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Anybody care for Mexico ????..tasman1 » Post #23

Thu Sep 21, 2017 08:20 in General Talk

Celestial_Maiden_08 wrote: Disasters are natural phenomenons but the fact that they are happening more frequently is out of the ordinary. It may be a sign that these disasters happens more often due to climate change or because it is a sign that the end is near but not too soon. One thing is for sure, we all need to be united and have hearts full of love and care.

Why your country is prone to Typhoons which is same as Hurricane,Earthquakes,Tsunamis does it mean the end is near,no,Indonesia,Japan are very similar but no one every thought that the end was near

21/09 is wow day 7.35+1.17 bonus , tasman1 » Post #8

Thu Sep 21, 2017 06:08 in Success Stories

Two days for the world to end wrap up and be ready to go

how can i work and earn money from this site » Post #2

Thu Sep 21, 2017 06:05 in Your Stats

You have been a member since 3rd January 2015,you have been quiet inactive,if you had been clicking adds you have to change with time and click what you see avilable in Tasks Offers Surveys,what is available in your country only you can know and get active,best of luck,have a nice day.

Anybody care for Mexico ????..tasman1 » Post #9

Tue Sep 19, 2017 17:05 in General Talk

Definitely there is a link Usain Bolt got so used to running away from Hurricans that he became the fastest man on earth :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Anybody care for Mexico ????..tasman1 » Post #5

Tue Sep 19, 2017 15:57 in General Talk

And a category 5 Hurrican hits the Carabbian moving towards Porto Rico,I read that Al nino Al Nina absence in the Pacific causing problems.

Completed Opinion World & Toluna Surveys » Post #2

Tue Sep 19, 2017 12:07 in Success Stories

Congratulations very nice

here's my stats for this day right now. » Post #2

Tue Sep 19, 2017 12:04 in Your Stats

Nice,this time I can see your stats

completed servey » Post #2

Tue Sep 19, 2017 08:12 in Your Stats


What a shame » Post #15

Tue Sep 19, 2017 01:25 in General Talk

Situation is not the same throughout the world,we did not have TV in the 1960's,crime rate was very low compared to today,there are lot of ristrictions now to contain crime,there are ristrictions on celeberations,partying outside your house after a certain time,live events that take place are allowed only till a certain time,I still remember when I was in college we used to go for live concerts which would go on till late in the morning but now government has laid down rules that no live event in a public place will be allowed beyond 11.00pm,life has changed drastically since we were in college,more than four people in a group not allowed after a certain time you will need to give an explanation these are all security concerns.

New member » Post #3

Mon Sep 18, 2017 06:57 in Member Introduction

Welcome to Clixsense,best of luck

The end of the world is sept 23,2017 » Post #2

Mon Sep 18, 2017 05:59 in General Talk

The world will come to an end at your given time because Bitcoin prices will crash ,your satoshis will fetch a pizza in five years :lol: :lol: :lol:

Global warming , Please come back...tasman1 » Post #2

Mon Sep 18, 2017 00:30 in General Talk

This place where I stay,during summer temperatures used to rise between 47-50deg Celsius,but in the past five years it does not go beyond 44deg a drop of about 3-6deg,rainfall was seasonal and very low just 900 mm, but now it rains anytime of the year causing lot of health hazards,every time a powerful earthquake occurs the earth shifts a bit on its axis and back enough to create more disturbance,I used to watch live cricket telecast from Australia,temperatures used to be very in Perth used to hear a lot of fires in the forests, wonder what it is like now.

What a shame » Post #8

Mon Sep 18, 2017 00:08 in General Talk

All TV serials dont show crime in reality,TV is a reflection of our society in a good and bad way,nor can a country stop a law enforcement agency however bad it may be,a system does not work the same way throughout the world,in many places the system has collapsed that is where crime is on the rise,I have watched these serials before a episode starts it shows that the incident is true the place where it took place the date the year ,I have noticed these crimes have taken place in places where illetracy powerty is high the crime rate is very high,people dont trust the system,that's where people look at the negatives and they replicate what they see in the serials

What a shame » Post #2

Sun Sep 17, 2017 10:59 in General Talk

In the city of Gurgaon a 7 year boy was murdered in the school toilet right from his ears accross his throat was slit ,police was not enough so the CBI now has taken over,why do these crimes take place. People watch TV several serials like CID,Crime patrol,India alert show incedents of crime how they took place and how the police got to the culprit,in my opinion people dont watch it to understand that ultimately the culprit is caught,they give more significance to how the crime was committed, because people dont trust the police what they show in the serials are true incidents but the role of the police does not look realistic in the eyes of most people,the crime that Rajukurup has related and the incident in a Gurgaon school are in line with what is shown on TV,people are picking up negatives from such serials,the government should stop them immediately.

Hi There » Post #2

Sat Sep 16, 2017 06:43 in Member Introduction

You can earn by completing Tasks,Surveys,Offers,you will find survey profile on the survey page you need to complete it on the basis of your profile you can try and qualify for surveys, on account summary page you will find the checklist bonus,just click on HOW? to know how the checklist bonus works,if you complete the checklist everyday you earn a bonus it helps your earnings,these are the basics it all depends on how active you are on Clixsense,welcome to Clixsense

Huricane Irma, Jose , Katia ,what next,,tasman1 » Post #22

Fri Sep 15, 2017 16:46 in General Talk

Its too late the damage is already done,the main problem is the Industry which release toxic gases into the atmosphere damaging the ozone layer in the atmosphere,the ozone layer protects our planet from the ultraviolet rays from the sun,Industry is run by very powerful people they have political influence they dont comply with international rules,governments are helpless,developed countries have the technology to contain the polluting gasses within the industry but others dont,you can only face the consiquences

Huricane Irma, Jose , Katia ,what next,,tasman1 » Post #18

Fri Sep 15, 2017 12:29 in General Talk

Its just a natural phenomenon disturbing it could create a bigger problem,its not the Hurricane that is a problem the problem is with the infrastructure,there are countries which face a Hurricane 6-10 times a year,recently the Philippines was hit by a Hurricane but no one was concerned,countries like the Philippines,Indonesia are prone to Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis country is not rich to put in place an appropriate infrastructure,there is a country in the Indian Ocean Mauritius its prone to Hurricans,actually I have seen a Hurricane there pass over,no one leaves their home ,government is very well prepared,as long as doors and windows are air tight nothing happens, after the Hurricane passses over the government does the clean up and keeps people informed normalcy is restored in five days its not the size of the country its the infrastructure in place that keeps everything intact.

New member » Post #2

Thu Sep 14, 2017 06:11 in Member Introduction

Welcome to Clixsense

how is this a survey? » Post #10

Thu Sep 14, 2017 00:50 in General Talk

You gave your email so what you will get some pictures in you email spam thats all

Bitcoin crash came today » Post #19

Thu Sep 14, 2017 00:46 in General Talk

Some experts think the Bitcoin bubble is going to go caput,I hope it comes down to 1 bitcoin =$1000 then it will very good chance to invest ,right now even if you make Satoshis 24 hours a day how much will you make ,a crash will be an opertunitie
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