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Please Come and Enjoy .......tasman1 » Post #43

Fri Aug 13, 2021 04:49 in General Talk

Everything takes time religion is not a very old institution in devloped countries Atheism is rising very fast by the turn of the next century there would be more Atheists than religious people which means its very necessary to have a devloped society to move into the next stage of evolution,even 10,000 years ago humans had not yet migrated to different parts of the world from Africa there were no geographical lines people could go anywhere because no country or boundaries existed,the oldest religion which we call Hinduism today was formed 12,000 years ago by people who came from Jordan Syria at that time god did not exist on earth so the religion was created on the basis of a community the word Hindu is only 675 yeas old but the religion 12,000 years old all other religions were created within 4000 years ,let humans mess around for some time things will change :D so basically GOD comes at a time when a civilization starts moving into a more devloped stage we are still defined as animals because we behave like animals GOD is just an part of an evolutionary process at the right time religion snd god will leave because then humans dont need help this would be applicable everywhere in the universe god is not a permanent entity only difference is GOD would be defined as something else in another world but basically god is not the creator of the universe we just think so because we cannot imagine anything more intelligent with time humans will come to know what exactly is GOD

Please Come and Enjoy .......tasman1 » Post #40

Thu Aug 12, 2021 09:16 in General Talk

Historians scientists and Archeologists today know a lot that people dont know they are not allowed to reveal anything the political and religious institution is so powerful that they can prevent anything just because its in the intrest of politicians and religious institutions that truth does not come out in society thats why both have a common interest to protect their interests;governments change history to distort facts but it can only be changed in your own country world history still will have those facts governments cannot change that who is going to check what the facts are very few people know that history gets changed in their country thats why people are far away from what religion actually teaches they only follow what politicians spread which is distorted so religion and politics can never be separated they share common interests I see scientists evading questions because they are probhited from talking because they know a lot that we dont.

Please Come and Enjoy .......tasman1 » Post #38

Thu Aug 12, 2021 06:48 in General Talk

Religion is a political tool its very effective politicians distort religious beliefs for their advantage many people are not aware but Religion has got diluted people believe any crap so politicians can break religious understanding in their way I dont even know my neighbors everyone is in their own world society is so alof in citys that even if I die no one in my neighborhood would know the servant working athome is the source of what is happening arround,so politicians will thrive when they devide society

Today 3.79 Yesterday 3.48 SLOW....tasman1 » Post #7

Thu Aug 12, 2021 03:25 in Success Stories

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Please Come and Enjoy .......tasman1 » Post #36

Thu Aug 12, 2021 03:18 in General Talk

Yes definitely there are 4,300 religions on earth 32 million gods one will give sandwich another pizza Biryani and so on unfortunately most people on earth dont know how to count 32 million,oh ok how many zeros to 32 million thats why Google was made for people to understand how to count 32 million

Please Come and Enjoy .......tasman1 » Post #33

Wed Aug 11, 2021 07:26 in General Talk

Our Ancestors saw something even I believe we still cling on to the theory that our ancestors have been relating they did not even know they were on a planet how could they understand correctly something that they had never seen before there is a huge difference in the level of Intelligence that our ancestors possessed and we do today if the same events unfold today we will understand it in a very different way than what I ancestors understood but unfortunately those events were time bound wont repeat itself it was only for a civilization that was in its primitive stage with a very low level of intelligence

Please Come and Enjoy .......tasman1 » Post #31

Wed Aug 11, 2021 02:49 in General Talk

kanjoormadam09 wrote: faith, humanity, religion, wars . God , discipline, hatred, fear, all these are man made and so can change with peoples attitude. There is nothing to be called sin in this world as all these are for humans only. Humans can kill and eat other creatures that is not a sin. If all the above vices are sin then It is the biggest sin .God is a myth and Bible and other religious books were compiled by humans to be secure a sort of selfishness

The word God was invented 2500 years ago it derived from the German word Gud,only Christ came after that,thats why the bible describes him as god,all other religious scripts written before the word God was invented dont have the word God because those who wrote the scripts did not know what was god the scripts have a very different meaning which we humans have still not decoded hisorians are still trying China found a script which they could not understand and handed over to Indian authorities because it is written in language that coincides with other scripts in India the Vedas describes a Colllider what is in Switzerland who knew what a collider is thousands of years ago some struuctures thousands of year old still exist in India depecting a collider those who built those structures built it as a form of scientific understanding they did not know what was god,many world renowned scientists have a copy of the Vedas and have visited these structures in India on the basis of it the Hadron Collider was built in Switzerland I saw a picture in which Bill gates was holding a copy of the Vedas

Please Come and Enjoy .......tasman1 » Post #30

Wed Aug 11, 2021 01:32 in General Talk

But your post says god created humans I could challenge him everyday can he take it up and prove to his followers his existence he will loose his degnity

Please Come and Enjoy .......tasman1 » Post #28

Wed Aug 11, 2021 01:10 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote:
kanjoormadam09 wrote: faith, humanity, religion, wars . God , discipline, hatred, fear, all these are man made and so can change with peoples attitude. There is nothing to be called sin in this world as all these are for humans only. Humans can kill and eat other creatures that is not a sin. If all the above vices are sin then It is the biggest sin .God is a myth and Bible and other religious books were compiled by humans to be secure a sort of selfishness

