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Another Payment of $300.45 USD » Post #1

Sat Jun 27, 2015 10:24 in Payment Proofs

Another Payment of $300.45 USD..Thanks a lot :clixsense: ;)

posting the clixsense links in facebook » Post #3

Tue Jun 23, 2015 15:23 in General Talk

it seems FB blocked again all links directing to clixsense. i used some url shortener like and but still doesn't work. any help how to post clixsense link through FB would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

iblown Daily Checklist Bonus Stats » Post #220

Thu Jun 11, 2015 10:35 in Your Stats



iblown Daily Checklist Bonus Stats » Post #219

Sat Jun 06, 2015 18:16 in Your Stats

Another $5 Task Bonus


sonymatta wrote: Wow superb stats iblown great going :thumbup: :thumbup:
DROIDSense wrote: wow congrats iblown.. :clap:
...thanks a lot ;)

iblown Daily Checklist Bonus Stats » Post #216

Thu Jun 04, 2015 11:47 in Your Stats



iblown Daily Checklist Bonus Stats » Post #215

Sun May 31, 2015 14:30 in Your Stats


iblown Daily Checklist Bonus Stats » Post #214

Fri May 29, 2015 17:07 in Your Stats


iblown Daily Checklist Bonus Stats » Post #212

Wed May 27, 2015 15:37 in Your Stats


iblown Daily Checklist Bonus Stats » Post #211

Sun May 24, 2015 17:58 in Your Stats


iblown Daily Checklist Bonus Stats » Post #209

Sat May 23, 2015 18:31 in Your Stats


iblown Daily Checklist Bonus Stats » Post #208

Thu May 21, 2015 17:20 in Your Stats


iblown Daily Checklist Bonus Stats » Post #207

Tue May 19, 2015 15:37 in Your Stats


iblown Daily Checklist Bonus Stats » Post #206

Sun May 17, 2015 15:16 in Your Stats


iblown Daily Checklist Bonus Stats » Post #205

Sat May 16, 2015 16:53 in Your Stats

sonymatta wrote: Wow Congrats iblown nice stats :thumbup:
...thanks a lot!
ajaydubey1969 wrote: Dear Sir,
Congratulations. Sir can you provide me your your valuable tips to earn more from Clixsense. Can you help me how to complete offers and tasks and survey. How to earn bonus. Hoping for your favorable reply.Thanking YouRegardsAjay Dubey
...with survey i think most of them are geo-targeted or tier1 country thats why you don't receive that much survey, with offer usually i just check the offer tabs regularly and look for sign-ups and video offer to try on, i don't do download offer because i know most of them are harmful with your computer..i think the best for you to earn is with task because it is for everybody with good statistics and higher badge..try you luck with task, do it more often and be sure to do it right with high working percentage..the more you work on different task and earn those badges the more you will be able to get used to working on task...ive seen some member in your same country that really do well with task, so give it a shot. good luck!
adinkle wrote: I wonder why anyone would wait for a payment this large --or do you know many more ways to earn than I have found?? WOW ==what a payment!!
i dont have any other ways of earning just from survey, offers and task..i just like to save my earnings then withdraw it one time so i can enjoy it more rather than cashing it out weekly..and it just show how legit Clixsense is that they will not run your money and they will pay until to the last penny..

iblown Daily Checklist Bonus Stats » Post #201

Fri May 15, 2015 14:29 in Your Stats


Payment $1,004.39 USD - Pure Profit » Post #26

Thu May 14, 2015 07:25 in Payment Proofs

aymenibs wrote: i love clixense
keep pushing
lonbear wrote: WOW! That's amazing, iblown. Great job. :)
mdz wrote: Congrats iblown.... :clap: :clap: :thumbup:
Work163 wrote: Yes I Agree Clixsense is very good Best PTC Ever. Congrats keep up the good work. :thumbup:

..thanks everyone! keep clicking and more success :thumbup:

Another Payment of $423.26 USD » Post #10

Thu May 14, 2015 07:22 in Payment Proofs

roshni1994 wrote: WOW so huge ;) Congratulations iblown :thumbup:
TigerHeart wrote: Congratulations iblown. You blew me away. Keep up the good work. All the best & wish U continued success. :thumbup:
mclloyd86 wrote: wow congrats. :thumbup: :clap:
MdRafique182014 wrote: this type of payment I'm willing to see :thumbup:
iwanse wrote: congrats buddy.. :clap:
edyak wrote: great job, i wonder how i can do the same. Please send me some tips if possible!!!
..keep on clicking! always check the Survey and Offer Walls. if you don't have much surveys or offers because it is geo-targeted, check the task section. if you don't have badge yet just work on those that doesn't require badge and climb you stats up. if you can get active referrals those are a big bonus. keep the faith and work hard ;-)
aryanraj150 wrote: CONGRATULATIONS ! :thumbup: Such a huge transaction sometimes seen here :clap:
sonymatta wrote: WOw Huge earnings congrats iblown :thumbup:
How many months did it take you for this amount to withdraw about less than 2 months

..thanks everyone and i wish us all success with :clixsense: :thumbup:

Another Payment of $423.26 USD » Post #1

Wed May 13, 2015 10:56 in Payment Proofs

Thanks :clixsense: for this great opportunity :thumbup:

iblown Daily Checklist Bonus Stats » Post #199

Tue May 12, 2015 00:54 in Your Stats


iblown Daily Checklist Bonus Stats » Post #197

Sat May 09, 2015 19:30 in Your Stats

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