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আমি ৪,৩৫১.৮১ ডলার ইনকাম করেছি আমার সাথে কথা বলুন » Post #15

Wed Jun 12, 2019 02:30 in Bengali

Anirban888 wrote: Crossed $ $5,059.83 from ClixSense.

For Support Please chat with me on Clixsense or watch my Bengali Video. Thanks.

Well done dada vai................

Ami ki vabe referrals peta pari? pls help.....

Checklist Bonus on 10-06-2019 » Post #3

Wed Jun 12, 2019 02:22 in Success Stories

Good job brother............

New Joining » Post #2

Wed Apr 04, 2018 01:58 in Bengali

sumonjm wrote: Hello All

My Name is Md Khlaed Mosserraf, I'm new here, Please accept me as your brother and pray for me to do well in this working platform.

Thanks to All in advance for your support and help.

Welcome in Clixsene brother.

If you need any help feel free to ask........

Want to buy Payoneer dollar » Post #1

Fri Jan 12, 2018 17:56 in Bengali

Hello my Bangladeshi friends,

I want to buy payoneer dollar.

If some one r interested to sell pls reply this post.

I will contract u personally.


Post Your Daily Checklist Here » Post #503

Thu Jan 11, 2018 19:40 in Bengali

indrabiltu wrote:

Good job indra..................

My daily checklist track » Post #545

Wed Nov 08, 2017 03:05 in Urdu

Hi everyone,

How is going on ur earning???

Mine is very poor.


My daily checklist track » Post #544

Fri Oct 27, 2017 03:24 in Urdu

Great Job Adnan Vai,

pls tell me which task u did two days ago.


My daily checklist track » Post #527

Fri Sep 22, 2017 01:16 in Urdu

adnans20 wrote: Dipti
Don't you help your mom in house . 128 task .
That is mind boggling for me . But a very great show .
Go to kitchen and give some helping hand to you MOM .


Thank Adnan Vai,

for ur kind information, I am married and I have one boy (3 years).

I do all my house work myself.

My husband doing job in a corporate office.

So when I am free, I do work here.

Pls, pray for me sothat I can work here more n more.


My daily checklist track » Post #525

Thu Sep 21, 2017 23:56 in Urdu

Post Your Daily Checklist Here » Post #497

Thu Sep 21, 2017 23:55 in Bengali

My daily checklist track » Post #521

Thu Sep 21, 2017 02:28 in Urdu

adnans20 wrote: Supper star of tasking is back here . Well come Dipti .


Many many thanks Adnan Vai,



My daily checklist track » Post #519

Wed Sep 20, 2017 21:46 in Urdu

Post Your Daily Checklist Here » Post #494

Wed Sep 20, 2017 21:44 in Bengali

Post Your Daily Checklist Here » Post #487

Thu Sep 14, 2017 14:57 in Bengali

indrabiltu wrote:

Good job dear................ :clap: :clap: :clap:

My daily checklist track » Post #505

Wed Sep 06, 2017 10:24 in Urdu

FORMANITEE wrote: Complete Tasks 17 tasks $3.30
Complete Offers Optional $0.00
Visit the Forum 27 views
Total earned: $3.300
EXTRA BONUSES (Complete the checklist to unlock)
ClixAddon Bonus Completed +2.0%
Activity Bonus 2 days more +2.0%
14.0%Congrats! The checklist is completed!
$0.4620 Your bonus is currently standing at:


Which task u have done???

Pls tell me................................

Payout Help » Post #3

Thu Aug 17, 2017 21:16 in Hindi

inshaf1997 wrote: HELP PLEASE

use payoneer, it is batter than payza

If u want to open a new payoneer account then pls chat with me

I will tell u every steps

happy independence day » Post #3

Tue Aug 15, 2017 08:10 in Hindi

Congrats my all Indian friends..... Happy Independence Day

Account » Post #5

Mon Aug 14, 2017 16:17 in Bengali

ashikstd wrote: Suppose, I've logged into multiple account in a single PC before and my account is not suspended.
and I'm logging with only a single account in a single PC for a long time.

so, is there any possibility to suspend my account in future or to make problem at the time of withdrawal?


I think it will not create any problem until u use multiple account from ur PC.

By the way which payment processor r u using to withdrwal???? Let me know

for further help u can chat with me

CrowdFlower Task সম্পর্কিত সমস্যা » Post #20

Sun Aug 13, 2017 05:08 in Bengali

latif24 wrote:
masumc7 wrote: এখন প্রায় সব কাজ গুলোতে এই রকম হয়। তবে কিছুক্ষণ পর পর refresh দিয়ে কাজগুলো আবার পাবেন। এটা কাজের চেয়ে ফ্রিলান্সারের ভিড় বেশি হওয়ার কারণে হচ্ছে।@matrix

Bai Ami Survey pain na keno? Survey pete hole ki korte hobe .Any tips for getting this .......

Bangladeshi member-ra amnitai task kom paya.

Payment » Post #2

Sun Aug 13, 2017 05:03 in Bengali

ashikstd wrote: Hello, Bangladeshi brothers.

May I withdraw my balance with an unverified payza account?
Answer urgent needed.


Yes u can........
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