Simple reply
Since God or Gods created humans , we made coup d'état , put him [ or them ] in jail , we think we are better , we have now unlimited power to destroy this rock better and faster

Look , it did take God 7 day to create Earth [ very slow ] , we can destroy it in few second

Error Tasman1 god has definitely not created me if he created you thats a different matter

Please Come and Enjoy .......tasman1 » Post #17

Mon Aug 09, 2021 06:01 in General Talk

A lockdown cannot and should not be taken as a solution to controlling the spread of the virus this time in India the lockdown has not been very effective some states have had to open up because they cannot sustain a lockdown for a longer period it has also not been very effective some states are still under lockdown even after three months because the lockdown is not being effective when the lockdown is lifted it will create enormous problems and take a long time to recover overall a country is getting very bady effected economically by a lockdown the government system is not functioning effectively lot of things are not visible it will seem things are fine but they are not people will pay the price so naturally lockdowns have to be replaced by stringent guidelines I was reading some guidelines that government has set main purpose is to make sure economic activity does not stop as it does in a lockdown,slowly governments will set guidelines that people need to follow meaning RULES if you find it difficult to follow those rules you could find yourself in a self imposed lockdown for which you will have to find a way not the government,so naturally rules are the solution for the pandemic right now guidelines are quite confusing and need to be very careful how one understands it because it could lead to a lot of problems one cannot take it for granted that life will be back again like before

My Kingdom for 1 cent .....tasman1 » Post #4

Sun Aug 08, 2021 10:55 in General Talk

Got $0.72 for Saturday from a Peanutlabs and 2 cents from Revenue Universe,service providers have also hiked internet charges many could be earning just to pay for a internet connection

5.51 on 06/08 ok..........tasman1 » Post #2

Sat Aug 07, 2021 05:41 in Success Stories

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Today 3.45 Yesterday 5.28....tasman1 » Post #3

Fri Aug 06, 2021 07:40 in Success Stories

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India /...................tasman1 » Post #5

Thu Aug 05, 2021 03:55 in General Talk

Nothing is going to happen because Americans are there for more than two decades its more dangerous what is below than what is above in the South China sea all nuclear powered subs with nuclear warheads they are so silent that you can hear a wave but not those subs creeping underneath even the Chinese will be below all throwing public money into the sea but the western world has failed to control their own corporations who dont care about the South China sea but their profits they are taking huge positions in Yen really the Dollar is loosing relevance that is what is worrying the west you cannot defeat those corporations in your own country who are helping China become dangerous what will they deal with China out at sea where nothing is going to happen control your own people first because they care to hoots about governments

5.28 on 04/08 ..... tasman1 » Post #2

Thu Aug 05, 2021 03:09 in Success Stories

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Month $12.46 includes 7 pending credits all Sample Cube

App for divorce: A multi billion$ niche :P » Post #2

Wed Aug 04, 2021 11:49 in General Talk

Here a divorce takes 10-15 years depending on how much crap you feed the law because it takes times to assess what is true or false judges keep stalling hearings get transferred a new judge comes in takes some time to understand the case,fastest way to get a divorce is to file for impotence the court asks for a medical examination of the accused and thats it if its positive the person goes to hell,I saw a 30 year old lady doctor asking for a divorce on the basis that husband was not a man meaning impotent he never got exited to see his wife she got a divorce within a year a compensation was being decided the lady said let him save it to get well

Advance Warning Start .........tasman1 » Post #4

Tue Aug 03, 2021 06:47 in General Talk

They are all guided missiles they are no kids to play with matchbox,recently they fired a missile at night in the South China sea nothing happened

Advance Warning Start .........tasman1 » Post #2

Tue Aug 03, 2021 06:25 in General Talk

Its called the art of war by Sun Tzu Chinese strategist where a war is never fought the patience of the opposition is tested,it could last for a hundred years with everyone stationed where they are today the Chinese will play blaring music to ridicule the opposition its no reason for war a Chinese missile will fly over the NATO war ships without hitting anything another reason for not having a war you can fly missiles as long as they dont hit anything it will go on for a hundred years with no war for the simple reason that no one will violate any laws in international waters to start a war,Germans are there to dump a world war 2 war ship

July 85.59 V Jun 121.98....tasman1 » Post #2

Sun Aug 01, 2021 03:03 in Success Stories

Month $54.02
June $71.46
Year $521.45
Last year $842
Monthly Average down to $74.00

Americans refusing vaccine - Pandemic reset! » Post #4

Thu Jul 29, 2021 07:36 in General Talk

When the question is about bringing an end to a dangerous virus a vaccine should be made mandatory but its not because the vaccine development for Covid19 was initially a emergency requirement for front line workers to prevent them from dying of Covid19 infections but then governments opened it for general population its upto an individual to decide if one wants to take it or not,I am not against vaccines but an proper vaccine has to be developed that can prevent infections and have a longer effective period then even I will take it but if its only going to boost immunity to prevent death then I can wait for a proper vaccine whenever its development,its the most stupid thing you take the vaccine and still put on a mask and follow rules why the vaccine should be able to do its job of protecting
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