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$ 1.56 on Friday not so good » Post #3

Today, 01:07 in Success Stories

1 PureSpectrum $1.40
1 Toluna $0.52
1 Opinionworld $0.58
1 Peanutlabs $0.40
2 Offers $0.02

Total $2.82
Bonus 16% $0.45
Month $85.41

68 Heavy Duty Problems ....tasman1 » Post #9

Today, 00:51 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: 68 Year old
68 Heavy duty problems
68% of rotten green brain
68 of 69 blonde can not see me
68% of my time sitting on my verandah

Sad , time to find some nice cosy geriatric home

I have noticed you count every day of you life it is having a negative effect on your Physiology,when I go out no one can tell how old I am people of my age look 10 years older than me so people judge me by the same measure,when you are asked your age your birth certificate or some form of id should be the right way of showing it not by your own expressions then life seems very different

My aunt my mother's childhood classmate is 84 she comes from an aristocratic family her son died last year he was only 54 no one is there to look after her,but she still does not find it necessary to talk about what can she do at this age attitude is what counts she has a very positive mind even now

yesterday$4 and Today $2 Very happy » Post #3

Yesterday, 02:28 in Success Stories

1 Ysence $2.00
2 Toluna $1.04
1 Opinionworld $0.58
1 Yoursurveys $0.51
2 Offers $0.02

Total $4.15
Bonus 16% $0.66
Month $82.14

5.16 on 21/09 not much .....tasman1 » Post #3

Wed Sep 22, 2021 04:49 in Success Stories

1 survey with no name (IPSOS) $1.21
2 Toluna $1.04
2 Offers $0.02

Total $2.27
Bonus 16% $0.36
Month $73.98

How to know world will end? » Post #33

Tue Sep 21, 2021 10:28 in General Talk

These incidents are quite widespread now,a Muslim who knows I believe in nothing told me if a Hindu is with a Muslim no one will harm us,I said I know,79.8% of Indian population is Hindu,Muslims 14.2%,Christians 2.3% rest 3.7%,Hindus are very unique more a Hindu is an illetrate he has less brains they say one day India will become an Islamic country if we dont do something its instilled in their minds,they say Muslim have 10 kids we only 2-3,,I replied and still Hindus are 79.8% they say impossible we dont believe it ,yes go and get your brains checked its become empty you are fools they go blank but they still cannot believe that is the core problem politicians are quick to take advantage and feed some more rubbish into their brains till they become incapable of thinking

So Gods wife Parvati tells her husband the creator of the universe look look look whats going on god says dont disturb I have better things to do even if I explain to them they will call me a fool why go down there and become creator of nothing,although he does not have to go far he stays in the Himalayas UFO'S keep coming and going where he stays and the place is highly radioactive god has made shure no idiot lands up there or else the person will die of radiation

4.04 on 20/09......tasman1 » Post #3

Tue Sep 21, 2021 01:24 in Success Stories

1 Ysence $2.00
1Toluna $0.52
1 Opinionworld $0.58
2 Offers $0.02

Total $3.12
Bonus 16% $0.49
Month $71.35

How to know world will end? » Post #29

Mon Sep 20, 2021 18:03 in General Talk

Why even you got slandered for being with an Aboriginal

How to know world will end? » Post #27

Mon Sep 20, 2021 17:50 in General Talk

Religious slandering in a Indian Metropolitan city and a IT hub,a Muslim woman and a Hindu man assaulted by two men for traveling together the womans husband was called and asked why his wife was traveling with a Hindu man religion on top shelf

How to know world will end? » Post #25

Mon Sep 20, 2021 08:05 in General Talk

Kerala is becoming a religious nightmare people are being devided along religious beliefs Christians Hindus Muslims who lived together are being devided young Christian women are becoming nuns,you destroy society in the name of religion its justified

How to know world will end? » Post #24

Mon Sep 20, 2021 08:01 in General Talk

kanjoormadam09 wrote: Yes Sir, people will learn only when everything reach uncontrollable and will start crying for help. No one is bothered about Global warming and busy buying luxuries to enjoy life.It woul;d be better if people save nature rather than going after human created Gods

Its not as easy as you think for everything governments talk about making money they wont do anything to the multinationals who are the culprits,even if people pay the problem will still be there because the reasons for Global warming will never be addressed,government is talking about increasing power tarrifs by upto 40% or 7 hours no electricity everyday,to reduce use of Coal but the government has sold all the coal mines to our Industrialist they will continue to use it to make money whom is the government trying to fool,take a loan from the IMF or World Bank but no they want to empty the pockets of common people in the name of global warming

How to know world will end? » Post #23

Mon Sep 20, 2021 07:41 in General Talk

Global warming is real no doubt about it,its more visible in the mountain ranges where ice is melting faster even in the Antarctic glaciers are melting faster due to which sea levels are rising,by 2050 many small islands like the Maldives will dissappear coastlines will be pushed in by 10km cutting into land,we never had cyclonic storms in the Arabian sea in the west coast of India but now slowly they are getting distructive our citys were never built to withstand cyclonic storms because it was never a cyclone prone area,but people are ignoring it as made up because governments are talking about making money from it I had a survey where it asked would you be willing to pay $1500 a year to help reduce emissions,my FOOT global warming can go to hell,Borris Johnson is trying to get $100 billion for the cause from rich countries no one is ready to give when the rich dont want to give anything why should anyone pay

