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Arvind9 -New Menu is here....tasman1 » Post #60

Fri Sep 17, 2021 11:14 in General Talk

I am a Hindu by birth only for government record but I can chant

ALLAH OH AKBAR any restrictions on it

Tomorrow if we have visitors from another world and they ask people who are you are you going to identify yourself with your religion they will go nuts and wonder what stupidity we feed on but if everyone on earth say we are humans that will make sense to anyone in the universe because that is our true identity not your religion

Arvind9 -New Menu is here....tasman1 » Post #59

Fri Sep 17, 2021 11:01 in General Talk

I dont imagine anything proof is important not just for god or religion but for everything,one word in a text can create belief and illusion for millions of years even without proof,that word can be twisted according to belief,when you dont understand something why do people say science has proved it why could your religion not answer your question meaning we don't trust our own civilization what we understand we still lean upon imaginations and beliefs to show us our way what is life where reality is missing its a waste because your life goes into believing into nothing,what you define as proof of your belief is preaching and brainwashing

I had dinner with Allah and many other gods want to challenge my belief

Arvind9 -New Menu is here....tasman1 » Post #57

Fri Sep 17, 2021 09:49 in General Talk

No one will come belief defined as illusion will fail everyone you wont even be able to question your own belief,irony of the whole thing is none of us will be alive to see the rubbish we believe thats why it does not cost anything to throw words out of the mouth,when you see what you believe in reality come back and talk in something you saw not imagination

Arvind9 -New Menu is here....tasman1 » Post #55

Fri Sep 17, 2021 06:57 in General Talk

People are ignorant thats why governments and politicians take advantage,very few people nowdays in our country know about their religion other than its name so naturally politicians can manipulate with belief religion is dying a slow death people themselves are responsible for it,today here in the news I read that the Supreme Court of Brazil has restrained the Brazilian president from using religion for political gains why? He is taking advantage of people belief and people dont mind it

Religion is a private matter practice it in your home or place of worship why is it necessary to wash it on the streets and make a mockrey of it

6.89 on 16/09 [ OK ] .....tasman1 » Post #4

Fri Sep 17, 2021 01:05 in Success Stories

tasman1 wrote:
Arvind9 wrote: 1 PureSpectrum $2.00
2 Yoursurveys $0.51 $0.60
2 Toluna $1.04
2 offers $0.02

Total $4.17
Bonus 16% $0.66
Month $59.30

Cool , it looks you will go above 100.00 in Septembar

You are in quite a hurry with imagination,Tasman1 rewriting mathematical equations

Arvind9 -New Menu is here....tasman1 » Post #53

Fri Sep 17, 2021 01:01 in General Talk

Religion 2.0 says Jeff Bezos is god everyone else idiots

6.89 on 16/09 [ OK ] .....tasman1 » Post #2

Fri Sep 17, 2021 00:55 in Success Stories

1 PureSpectrum $2.00
2 Yoursurveys $0.51 $0.60
2 Toluna $1.04
2 offers $0.02

Total $4.17
Bonus 16% $0.66
Month $59.30

Arvind9 -New Menu is here....tasman1 » Post #52

Fri Sep 17, 2021 00:39 in General Talk

Religion 2.0 humans rewriting Religion because traditional religion is outdated,government changes not just history but even religious facts given in scripts because very few understand traditional religion,eg a government minister says NASA has proved something that is not given anywhere,I thought NASA was in space Science technology since when did they start proving distorted facts so slowly traditional religion as given in scripts is getting phased out universities are given new version to teach,anyway it makes no difference after all religion and god is made by us we can mend it with time NASA WILL ALWAYS PROVE IT

Good but short 30.00......,tasman1 » Post #8

Thu Sep 16, 2021 05:56 in Your Stats

Just received $100 paypal transferred to bank at Rs7,082.60
Total cashout this year $800 at Rs57,919

Arvind9 -New Menu is here....tasman1 » Post #51

Thu Sep 16, 2021 03:09 in General Talk

Only religious people go to hell or heaven rest dont need to go anywhere after dying

46.62 Sep First Half ........tasman1 » Post #3

Thu Sep 16, 2021 00:55 in Success Stories

1 PureSpectrum $1.72
2 Offers $0.02

Total $1.74
Bonus 16% $0.27
Month $54.47

Arvind9 -New Menu is here....tasman1 » Post #49

Wed Sep 15, 2021 20:58 in General Talk

None I wont be in either place after dying

Good but short 30.00......,tasman1 » Post #6

Wed Sep 15, 2021 08:23 in Your Stats

I just cashedout today will get by next week everday rupee value changes today its Rs73.60 to a dollar which will give Rs7000 odd

Good but short 30.00......,tasman1 » Post #4

Wed Sep 15, 2021 04:16 in Your Stats

tasman1 wrote: So far this year is not bad
So far I am 30.00 bucks short to have same earn as last year

3 month and 15 day left this year ... hope to earn that 30 buck that I am short ... have chance , hope :mrgreen:

Year $965.53
Last Year $995.31

Lifetime Total $6,633.43

Even I cashedout 100$ today balance 162$

9/11 2001 » Post #13

Wed Sep 15, 2021 03:06 in General Talk

I was watching a computer simulation video of 9/11 it showed what actually happened and created the building to collapse,the impact had to be through the building across to the other side,the plane entered where there was no concrete only wooden structuring thats why the plane was able to pass through the building to the other side breaking down all the wooden structuring and in the process blowing up the fuel system of the plane which resulted in the building catching fire because everything was only wood had it hit the building where there was only concrete things would have been different the plane would not have gone through goes to show someone was able to provide details of the building structuring to terror groups and was able to explain where exactly the plane should hit to have maximum impact

Darkstar , Bill say NO .....tasman1 » Post #8

Tue Sep 14, 2021 22:29 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote:
Arvind9 wrote: They all reinvest on themselves in the US bodies of very rich people are preserved it costs billions to do it,its thought that one day science will able to revive even the dead

And they can invest in that unlimited money

We can invest only few cent that we earn from survey ... do not think I can buy immortality for 5 cent :mrgreen:

Scientists are carrying out experiments and say human life can be extended upto 200 years,in ancient scripts its mentioned how Gods lived on earth for 10,000 years before they left,meaning aliens could be so advanced that they could engineer life functions increase life span.this is what science should be able to achieve someday thats why the super rich arrange for their bodies to be preserved till science can achieve a way of bringing a dead back to life,in some scripts it just says it was time for god to leave many people intepret it as god died sounds very foolish but this is what is belief about that people cannot even imagine how can god die

$2.07on Tuesday » Post #3

Tue Sep 14, 2021 22:17 in Success Stories

1 Toluna $0.52
1 Yoursurveys $0.60
2 offers $0.02

Total $1.14
Bonus 16% $0.18
Month $52.48

phone number verification issue » Post #2

Tue Sep 14, 2021 21:42 in Filipino

Check if you have international SMS enabled on your phone,because phone verification is difficult if your country does not support Pi network
Pi network is Digital currency project

Hello » Post #2

Tue Sep 14, 2021 01:06 in Member Introduction

You will get surveys and offers depending on your location and country so no one knows what anyone gets at their location,if your demographics meet the requirements you will qualify,no one can help very much

$2.06 on monday » Post #2

Tue Sep 14, 2021 01:02 in Success Stories

1 Ysence Featured $2.00
1Purespectrum $0.70
1 Yoursurveys $0.21

Total $2.91
Bonus 16% $0.46
Month $51.16
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