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Posts by Arvind9

Nuclear Arms Spending Priorities » Post #6

Mon Jun 15, 2020 12:16 in General Talk

No its not entirely Kashmir,partition in 1947 is still a very lively issue,just imagine that almost no one can really relate how the partition happened even our present Prime minister was not born at that time,but he can talk as if he saw everything,the point is after a certain time history can be distorted because no one living now saw it,those who saw it can only tell you about their experience during partation the rest are blank,so again Pakistan becomes an issue,its very common in many countries governments keep changing history to make it more politically viable

Nuclear Arms Spending Priorities » Post #4

Mon Jun 15, 2020 11:50 in General Talk

Thats right Pakistan is economically very weak but we still cannot get into a war with Pakistan,,getting into a war with Pakistan will only create a situation where Pakistan is more likely to use its nuclear weapons against us because they would feel venerable in a war because we are far more advanced,so we are restricted to exchange of fire at the border,China thinks more intelligently they will keep testing India's power and take advantage wherever they find weakness against us but even they would never get into a nuclear war

Nuclear Arms Spending Priorities » Post #2

Mon Jun 15, 2020 09:02 in General Talk

Thats right it reduces the chances of a war,only a limited war is possible,we had a war with Pakistan several times in the past but since both India and Pakistan developed Nuclear weapons the chances of a war are nil,both contries only indulge in a limited war that is firing at each other at the border sending a military into each other's territory has become impossible,Pakistan's nuclear weapons are not too mordern but enough to serve the purpose,war is just a word politicians use to take advantage of peoples sentiments,hope countries could spend more on nuclear energy which would help in developing clean energy

Good News » Post #16

Mon Jun 15, 2020 06:32 in General Talk

Yes even Covid19 wont take more lifes every year to reduce population growth;thats why there is no value for life,it teaches us many lessons,how much can a human specie endure if confined to a enclosed place,not very long,thus we can still not define our race as very intelligent,technology is only an illusion we have created to describe our intelligence but if we are tests in the real sense we are very weak as a specie,people cannot even survive in a lockdown in their own homes for long they start having mental problems and many even die not being able to handle the pressure.

Good News » Post #12

Sun Jun 14, 2020 03:13 in General Talk

The present government also spoke about controlling population they asked for feedback from experts but later gave up the idea,people forget the past but politicians dont thats why politicians always get the better of the people because they know people have a very short memory but politicians don't they must have remembered what happened in the past and the idea of population control fizzled out.

Good News » Post #7

Sat Jun 13, 2020 11:46 in General Talk

Yes but illiteracy is so high that people wont agree they say god will feed them,you cannot say anything God is an sensitive issue people will never bring a government back that will try to hurt religious sentiments,even if I help someone in need today the credit will go to god I am a fool

Coronavirus has mutated - it's back and it's ugly » Post #4

Sat Jun 13, 2020 11:38 in General Talk

Its very important that people are not allowed to travel far from where they live forget foreign travel borders should remain closed,let people move within their place of residence with some restriction,let alone the media even governments are misleading people just to keep the country open and allow businesses to resume,one thing is good some politicians in our country have got infected couple have died,when politicians start dying they will think about the problem more seriously,its important they also loose their lives

Good News » Post #4

Sat Jun 13, 2020 11:16 in General Talk

More than two decades ago China had a law to control birth and population,it stated only one child per family would get education government benifits anyone having more than one child would be deprived of all benefits including no ration for every additional child in a family,and it was strictly imposed at that time China was not a power to recon with,things went terribly wrong people did not abid strictly by the rules illiteracy became very high,population kept rising at the same rate,the law had to be scrapped,population could never be bought under control but it was a changing phase in the history of China,today literacy is above 90% in China lots of reforms were introduced people because more aware of issues population rate slowed down because education and literacy played a very big role,today China is as good as a superpower,its very hard to control birth and population no one knows what will make people realise the importance of birth control,in some Scandinavian countries population is below average they need to increase it a bit but society is developed in such a way that its very difficult to bring some changes,even in India about four decades ago the government had introduced a system to control birth and population but people did not except it,it became an political issue when the elections were held the government lost miserable due to the birth control system,India has never been able to control its population China is three times the size of India but population is the same,India is like a sardine tin,it very difficult to control birth people dont except anything