3.64 on Slow Sunday....tasman1 » Post #5

Mon Sep 20, 2021 07:08 in Success Stories

Not all Yoursurveys pay instantly most of them still go into review dont know how they decide what can be credited instantly,it will still show session timed out but after a couple of minutes it shows in your account

3.64 on Slow Sunday....tasman1 » Post #3

Mon Sep 20, 2021 06:40 in Success Stories

1 Opinionworld $0.58
1 Yoursurveys $0.27
2 offers $0.02

Total $0.87
Bonus 16% $0.13
Month $67.74

How to know world will end? » Post #10

Sun Sep 19, 2021 15:45 in General Talk

It goes to show why we humans evolved so late because we could have never been able to adapt to drastic changes taking place with land moving at sea we have come when there is stability changes are not as drastic as for hundreds of millions of years in the past many species evolved during these changes because they were able to adapt to changing conditions much more easily shows how life evolves according to conditions

How to know world will end? » Post #7

Sun Sep 19, 2021 13:05 in General Talk

The Indian tectonic plate that connected with China and other Asian countries 40million years ago is called the Yangtze plate its 125km thick lying on top of a partially molten layer rock called asthenosphere,situated south east of China in the Junmeng Zhao and Xiaohui Yuan province in China on top of the plate sits the Himalayan ranges these plates are visible from China but no one is allowed to go there because its a very dangerous place to be in every time the plate moves tremors are felt across the Himalayas and northern India

How to know world will end? » Post #6

Sun Sep 19, 2021 11:46 in General Talk

1 Ordivician-Silurian Extinction occurred 440 million years ago

2 Devonian Extinction 365 Million years ago

3 Permian Triassic extinction 250 Million years ago

4 Triassic Jurassic Extinction 210 Million years ago

5 Crataceous Tertiary Extinction 65 Million years ago

If you see the gap between extinction events its not much without human existence it was all due to events no one can still predict or Collapse of biodiversity,we are quite close to our extinction if the above numbers are taken into account more so due to human contribution also despite all these assumptions its still believed that the most common reason being collapse of biodiversity will still be the major reason only difference is in the past no one could feel how species that cannot express themselves must have felt like animals marine life but we humans will definitely show god how we feel because humans will feel the betrayal of god none of us will be there at that time so we cannot imagine the anguish our race will feel it will be the greatest extinction event on earth

And in all these extinction events 85%-96% of all life forms became extinct,but was the continental drift the reason for the worlds to end so quickly disturbing natural habitat Australia is the oldest continent to be formed after the drift from the supercontinent at Africa 55 Million years ago,India 40 Million years,Europe 35 million years all the continents were formed during the drift only Africa China Mangolia Russian land masses always existed,its amazing the drift started 800 Million years ago and took millions of years to form the continents we see today,240 million years later all continents will drift again including India naturally no intelligent specie like humans will evolve again on earth,1.2 billion years later earth will no longer support life it will become like venus with temperatures upto 2000 degrees acid rains

How to know world will end? » Post #4

Sun Sep 19, 2021 03:58 in General Talk

kanjoormadam09 wrote: Fantastic answer Sir . life will end only by the dubious acts of humans rather than as said in some religious books like antichrist or something like that. Also I dont give any importance like apocalypse

Everywhere in the universe life evolves in a cycle and ends as life supporting factors start to end no one comes or goes,even the sun the planets were born from the remnants of a supernova more than 5 billion years ago when a star died a few thousand light years from where the sun is today matter and gas from the supernova was spread hundreds of light years from the event where the sun was born from the gasses and matter ,one dying star created another no god made everything,its not imagination without proof signatures of a supernova have been found on earth in the form of soil samples meteorites they are tested and the age of that sample is known chemical composition is known that points towards a supernova

How to know world will end? » Post #2

Sun Sep 19, 2021 03:46 in General Talk

kanjoormadam09 wrote: Global warming and climate change are great evidence to prove that end of world is in this century itself.

The world has ended five times before we evolved,85% of species on earth become extinct even plants trees die mainly some forms of life in the sea survive the end,in the previous five world humans or any other intelligent species did not exist so direct we humans will not be responsible for the end we will only speed up the process slowly making survival difficult because all life supporting factors will start comming to an end,thats why its necessary to migrate from earth well before it ends not everyone can leave 99.99% will perish on earth those who migrate will not be fools spreading rubbish but qualified and trained people who can deal with unknown condition,so basically the human race will be represented by 0.1% of humans who will take our race ahead in time,so global warming is not the only factor that will bring the end

$2.75 on 18/09 So Happy » Post #2

Sun Sep 19, 2021 01:49 in Success Stories

1 PureSpectrum $1.00
1 Opinionworld $0.58
2 Offers $0.02

Total $1.60
Bonus 16% $0.25
Month $66.74

Arvind9 -New Menu is here....tasman1 » Post #70

Sat Sep 18, 2021 16:21 in General Talk

Everywhere its not the same even the Supreme Court stay away from such matters government tries to get their way but the Court refuses to get involved so anything wrong you wont be able to get away no one will be able to help you so you need to think before you talk and not blurt rubbish you could land in a lot of trouble Tasman1 Everywhere the world is not the same,a 4000 year old temple is locked since 3000 years no one is supposed to know what is inside only the government does people are fools they should remain fools getting too smart will invite trouble

And what are you saying god is liberal god is the reason for all the problems
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