnerable to the virus,today a 76 year old man in Karnataka died of Coronavirus he was the first victim in India

Corona Virus Man Made to kill old ...tasman1 » Post #32

Wed Mar 11, 2020 04:01 in General Talk

Its crazy last week it rained for three days,winter is comming to an end the change in the weather has affected many people they have the same symptoms as Coronavirus but they think its flue,they look sick and are moving freely,who has what its very scary,if things get out of hand it will create chaos,citys are overcrowded and some people are very ignorant they wont even go to a doctor thinking they just have flue

paypal » Post #4

Fri Mar 06, 2020 04:51 in General Talk

By Monday your bank should confirm it,dont count Saturday as working day.

paypal » Post #2

Fri Mar 06, 2020 04:21 in General Talk

Two working days it should be in your bank account from the time PayPal sends you a email notifying automatic transfer to your bank

work without a normal payment. Is this the norm? » Post #5

Fri Feb 28, 2020 12:47 in General Talk

They are just telling you this is the age of automation,you click and complete the captcha to prove you are not a robot after that you can employ a robot that will answer a survey

Corona Virus Man Made to kill old ...tasman1 » Post #5

Sat Feb 22, 2020 14:11 in General Talk

No Coronavirus in Russia,Bernie Sanders accusing Putin of again trying to help Trump for his second term,by spreading fake news,maybe PUTIN spreading Cornavirus,Russia is an traditional friend of India so no Coronavirus in India just one student who came from China was taken to hospital that too many days ago but none since then,in GOA a Chinese couple who had booked in advance was asked to leave on arrival,even if they were not sick

Corona Virus Man Made to kill old ...tasman1 » Post #3

Sat Feb 22, 2020 13:37 in General Talk

The virus is not exactly spreading to all the countries where they have found people with the virus,more than 200 people have been infected with the virus in S.Korea,and the virus has not come from China according to.WHO its not necessary that the virus could have come from China;it could have originated due to similar reasons that were found in China,S.Koreans dont travel to China nor do Chinese go to S.korea

How do you login » Post #2

Fri Feb 21, 2020 04:55 in General Talk

Its not just entering your user name and password there is a long authentication process completing the captcha,if you have tried a couple of times and your captcha does not match your login will fail,then you need to login again

ADDON » Post #2

Thu Feb 20, 2020 08:17 in Indonesian

Click Addon in your summary page,it will show with which browser addon works,if you are using any of the browsers shown,click on it and download it,make shure your browser is set to download addons,once installed you can earn upto 16% on your checklist bonus.

China is destroying cash..........tasman1 » Post #2

Wed Feb 19, 2020 08:29 in General Talk

How much is the Australian government going to take from the people to repair the damage from the fires which could have been contained but a cost of negligence is very high,I just completed a survey on the issue which is trying to findout if people would still consider Australia as a holiday destination.

addon bonus » Post #2

Fri Feb 14, 2020 07:39 in General Talk

Because addon is not downloaded to your browser,once its downloaded to your browser it will show 14% bonus once the checklist is completed,if you complete the checklist for two days it will show 16% from the third day

Everything » Post #2

Thu Feb 06, 2020 06:55 in General Talk

Yes but in the most religious place in India,Varanasi from where its believed that the dead go to heaven,and some hindu religious people eat dead human flesh and its not considered wrong,in many hindu temples rats feed what people give as offerings because in hindu religion rats are gods deciples,its going on since ages and there has never been a incident of plague,in north east in some states people eat many living things that we would not eat.

Cash out issue » Post #2

Wed Feb 05, 2020 07:37 in Hindi

Its a very common problem,your name and email id with PayPal should be the same as on Ysence,and your PayPal should be linked to your bank account to get verified

Good Investments » Post #11

Sat Jan 18, 2020 16:24 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: Just my opinion

Real estate in fast growing city , city over 500 000 but under 1 million people that is increasing population minimum 6% per year for minimum last 3 years

Rest ? no idea , this is low investment return world , 1-2% is today perfect return for investment
Gold ? only if you like taste and can eat it in bad tmes

Everything depends on government policies,you are right you can get high returns on Gold real estate but the risk is higher,if one is still earning even taxes have to be kept in mind,in India if you buy property you can sell it to buy some other property within three years or else the tax applicable is 33% ,if money is reinvested no taxes.

Good Investments » Post #9

Sat Jan 18, 2020 16:18 in General Talk

Yes bank FD intrest rates are going down,banks are only for keeping money safe,its time to move your money to investments that are not too risky and will pay good returns,you can start with Rs 500 in a SIP Mutual fund and add every month till you get to your target that you have in mind over a 10-15 year horizon.

Good Investments » Post #4

Sat Jan 18, 2020 10:58 in General Talk

All Indians have more gold than anyone else in the world but it is not considered as an investment but wealth,which most people would not sell to make money,even if you sell precious metals to make money it would attract taxes,only 6% Indians pay taxes,people want money where you dont have to pay any tax.

Good Investments » Post #2

Sat Jan 18, 2020 09:52 in General Talk

Everyday the RBI keeps reducing interest rates,and loans getting costlier,in India many people still rely on FD in the bank,but slowly the intrest rate will go down to nothing,on the contrary people will pay the bank charges for various services just to keep their money,slowly one needs to shift their money to other investments,if you are not prepared to take much risk,put small amounts in Mutual funds,a SIP or ELLS would be an ideal choice keep a long term view to such investments,these investments also give tax benefits,but make shure you have a good investment advisor,I have a invested in the MIREA tax saving fund it gives me a tax benefit and has to be kept for atleast three years to get the benefit of the gains you make,all the gains become tax free,I invested Rs1,50,000 three years ago today its worth Rs 2,78,000 and its all tax free,an SIP or ELLS can give good returns in the long term depending on your age you can be invested for 10-15 years
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