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What are your bad habits? » Post #9

Tue Sep 13, 2016 21:14 in General Talk

THANK YOU to Valerie or whoever wrote about the Emjoi Callus Remover - BATTERY OPERATED! I have been looking for one and I have an account with QVC so I'm going to their site RIGHT NOW and order one since you gave such a glowing review. Thanks! :clap: :thumbup:

What are your bad habits? » Post #8

Tue Sep 13, 2016 21:06 in General Talk

1. I drink too much caffeine-free soda, coffee, tea
2. I spend too much time posting, perusing Facebook
3. I have a 'supermarket' ministry, which gets me in trouble with my husband because I talk to EVERYBODY instead of shopping.
4. Although I sleep better when it's off, I tend to prefer sleeping with the TV on.
5. I HATE INJUSTICE of any kind to anyone, including animals and when I encounter it, I get riled up and don't always handle the situation according to my beliefs [I am a Christian]. #workingonthis
6. I am sometimes impatient and act before I take time to consider a situation #workingonthis


Sun Sep 04, 2016 13:27 in General Talk

September 5, 2016: GLAD to hear something was wrong on site and not with my PC. Couldn't get the CAPTCHA to click ads and noticed that my url bar is reading 'UNSECURED SITE' instead of usual http// secured site designation. I guess this will change once you guys get things straightened out. :D :clap:

Something Wrong with ClixSense Site? » Post #1

Sun Aug 07, 2016 21:57 in General Talk

It's Sunday August 7, at 9:54 pm. I am not getting any ads to view for that last 2 hours? Wondering if it's something wrong with my computer or if ClixSense is not posting ads for some reason?


Wed Feb 24, 2016 17:25 in General Talk

It seems to me that since I paid my membership fee for the year, my available ads are being rotated differently - or I'm getting less! Or has there been a change in the number of ads available?? ...I'm just sayin...

clixglid tip » Post #5

Fri Feb 12, 2016 23:40 in General Talk

Wondering why the 'MASHABLE' Ads take so long to load, run and close....although good money [I get as many as 50-60 at one time...], but takes a long time to do them. :shock: :shock: :roll:

Reply to Valerie [Clixsense Admin] » Post #1

Sat Oct 25, 2014 19:25 in General Talk

I appreciate your in-depth explanation to my problem with Radioloyalty. As to your telling me that I have an option not to participate in ClixSense, I am aware of that. However, I never had so many problems as I have this week. As a cautionary measure, I have cashed out my earnings. Since it is obvious that there are 'problems' [which you have no control over], I would hate to lose what I have in the event that Clixsense itself has a problem whereby I wouldn't get paid. I enjoy my participation with ClixSense, and as I am a paid up member until January 2015, I will continue to participate until that time; then I will decide if I want to continue - or not! I think that everyone who does PTC knows that it is not mandatory that they your comment to that effect was unnecessary. But your being an Admin, I guess you do get a little defensive when someone shows annoyance at what's happening on your site. Regards,

Practice Posting Here » Post #451

Thu Jan 09, 2014 22:25 in General Talk


Practice Posting Here » Post #450

Thu Jan 09, 2014 22:22 in General Talk


Less ptc ads since Radio Loyalty? » Post #1

Sat Dec 14, 2013 23:28 in General Talk

I seem to be getting LESS ptc ads since you started Radio Loyalty function. Is this the case?

Made $100.00 in Task Bonus » Post #10

Fri Oct 04, 2013 21:03 in Success Stories

GOOD FOR YOU!! :clap: You REALLY WORK this system. Keep it up! :$

What did you have for dinner today? » Post #74

Sun Sep 08, 2013 22:07 in General Talk

Large 3-topping pizza and a Cinnipie! Blew my diet but SOOO GOOD, I don't care!!!

Zimmerman Trial » Post #5

Sat Jul 13, 2013 23:17 in General Talk

He took a life! Period! How was it self defense when HE HAD THE GUN AND HE DISREGARDED THE INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN HIM BY THE 911 OPERATOR ("do not get out of your car, the police are being dispatched")!! SO HE TOOK A LIFE NOT IN SELF DEFENSE BUT DURING AN ALTERCATION IN WHICH HE WAS THE AGGRESSOR...Mr. Zimmerman, if you are a religious man, you know the deal: an eye for an eye. Does not matter that man's law found you not guilty. "VENGENCE IS MINE saith the LORD"....WAIT FOR IT, WAIT FOR IT; I expect to hear more about you in the future....BAD THINGS - WATCH AND WAIT...

~*~Where has TasMail been~*~ » Post #8

Fri Apr 12, 2013 20:17 in General Talk

Don't do the Forum often, so I didn't know you were gone :o . Truly sorry about your dad, hope your other family member is on the mend. As a Christian, I believe in prayer and I am praying for you to go on and live your life. Hope you will reconcile with your family in a timely manner and all will be forgiven. Welcome back, TasMail :thumbup: Grandmom Diva

~*~I Won $10.00 In Task Contest~*~ » Post #6

Mon Jan 28, 2013 21:56 in Success Stories

:$ You GO GIRL!!! :clap: That's a lot to win at one time (if you're not doing a trial).

Counting to 10,000 » Post #7

Sat Jan 26, 2013 23:38 in General Talk

8-) FIVE!


Wed Jan 16, 2013 17:57 in Success Stories

You CONTINUE as well!! I hope I can do as good as you :D I've decided to concentrate my efforts on this site instead of trying to do so many others. Will keep my other site (been with them for 2 years)!!


Wed Jan 16, 2013 16:42 in Success Stories

Thanks a heap for your help. I will be trying some of your suggestions!!


Wed Jan 16, 2013 01:26 in Success Stories

:) Thanks Tatag for the congrats! Haven't tackled a survey on this site yet but I belong to several other survey sites; however I am slowly weeding these out as I don't "qualify" for most of these. Unfortunately, when I got started doing surveys after I retired, I registered for too many sites - big mistake - starting receiving duplicate offers. Now I think it's best to pick a site or two and concentrate on what it has to offer (like Cliksense). I like being able to make money in a variety of ways on 1 site as opposed to doing many sites that offer only one way to earn. I see you've been a member for quite awhile, that's encouraging!


Wed Jan 16, 2013 00:02 in Success Stories

Starting the new year off right! After 5 months being a Cliksense member, evaluating other PTC sites, reading the Forum, observing the helpfulness of the Cliksense Admins, I decided to GO FOR PREMIUM :clap: :D Thanks to Member Tazmail, whose Forum posts were very helpful in making my decision :thumbup: I am now a PREMIUM CLIKSTER!!! This is a great site. Anxious to try my hand at recruiting friends as referrals. Thanks, CLIKSENSE, for being a reputable site :clap: Grandmomdiva
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