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Posts by Arvind9

My first payment from y sense » Post #9

Tue Apr 21, 2020 08:37 in Success Stories

Put screenshot as payment proof in the format as in DEMONBANE post

My first payment from y sense » Post #7

Tue Apr 21, 2020 08:30 in Success Stories

DEMONBANE a Indian member has shown proof of payment he received,maybe you could provide proof,you can check his post which is locked as proof,I am not supposed to put screenshots for others

Oil Price what on earth??? » Post #12

Mon Apr 20, 2020 14:39 in General Talk

There could be civil unrest due to unemployment,India's Prime minister says there is lot of scope for the youth to do well,HOW world is in recession everyone is in lockdown;Banks are refusing to give loans without guarantee,financial system will collapse if they start contributing money,actually governments are scared that the magnitude of the problem will get out of hand they dont have the means to hold things together for long,war against China who has the money for a war,governments would do well if their own citizens did not start going crazy

Yesense se koi 30000 monthl earning kar rha hai... » Post #2

Mon Apr 20, 2020 14:21 in Hindi

Yeha koyehe behe sapna ma behe 30000 per month nahi kama saktha hai,koyeh bhi trick nayehi kuch log internet pa galt bat failaya reha hai
No one can earn 30000 a month here there is no trick, people on the internet in their blogs spread wrong information maybe just to get referrals

Oil Price what on earth??? » Post #9

Mon Apr 20, 2020 12:37 in General Talk

India is not a oil producing country we get crude from Saudi Arabia,Iran,so India is not effected by fall in oil prices,government has increased exercise duty,if one goes by oil prices in the international market petrol should be Rs 40 per liter but in my city of Mumbai its Rs76 per liter petrol price has not come down in line with falling prices,its constant as it was before the beginning of the crisis,so the government is making money from fall in oil prices by not reducing it for the consumer,right now no one would mind it because everyone is in lockdown demand is low,I filled up my tank 20 days ago and its still full


Sun Apr 19, 2020 00:22 in General Talk

The site is very good at paying its not a problem,your country location demographics will determine how well you do,no other member can help in this matter,screenout disqualification are very common,welcome to YSENCE hope you do well

Darkstar2 where are you? » Post #11

Sun Apr 19, 2020 00:17 in General Talk

It depends on your location and demographics not everyone will do well,since February I have been able to get a 16% bonus everyday including today,everyone is under a lockdown make use of it change your routine and see if it makes any difference

Protectionism , New World .....tasman1 » Post #3

Sun Apr 19, 2020 00:11 in General Talk

Why did China grow because they can produce goods 40%-60% cheaper than the rest of the world Vietnam is already the biggest gainer they are able to do it at a very competitive level in Vietnam there are 256 Coronavirus cases 201 recovered their economy has not shut down I saw a news in context to this Vietnam is and will be the largest gainer from China,even India cannot produce goods as cheap as China and Vietnam we get many Chinese goods they are so cheap that India cannot produce at that cost,the key even today will be which countries can be as cheap as China and Vietnam only those countries could gain from a china fallout

He is the one, told you .... tasman1 » Post #4

Sat Apr 18, 2020 19:22 in General Talk

France Spain Britain have extended their lockdown they have been under lockdown for longer than the US,they have less than half number of people infected and dead than the US,I have always said politics comes first people can go to hell,all democratic states are not in a hurry to relax lockdown because Trump is getting desperate elections are due in November if America does not open up before the elections and people dont get jobs Trump will go,everyday Joe Biden Democratic presidential candidates rating are going up,politics will prevail people will die makes no difference they are only for electing a government those who are alive can do it,Trump is getting so nervous that one day he says something the next day its the opposite desperation is creeping into him.

Hello guys im new » Post #6

Sat Apr 18, 2020 13:56 in Member Introduction

You must be aware there is a Philippines section in the forum,put your question there some members living in your city or town or district could tell you better how to earn

Hello guys im new » Post #4

Sat Apr 18, 2020 12:58 in Member Introduction

Dont look at the members post who says he made $5 in three days because ir does not apply to everyone,your country location and demographics determine availability of opertunities to earn,its good to appreciate everyone doing well and good luck to other members

Americans are Receiving Stimulus Checks » Post #10

Sat Apr 18, 2020 12:38 in General Talk

I spoke to people in my community some people say government is sending Rs 500 approximately $6.70 main criteria for receiving money is determined by religion its not necessary poor or affected people are getting it,its just going to people having an account with a government account not a public sector bank account but a jan dhan account anyone not having that kind of account wont get anything even if they are poor unemployed or effect by the virus

Darkstar2 where are you? » Post #3

Fri Apr 17, 2020 06:10 in General Talk

He was here yesterday just go back to some past posts and you will find his reply with last seen under his forum details showing YESTERDAY not trying to defend anyone but its better to check before going on anyone

PM message again » Post #26

Wed Apr 15, 2020 18:07 in General Talk

Yes the media is quiet illeterate because they thrive on fake news,if the Economic Times a Times of India business publication starts giving fake news one can imagine what's going to happen

Americans are Receiving Stimulus Checks » Post #3

Wed Apr 15, 2020 18:02 in General Talk

Only rumors are being spread here,the fact that people are running everywhere because they dont have food and money shows the poor are not getting anything except police thrashing

Australia to start Slavery .........tasman1 » Post #4

Wed Apr 15, 2020 17:41 in General Talk

The Indian government has many apps for various purposes including one for Coronavirus they all track people and their activities,I have not installed any of them,I get messages on my phone to install them but I have never done it,only difference is they cannot explain to people what they intended to do but are carrying out the same functions what you have described

PM message again » Post #24

Wed Apr 15, 2020 14:34 in General Talk

Its a very corrupt state the system functions on bribes,its ridden with religious and ethnic differences,most parts of the state are still 40 years back in time,people who were desperate to get back home from Delhi and Mumbai are from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar

PM message again » Post #22

Wed Apr 15, 2020 11:34 in General Talk

People in the state of Uttar Pradesh Pradesh throwing stones at police and health care providers
SBI reduces interest on accounts with less than 5000000 to zero,5000000 3.50%,above 5000000 3.75%

Aliens are coming » Post #2

Wed Apr 15, 2020 11:31 in General Talk

True their world ended they need one to survive they will give us a virus which will guarantee our extinction and pave the way for their colonization of earth,we are in a hurry to go extinct they will oblige us

PM message again » Post #21

Wed Apr 15, 2020 07:57 in General Talk

Central government refuses to open railway service to help people in Mumbai get back home,state government conveys it to the people on a Marathi channel
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