Brazil at Second Place , Sorry .....tasman1 » Post #15

Sat Jun 13, 2020 02:03 in General Talk

sonyjmn wrote: This is the stats for India

confirmed cases 309K, Recovered 154K and Deaths 8884

Drastically numbers are increasing in Delhi, Mumbai
These numbers are not facts it is far worse than what the government reveals they are trying to mislead people but people dont believe it because ground reality is different,in the state of Haryana government is accusing hospitals of tests that are inaccurate and misleading,the whole world is prasing health care workers in their country but we are abusing them,because in Haryana state daily cases double every six days goes to show how quickly the virus is spreading,in Delhi which is a metropolitan city there are government declared cases 30,000,a minister from the Delhi government has said that by end of July Delhi will have more than 200000 very high for a metropolitan city maybe the minister has hinted its already quite high

World's extreme poor could pass a billion » Post #2

Fri Jun 12, 2020 10:26 in General Talk

Governments wont do anything they only talk about stimulus package to boot the economy if you go into detail of the package it has nothing to do with unemployment poverty its only about making shure the industry losses are reduced and big businesses dont close down many governments are not even trying to deal with the Covid19 problem they say people have to learn to live with it,naturally people who need to protect their livelihood will become victims

How many members like Rainy Season » Post #5

Fri Jun 12, 2020 10:14 in General Talk

If you live in a city you should hope it rains just enough to fulfill requirements or else it will be a disaster

Told you we are going back ...tasman1 » Post #25

Thu Jun 11, 2020 12:17 in General Talk

Thats right people love politicians so much that they even forget what is good for them and WAR drives sentiments irrespective of cost or loss of property and lifes,Its very easy to exploit Nationalism

Told you we are going back ...tasman1 » Post #23

Thu Jun 11, 2020 11:46 in General Talk

Panky45 wrote: Arvind9 You r trying to say that Pakistan PM has got lot money that they can offer to help us. What a joke!! :D :D :D
I think you are from that kind of people who always try to demean our country by making such statements. First Pakistan need to feed their own people who are dying.

We could have just ignored it but if we get ourselves to their level there wont be any difference between us and them,we get so blinded by the name Pakistan that we cannot take even a word,if Donald Trump gives it to us we become like mute cats,dont forget even our people are dying hungry but the government is helpless,there are more important things than the word PAKISTAN but we ignore it .

Told you we are going back ...tasman1 » Post #20

Thu Jun 11, 2020 11:12 in General Talk

suraraj wrote: India is facing a huge problem due to locust attack and this has become a very serious problem in North India and huge acres of cultivated crops are destroyed by the Locust. Locust are known to travel to many countries and the Locust is now migrating from Pakistan and Afghanistan. Locust originated from other countries and India is suffering from this and we are now spending crores of money to prevent and protect our crops.
I would suggest the Indian government to ask for Economic loss from the originating countries of Locust as soon as possible.

The Prime minister of Pakistan has already offered to help,but our government has put it off in arrogance,saying our Covid19 stimulus page is equal to Pakistans GDP issue over,we dont need anything

Second time ZERO earning in 9 days » Post #22

Wed Jun 10, 2020 09:05 in Success Stories

Manager Administration

9th June x.70$ & 8th June x.40$ » Post #2

Wed Jun 10, 2020 07:01 in Success Stories

What is this X

Second time ZERO earning in 9 days » Post #17

Wed Jun 10, 2020 06:49 in Success Stories

Fortunately I need to go to my workplace only twice a week for company meetings,and for four days work remotely,just a few months ago I was talking to some sales agents from an Automobile dealer on how automation will take over jobs,seems the time has come for corporates to seriously think about automation to replace jobs,this is what we discussed at our company meeting recently,one day automaton had to replace jobs the time has come to implement that is how business will function more effectively even if there is a crisis like the present one,many people will become jobless but it has to happen sooner or later.
Maybe thats why cultivated land is important many people will work in fields :)

Second time ZERO earning in 9 days » Post #12

Wed Jun 10, 2020 03:13 in Success Stories

Thats right you should pay more attention to what is happening at your location what other members post is not an indicator that you should also see something similar,many members think they are doing something wrong,what a member experiences is only good for that member,couple of things in your profile are not demographic,I always get disqualified when I click I dont have any cultivated land,how many people in the world have cultivated land,farmers in our country dont register with GPT sites,cultivated land was never important a few years ago it was never even a profile question

Second time ZERO earning in 9 days » Post #8

Wed Jun 10, 2020 02:24 in Success Stories

If you are from Hyderabad which is the capital of AP/Telengana depending on how far your location is from the other side of Hyderabad into the other state,your state becomes more important when clicking on a survey,even these small things make a difference ,so much that a member from Mumbai where even I stay does not get surveys as regularly as me,location makes such a huge difference that within a Metropolitan city two members dont get surveys the same way,what are surveys targeting is difficult to tell

Second time ZERO earning in 9 days » Post #3

Wed Jun 10, 2020 01:50 in Success Stories

One day a member asked you where are you from you answered AP/Telengana,what do you click in a survey
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