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Posts by Arvind9

Indians have taken vaccine » Post #15

Thu Mar 25, 2021 01:01 in General Talk

Sorry I thought it was about English language

Indians have taken vaccine » Post #13

Wed Mar 24, 2021 23:56 in General Talk

English is still the official language in India and if you ask our government Hindi national language,native language is only applicable at local level

Indians have taken vaccine » Post #11

Wed Mar 24, 2021 23:44 in General Talk

Indian English has many versions,if you hear them you wont be able to classify them according to region,even my native language that I speak is very difficult even for an Indian to identify from where I am,because its not what people speak at my native place nor where I stay its so mixed up that it cannot be identified to a certain region language is so complicated in India

Indians have taken vaccine » Post #9

Wed Mar 24, 2021 20:41 in General Talk

Thats why its being given free by the government if you fall sick taking it its your problem,its a way of testing an incomplete vaccine on the entire population to know generally how effective it is,people are desperate enough to take it.

Indians have taken vaccine » Post #7

Wed Mar 24, 2021 15:04 in General Talk

Yes thats why a vaccine is not recommended now due to several reasons,effectiveness its reactions,its no point taking something that is not a permanent solution but just temporary,its better to wait for a vaccine that will serve the purpose even if it takes time,unless you want to keep taking vaccines regularly to just protect yourself,as I said right now the vaccine is for people who need it,to boost self confidence nothing else because many people have a weak immune system and will get sick easily,a couple of days ago I was sitting with a person having Covid19 at that time he seemed fine but now he is sick but I am absolutely fine;even though I was close to a Covid19 person I did not get it because my immunity is high and follow rules

Indians have taken vaccine » Post #5

Wed Mar 24, 2021 09:16 in General Talk

A vaccine will be available for a long time and can be taken if whenever you feel you need it,I would suggest waiting for a vaccine which is tested properly and will serve the purpose of a more permanent solution rather than waste time getting into a temporary solution just to boost self confidence,if you dont have any health issues it would be better to wait for a proper vaccine

Indians have taken vaccine » Post #3

Tue Mar 23, 2021 18:04 in General Talk

The area where I stay has been declared a containment zone every night I hear the sound of an Ambulance passing by,but when daylight breaks one finds nothing to suggest that anything is contained everyone is interacting normal without any restrictions many are without a face mask wonder what is the definition of CONTAINMENT ZONE and what does it look like, :D I heard a local man saying in Marathi MODIJI why privatize just take peoples money and tell them country has gone poper

Indians have taken vaccine » Post #2

Tue Mar 23, 2021 17:50 in General Talk

Unless a proper vaccine is available with all tests completed successfully a vaccine only for an emergency requirement will not serve any purpose,if you take the vaccine now eight months later you will need it again because the entire population will be vaccinated in 7 years,the vaccine that the government is giving is only an immunity booster which will protect from Hospitalization nothing else,an year has passed people have been through a situation worse than now maybe some people could have learned how to deal with the situation,the government is desperate thats why they have introduced a temporary solution in a hurry,in some places people are threatened not to talk about the reactions they have experienced from the vaccine so that the general public stay ignorant of facts


Sat Mar 20, 2021 22:07 in Filipino

Earnings for Saturday 20th March
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Congratulations everyone

Today $6.30 Yesterday $8.35 ....tasman1 » Post #5

Sat Mar 20, 2021 00:01 in Success Stories

Despite all the odds Friday was a normal day,many PureSpectrum surveys are there but cannot qualify for many because most were tried on another survey platform or site,survey allowed only once even if it was completed on Mars,
2 PureSpectrum surveys completed successfully $0.78
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Fri Mar 19, 2021 04:01 in Filipino

Congratulations login regularly to get surveys consistently,so that you can do well on a regular basis

First C-19 Vac Today » Post #31

Thu Mar 18, 2021 19:01 in General Talk

Latest news the Covid19 pandemic has pushed 32 million Indians below the middle class

Online games safe » Post #20

Thu Mar 18, 2021 18:57 in General Talk

Adgate offer Board Kings 237 cents very good offer it pays and is easy to complete within the given time,I had completed this offer long time back on some other offer wall for 3$

Time change » Post #3

Thu Mar 18, 2021 04:41 in General Talk

Yes its everywhere,its called DST daily savings time in the US as the day gets longer the clock is reset to one hour longer,DST starts at Sunday14th March and ends Sunday 7th November

Online games safe » Post #19

Thu Mar 18, 2021 03:04 in General Talk

There is some confusion all Casino games dont pay you they are only for fun,you need to download the application and play,they are sometimes available in many countries in offers you need to reach a certain level in the game in a specified period of time,if you complete it successfully within the given period the given reward is credited to your Ysence account,they pay very well anything between 3$ to 20$ depending on the countries that are targeted,I see members from Turkey getting such games regularly and they pay very high in their country,even I play them whenever its available but here for India it pays between 3-7$,these are fun games not generating money

In Adscend in offers you will find some free trials,they require only credit card information no charges no in app purchase and it pays instantly,there are couple of them still available if you try all of them you can make more than 10$,I have completed them two days ago successfully

8.35 for 17/03 Very Good .....tasman1 » Post #2

Thu Mar 18, 2021 01:31 in Success Stories

Very good start to the day
2 Toluna surveys completed $52×2
1 Opinionworld $0.58

First C-19 Vac Today » Post #30

Thu Mar 18, 2021 01:29 in General Talk

Seems educating people is more important than a vaccine,vaccine effectiveness will be 8 months,it will take 7 years to vaccinate the entire population,that would mean a person would have to get two shots every 8 months,the vaccine was ment as an emergency requirement but it wont fulfill even that,its a desperate situation

Monthly Average earned in 17 day....tasman1 » Post #2

Wed Mar 17, 2021 20:33 in Your Stats

I read many members posting what is not there rather than trying whatever is there,just click everything is best policy,it counts in the end waiting for specific invites is like if SAMPLICIO is not there no earnings,Yoursurveys does not pay no earnings,the scope of earnings is so narrowed down that ultimately earnings are impacted,March is turning out to be good what is there what is not there who cares,even today's earning above $4 which is well above daily average of $2.25 .

First C-19 Vac Today » Post #19

Wed Mar 17, 2021 09:01 in General Talk

Since most of Indian Pharmaceutical companies are from Europe and they get 70% of their raw material from China the Indian government is in agreement with WHO and European countries to supply vaccines to countries that cannot get it,only then Indian government can get it free,India has already sent millions of doses to Pakistan Bangladesh Brazil and African countries all free under the agreement so government is not doing a favor to any citizen by giving it free,they are taxing everyone because the economy is in recession and going down further that's why they are on a mass selling spree of PSU'S to the private sparking protests because many government servants will become jobless after privatization

First C-19 Vac Today » Post #16

Wed Mar 17, 2021 08:47 in General Talk

So after 8 months get two more shots because by that time less than 20% of the population will be vaccinated and many will never take it
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