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Sick Game in Sick World .......tasman1 » Post #7

Thu Apr 02, 2020 18:59 in General Talk

So its pretty obvious that scientists understand we need to leave earth,its no coincidence that everyone is talking about migrating to mars everyone understands what's going to happen only way for humans to avoid extinction is leave,its a pity even Elon musk's Space X is manufacturing ventilators rather than rockets to go to Mars

Sick Game in Sick World .......tasman1 » Post #5

Thu Apr 02, 2020 18:44 in General Talk

Its amazing god sent this pandemic and humans are still praying to him for what,it makes no sense in praying to him when you think you know what is going to happen,read the hindu scriptures properly the Kalyug will end in 400,000 years but humans will become extinct long before that which means humans will never see the end of the world the sixth time,the world has ended five times before we humans evolved

Sick Game in Sick World .......tasman1 » Post #2

Thu Apr 02, 2020 18:15 in General Talk

Satan was always going to win because GOD is still in his own cool world,most humans are stupid still praying to a sleeping god for what ?

U.S. Navy Enters Game ......tasman1 » Post #3

Thu Apr 02, 2020 18:10 in General Talk

You said more than 4000 crew on ship oh so there was lack of social distancing,the ship is not big enough for everyone to be at a distance of two meters from each other so they are getting sick

Can You Survive 100 day lockdown poll..tasman1 » Post #12

Thu Apr 02, 2020 14:25 in General Talk

Just wait a minute it depends how a lockdown is imposed everywhere,the word lockdown may sound like restriction on all movements but here a lot of things dont come under it,lets see what is allowed here,getting everyday essentials how it is interpreted maybe that is not understood,I go out to get essentials once in seven days many people could go more often,petrol bank chemist hospital is exempted,difference is how it is followed maybe that is where the infection spreads,when you go out once in seven or ten days you are isolated for a certain period and would know if you are infected if there are no changes in your health maybe you are ok,but the more often one goes out the risk of getting infected is higher,lockdown in all countries is not working the same way,in some European countries when you go out the police or the military is more actively enforcing the lockdown they check your ID they check your temperature ask questions where you are going if your reasons are not adequate action is taken accordingly,,here in India its not enforced its still assumed people are following guidelines set by the government,people who understand it follow others break rules.

Delhi case » Post #15

Thu Apr 02, 2020 07:34 in General Talk

I dont know
People from Daharavi slum in Mumbai being forcefully taken away because its being considered as a breeding ground for Coronavirus

Delhi case » Post #13

Thu Apr 02, 2020 07:27 in General Talk

It is like transferring money to someone's account but since there is limited staff working it would take longer depending on what is considered as essential service

Delhi case » Post #11

Thu Apr 02, 2020 07:12 in General Talk

I dont know I have not cashedout for some time

donate profits » Post #3

Thu Apr 02, 2020 07:09 in General Talk

Just heard on Bloomberg 10 million have made claims for jobless benefits in US these numbers are only from data in the past two weeks economies are going to collapse its going to be a very long time for recovery,media on rampage againt governments for acting late,US Vice president blaming China for not giving enough information in time

donate profits » Post #2

Thu Apr 02, 2020 07:03 in General Talk

No one is going to donate governments are reducing interest rates to protect industry and businesses because they are considered the backbone of the economy common people are suffering because of intrest rate reduction,be carefully cybercrime is on the rise dont click anything in your mail,dont contribute to anyone saying they are donating because crime of every kind is on the rise,secure your belongings and stay safe

Delhi case » Post #9

Thu Apr 02, 2020 06:35 in General Talk

Only essential services are functional in Banks with minimum staff so it will take longer for bank to credit your money to your account

Delhi case » Post #7

Thu Apr 02, 2020 06:10 in General Talk

Yes so the lockdown should be enforced anyone breaking rules should be behind bars

Delhi case » Post #4

Thu Apr 02, 2020 04:34 in General Talk

Yes so just imagine what will happen in our country if the lockdown is lifted without dealing with the problem

Delhi case » Post #2

Thu Apr 02, 2020 04:22 in General Talk

All I saw on CNN people attended prayers in a Mosque they were not within the permitted distance from each other,they were all taken in a bus many have tested positive for Coronavirus this is the condition of the Capital of the country,when places of worship were not allowed how did this lapse occur,maybe people need to realize that god is not immune that you go to a place of worship and you will be safe

Can You Survive 100 day lockdown poll..tasman1 » Post #10

Thu Apr 02, 2020 03:23 in General Talk

Its an eye opener for everyone that we are not a society comparable to others in the world when the whole world is following the same lockdown norms or you can say its being imposed why not here,sixth largest economy,five trillion economy was only political talk nothing else,World bank projections a couple of days ago say poverty and unemployment in some Asian countries will rise sharply,in India approximately 30 million people could add to the existing people below the poverty line,which means unemployment will be very high,I dont mind the lockdown for as long as it is necessary to contain the virus

Let's Pray » Post #11

Tue Mar 31, 2020 10:39 in General Talk

Even my god are our NHS they are risking their lives for people who are suffering they deserve our wishes and goodwill a vaccine is not going to be discovered before 2021 so lets support our health providers

Let's Pray » Post #7

Tue Mar 31, 2020 10:25 in General Talk

If God is doing all this he is not going to let things go or change anything by praying, we have a better chance if we fight it as a civilization that is what everyone is saying or have we decided god has to be proved correct by bringing our own end

FINAL END OF HUMANITY...tasman1 » Post #9

Tue Mar 31, 2020 07:53 in General Talk

I was watching CNN a doctor in a hospital in New York was saying its very difficult to detect the virus you may not be having the symptoms that are being told everywhere but could still be having it and you could spread it for two days till it got suppressed if you feel any changes in the way you feel stay athome for seven days if everything is fine you are safe and you will no longer transmit it to others

FINAL END OF HUMANITY...tasman1 » Post #7

Tue Mar 31, 2020 07:26 in General Talk

Has anyone told you,you will go to hell welcome to India

People in Copenhagen don't seem to care at all » Post #2

Tue Mar 31, 2020 07:03 in General Talk

Get a test go to the hospital stay two meters from everyone cover your mouth with a mask wash your hands drink some alcohol best of luck hope to see you back here soon
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