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From Covid recovery to Black Fungus » Post #2

Sun May 23, 2021 04:28 in General Talk

Nothing no one knows how many variants exist and what are the symptoms,in India even doctors are dying of Covid19 in the state of UP 37,Bihar 78,they are Frontline workers they were the first ones to be vaccinated then how did they die

Finally! ySense affiliate program rocks! » Post #7

Sat May 22, 2021 19:03 in Success Stories

Idjosko wrote: Hello there,

I hope that you are doing fine in these hard times. I am not so good in words but I MUST share my impression about ySense and its affiliate program!

I am member of this panel from 2011 and for these 10 years being here and I never been happier then now. Why?
In last month, I really saw real potential of this website. I live in 3rd world country and surveys are not quite usual here on Balkans. Maybe we have around 5 per month. I know that I cant earn only for doing surveys so in last couple of years I promoting ySense all over the web. And you know what, after so many years of struggling with around 50$ from commission each month I can say that finally I started to earn good amount of money here!

Look on this statistic for previous 30 days! :clap: :clap: :clap:

And yes, for all new members here - ySense is really LEGIT websites that pay attention for their users needs: Mark (admin) ,for example, helps me when my account was attacked by phishers and spammers (Big Thanks again), they always paid what you earned (My withdraw of 50$ and 100$ are finished in 2-3 business days), they resolve any problem if you had...

LONG LIVE ySense and THANK YOU! :clap: ;)

P.S. Mark, if you read this post, could you take a view into this bug or whatever it is? I noticed that my number of referrals are drastically dropped out in referral list (over 12.000) but my regular stats shows their real number! In past, number of referrals on list was bigger then number is stats by 300 or 400, I think. Thanks!

I remember you posting most of your referrals are Indians just hope the lockdown in India does not end soon so that they remain active here you will do well most of them were inactive previously but maybe they use the site now taking advantage of the lockdown

App App App App - Bla Bla Bla » Post #8

Sat May 22, 2021 18:10 in General Talk

In India we still have bank branches all over the place and will remain because India is still 80% cash more than 85% still use cash many people survive on unaccounted money,many poor people dont have a bank account they dont earn anything what will they do with a bank they keep whatever cash they have athome,in India still nothing works properly netbanking is there but mostly its down or does not work properly one has to go to a bank branch,many apps are useless they can excess your personal information from your device your contacts location what you do on the net,why do you need apps that steal your information and give you nothing one should use the web for most things only pre-installed apps you can keep because they are mostly developed by the phone manufacturer you can disable apps you dont need through settings so that they dont run in the background and consume data and slow down your device you can install a good web browser in addition to what is pre-installed and couple of productivity apps just to keep you device running at the right speed your device will never crash or freeze if your software is updated regularly

Ha hahahaaa ha ha ha ha .....tasman1 » Post #11

Sat May 22, 2021 07:00 in General Talk

Despite this pandemic there are many Indians in China even now nothing has changed for them for them better opportunity in life are important they are there for higher studies it all depends on what is more important politics or achieving something in life

Ha hahahaaa ha ha ha ha .....tasman1 » Post #8

Sat May 22, 2021 05:51 in General Talk

I have been to many countries but I wanted to plan my next vacation for China its a very rich culture one visit would not be enough its a vast country but then this pandemic has changed everything maybe some time later we see democracy faultring in many countries one should always be open to another way of functioning just to understand better what we lack

But China is very much favorite place to visit

Not to bad today....tasman1 » Post #2

Sat May 22, 2021 00:50 in Success Stories

3 surveys today
1 Opinionworld $0.58
1 PureSpectrum $0.70
1 Peanutlabs $0.42
6 offers Revenue Universe $0.18
Total $1.88
Bonus 16% $0.30
Month $56.68

About tasman1 » Post #3

Fri May 21, 2021 22:08 in General Talk

What Valerie has described its great and very true with his characteristics he is able to show consistency and most importantly not lie the most important things for a person's character,its a pity to see people support lies and not truthfulness

Ha hahahaaa ha ha ha ha .....tasman1 » Post #6

Fri May 21, 2021 21:59 in General Talk

I have been to South Korea but even I would love to see what North Korea is like in contrast

