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i need to cashout....pls help---indian » Post #2

Sat Feb 18, 2017 18:46 in Hindi

Yes on top of your page you will see Home My account Profile&Settings,click on Profile&Settings there you wil see method and a box how will I get paid click on the box you will see a few payment processors click on PAYZA enter your PAYZA id and below the page click update and its done.Right now PAYZA maybe the best payment processor for Indian members so you need to get a PAYZA account ,if you want any other option shown in your Profile &Settings when you clicked on the box you can follow the same procedure as I have given above.and finally cashout from your Accounts summary page.

Tips for ClixGrid » Post #13

Sat Feb 18, 2017 09:36 in General Talk

If you upgrade and get all your 60 clicks everyday at an average you will make $8-10 per year .

Please don't provide false info,since there is no guarantee you will win.....thanks

What music/song are you listening now? » Post #2122

Sat Feb 18, 2017 02:20 in General Talk

I alway watch live concerts on YOUTUE,at download music festival or just type live full concert and you will find one of the best concerts last night I watched a full concert by RICK WAKEMAN.

Average earnings per day since I started. » Post #11

Fri Feb 17, 2017 01:52 in Success Stories

You are really cool,congratulations very good work.

All You have to know about Payza » Post #6

Fri Feb 17, 2017 01:38 in Hindi

Guys just go to Google type comprasion between Paypal and Payza,considering the present situation Payza charges are slightly higher than PayPal seems fine,everyone's got so used to Paypal that no one wants to pay more just make it a habbit not to withdraw often,frankly I am cool no hurry to get the money out from here I have made Clixsense my bank account maybe paypal will be back then aramsey nikal daygey.

Best Option for payout in India » Post #20

Thu Feb 16, 2017 19:25 in Hindi

Paytoo is a mobile wallet they charge $1 for transfer from ClixSense to Paytoo if Clixsense charges transfer charges its additional you can use Patoo like a mobile wallet depending how commonly its used in India if you want to transfer from Patoo to your bank account charges are $8,someone here has mentioned Tango you can also get Google play store voucher from Tango but its a waste Google play store vouchers are avilable in many big mobile shops in India.

Need some idea about Payza » Post #3

Thu Feb 16, 2017 18:45 in Hindi

Paypal was the best payment processor since its not avilable I think Payza is the best option,its fees are quiet in line with paypal just a slight difference, Paytoo is like mobile wallet transferring money from ClixSense to Paytoo $1 if there are any Clixsense charges for transfer I dont know,you can pay from your Paytoo wallet depending on how common it is in India if you want to transfer money from Patoo to your bank account charges are $8

A new Space record » Post #7

Thu Feb 16, 2017 00:56 in General Talk

World record has been set successfully today at 9.30am IST,PSLV-C37 rocket has put 104 satellites into orbit,US-96 satellites,one each from ISREAL,KAZAKHSTAN,NETHERLANDS,SWITZERLAND,UAE and three from INDIA

Smartphone e Flash Player. Problemi » Post #6

Wed Feb 15, 2017 23:48 in Italian

Yes he is right even firefox brouser supports flash player so just check which brouser is compatible with your device and download.

Smartphone e Flash Player. Problemi » Post #2

Wed Feb 15, 2017 22:46 in Italian

Android does not support flash player, you need to install a brouser that supports flash player on your device,maybe you can try a Dolphin browser enable flash on it always avilable and disable add blocker it will work.

A new Space record » Post #4

Wed Feb 15, 2017 13:14 in General Talk

I saw it on CNN

A new Space record » Post #1

Wed Feb 15, 2017 07:28 in General Talk

Tomorrow may well be history,Indias space organisation ISRO will launch a PSLV rocket 144ft tall carring 104 satellites into space,previous records RUSSIA 37 satellites,NASA 29

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day!!! » Post #8

Mon Feb 13, 2017 02:11 in General Talk

pindokhan123 wrote: yep 2moro is valentines day so good luck for all you guys,,as for me,well ....i will be staying sober,coz one drink too many i tend to write posts that i really shouldn't do ,oh well,,no harm done hey ;)

No problem you can drink if it stinks too much Valerie is there .

Average earnings per day since I started. » Post #2

Sat Feb 11, 2017 03:05 in Success Stories

How did you account for $38.50 pending is it given anywhere in your account summary,and sorry your country of origin as shown next to your user name please.

tip for cashing out with payoneer » Post #6

Fri Feb 10, 2017 18:47 in General Talk

That would mean if you cashout every month you will end up loosing $24 in a year,ones a year just $2 sounds good :D

Marcels Lock » Post #1

Thu Feb 09, 2017 08:23 in General Talk

I dont know what happened but its amazing after Marcel locked my post my reply got through his lock,maybe Marcel did not turn the keys properly

lots of peepss peed off today » Post #25

Thu Feb 09, 2017 00:37 in General Talk

You guys stay busy here let me qualify for some surveys dont leave this post soon

Need some information... » Post #3

Thu Feb 09, 2017 00:22 in Hindi

Only PAYNOOER will work in India

Paypal Alternative ? » Post #6

Wed Feb 08, 2017 22:12 in General Talk

Just go to your PayPal account and contact them with your withdrawal details from ClixSense,many Indians have opened a PAYONEER account even I tried but it did not work.

Paypal Alternative ? » Post #3

Wed Feb 08, 2017 21:41 in General Talk

I tried registring with PAYONEER it did not work
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