Bye folks -Good Luck to all » Post #13

Fri May 21, 2021 14:46 in General Talk

I dont know how true it is what Suraraj says that his wife has an account here so he needs to close one he must be aware accounts are getting deactivated here

Bye folks -Good Luck to all » Post #11

Fri May 21, 2021 11:32 in General Talk

There are Indians on the other site Tasman1 keeps harping about it he just wanted to be shure they allow Indians he still hasn't closed his account here maybe he spends time on the other site to be shure of the switch he has had a very bad experience here if it works for him it could be good

Bye folks -Good Luck to all » Post #9

Fri May 21, 2021 11:13 in General Talk

This time he is not leaving without a reason,he was asking Tasman1 about another GPT site if they allow Indians since quiet some time he had it in his mind to switch before leaving again,he still finds that Ysence is not a user friendly site despite its ratings,if the other site gives a better experience there is no reason to be here,its the right time to switch because you dont want to get banned again,he was not here for a day or two because he registered with the other site he just needs a few days to make shure he has a better alternative and better user experience I think its fine

Bye folks -Good Luck to all » Post #4

Fri May 21, 2021 01:46 in General Talk

Best of luck and have a good time

9.49 on 20/09 not bad ....tasman1 » Post #2

Fri May 21, 2021 00:45 in Success Stories

Seems you will do better than last month thats good
3 surveys for Today
1 Toluna $0.52
1 Ysence $1.24
1 Peanutlabs $0.35
4 offers Revenue Universe $0.19
Total $2.30
Bonus at 16% $0.36
Month $ 54.50

Weekend has started lets see how slow it will get overall it was a good week

COVID Per Capita Fact....tasman1 » Post #46

Thu May 20, 2021 22:05 in General Talk

The Indian Prime Minister has said a very high percentage of young children have become victims of the pandemic,people thought only the old were severely affected by the Virus thinking younger people had more resistance and were less likely to fall sick all wrong thinking has created problems shows how ignorant society is towards facts.

COVID Per Capita Fact....tasman1 » Post #44

Thu May 20, 2021 20:20 in General Talk

New kind of disease erupts in India BLACK FUNGUS they say its related to Covid19 and has spread rapidly in a couple of states despite the lockdown government has declared it as a pandemic even before the second wave can be contained a new one emerges

I was a stranger in town » Post #11

Thu May 20, 2021 20:03 in General Talk

How did face masks come into existence it goes this way
God and Satan were having tea
GOD these humans crap a lot
Satan after all you made them
God ok but something has to be done
Satan simple make them wear their own undergarments over their face
God you have a very creative mind
Satan wonder who made you god we are more intelligent

We created god he created face mask to stop us from crapping

COVID Per Capita Fact....tasman1 » Post #43

Thu May 20, 2021 08:24 in General Talk

In India only 12% of the population is vaccinated in 130 days the ceo of thr firm that supplied vaccines to the government has left India because of too much pressure from the government he is in London with his family thats why many people are left with only one dose because vaccines are not available thats why SPUTNIK V has been imported from Russia but is it effective enough to protect against Indian variants thats the big question everything is mismanaged according to a New York times report Narendra Modi is one of the five world leaders who are worst in handling the pandemic

Earnings today » Post #2

Wed May 19, 2021 23:48 in Success Stories

4 surveys
1 Toluna $0.29 under 60 sec
3 Peanutlabs $0.22 $0.50 $2.52
3 offers Revenue Universe $0.18
Total $3.71
Bonus 16% $0.59
Month $51.84

1peanutlabs payed $2.09 yesterday today same topic $2.52

I was a stranger in town » Post #2

Wed May 19, 2021 20:37 in General Talk

Even here its being said by July the second wave will cool down and six months later there could be a third wave its going to take some time

Poll, Choose Wisely ....tasman1 » Post #2

Wed May 19, 2021 20:28 in General Talk

Nice to see you back in your element
Yesterday the whole day and tonight was very bad due to a cyclonic storm hitting the state of Gujarat in the Arabian sea at 160km/hour 100 miles/per hour even Mumbai was effected by rain now things have cooled down
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